Aramis Adventurer ~ new fragrance

Aramis Adventurer

Aramis has launched Aramis Adventurer, a new fresh fragrance for men.

Introducing NEW Aramis Adventurer the uplifting and distinctive fragrance for the Adventurer in every man. For the guy who loves the ultimate rush and is always pushing life to the limit.

If you live life on the edge, then Aramis Adventurer is the ultimate fragrance for you. Embodying a unique blend of citron and bergamot, with a burst of black pepper this new fragrance delivers an uplifting scent with deeper layers of mysterious aromatic and seductive woods.

Whether you are trekking in the Amazon or deep sea fishing for sharks, Aramis Adventurer is one piece of your tool kit you can’t live without!

The notes include citron, bergamot, black pepper, geranium, lavender, absinthe, patchouli, cedar and sea moss.

Aramis Adventurer can be found now at The Perfume Shop in the UK, in 30, 60 and 110 ml Eau de Toilette.

(quote via discoveryuk, additional information via theperfumeshop)

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Oh my goodness, I hadn’t thought about Aramis for ages but this brings back memories! Many years ago my younger brother used to come to visit me as we lived many miles apart – he must have been in his late teens/early twenties & had just discovered aftershave (as it was then) – his prodigious spraying/dabbing of the original Aramis which he had chosen (probably more by luck/advertising than judgement!) permeated my whole flat! Cue a comprehensive lecture on the ‘less is more’ theory, which I am delighted to say has stuck with him to this day (he’s now in his mid fifties).

    • Robin says:

      How funny! I miss all the scents men used to wear then: Devin, Grey Flannel, Old Spice.

  2. des esseintes says:

    It’s……blue. And fresh.

    I think I’ll stick with the spicy J H.L. The fragrance Estee Lauder created for her husband in the early 80’ies. It was what I wanted for Christmas when I was 14, but the sales lady told my mother it was more appropriate for elder men. So she bought me Halston 1-12 instead.
    When I was old enough to afford it with my own hard-earned money, mr. Lauder had passed away and Estee decided to pull J.H.L. from the market.
    But two years ago or so, after the demice of the great woman herself, Aramis decided to re-issue all of their classic mens fragrances. So I had to wait 28 years before I finally owned this masculine version of Cinnabar (and maybe Youth Dew).
    It’s the most oriental, spicy masculine I have ever encountered.

    • Robin says:

      It was actually 5 years ago…wonder if they’re still keeping up the Gentleman’s Collection.

  3. Omega says:

    Lost me at fresh and sea moss. All the other notes read good to me though. Just don’t care for that seaweed note some aquatics have like Dior Fahrenheit, omgosh…it’s just gross.

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