The Motley Cyprus, Bergamo & Oud ~ new fragrances

Cyprus by The Motley

Men's grooming website The Motley has introduced three new fragrances: Cyprus (shown), Bergamo and Oud.

Cyprus (launching this month) ~ "CYPRUS brings to mind the crisp green scent of a coastal forest, the faint smell of saltwater mingling with woody conifers. Notes of Dry Pine Needles, Ambergris, Ginger, Shave Cream, Cedar."

Bergamo (launched in late 2013) ~ "Bergamo brings to mind the light, carefree feel of the Mediterranean coast. Its notes are citrusy and green with hints of ocean air. Bergamot from southern Italy mixes with lime. Earthy notes of tomato stem, cut grass, juniper and oakmoss give the scent a more complex, green base. Saltwater adds a cool, crisp edge."

Oud (launched in late 2013) ~ "Oud embodies the warm, dark intrigue of night in the Arabian Peninsula. Woody and complex, aromatic oud is a fragrance long prized in the Middle East. Myrrh and black agarwood bring to mind the sweet, smoky scent of incense. Spicy, herbal notes of white sage, juniper and black pepper give the fragrance complexity while bourbon vanilla and leather add sensuousness."

The Motley Cyprus, Bergamo and Oud are available in 30 ml splash ($50) or 60 ml spray ($105) Cologne, and can be purchased directly from the website.

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  1. mutzi says:

    Must have coffee – I read Cyprus and Bergamo as Cyrano de Bergerac.

    • Robin says:

      Which would have been more fun, admittedly.

  2. sugarvenom says:

    The cup of coffee has not kicked in. I read Miley Cyrus. O.o

  3. Laurels says:

    I just wondered what a motley cypress might be.

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