Bvlgari Le Gemme ~ new fragrances

Bvlgari Le Gemme Lilaia

Bvlgari will launch Le Gemme, a new collection of luxury perfumes inspired by semi-precious stones and their historical trade routes, in September.

The six fragrances include Lilaia (peridot; shown), Ashlemah (amethyst), Amarena (tourmaline), Noorah (turquoise), Maravilla (citrine), and Calaluna (moonstone). All six were developed by perfumer Daniela Andrier. I will update with individual descriptions when I can.

The Bvlgari Le Gemme fragrances are packaged in bottles inspired by roman urns, and will run approximately $499 (SGD, about $399 converted to USD) for 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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Update: The Bvlgari Le Gemme fragrances will also be in 30 and 350 ml. They will not launch in the US until early 2015.

Amarena ~ tourmaline, a fruity floral with tuberose and powdery rose.

Ashlemah ~ amethyst, with lavender, iris, violet and heliotrope.

Calaluna ~ moonstone, with sandalwood, cardamom, heliotrope, ambrette and pear. 

Lilaia ~ peridot, a fresh woody fragrance with mastic, peppermint, orange and mate.

Maravilla ~ citrine, a chypre with citrus, as well as peach, jasmine and patchouli.

Noorah ~ turquoise, with galbanum, cardamom, iris, benzoin, tobacco, oak, patchouli and vanilla.

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  1. BlackRaspberry says:

    That’s a gorgeous bottle, but unless it comes with the necklace, that price is ridiculous.

    • Robin says:

      Hard to say what the US price will be, if they even launch here, but looks like they are going after the very rich…they’re also starting to do bespoke.

      • Omega says:

        The rich ‘win’ again, darn it. Would love to get my hands on a bottle of these.

  2. lucasai says:

    Ouch, so pricey. But since Daniela Andrier is one of my favorite perfumers I will definitely want to at least sample them.

    • Robin says:

      Never say never, I guess, but I bet I will give these a skip.

  3. kindcrow says:

    $400? I thought that the perfumes were inspired by SEMI-precious stones :-)

  4. rickbr says:

    Is this the bottle? It looks like a table lamp…

    • Omega says:

      I think it’s laying on its side. Probably looks better upright…drool.

      • Omega says:

        But looks top heavy..klutzy me would knock that over for sure..then drooling would turn to crying, lol.

    • Robin says:

      Here are all the bottles, right side up…

      • pyramus says:

        If I owned a bottle that top-heavy I would have to keep it in a drawer, because that thing wouldn’t stay upright for thirty seconds with me around. (I keep all my Lutenses propped up in a drawer because although they aren’t really top-heavy, they do have a very narrow base and they would topple like dominoes.)

      • Omega says:

        They look a lot less enticing in that photo. Drooling over.

  5. Joe says:

    Oy! Too rich for my blood. I saw a photo of the bottle in profile and it looks gorgeous (though a little unstable).

  6. Laurels says:

    So pretty! But yes, unless they spin around like tops and emerge unscathed when tipped over, even if I won the lottery, no.


  8. nathanthomas50 says:

    These are on sale at Harrods as of last week if anyone is in london and depserate to try them. I tried a couple – they were nice but they didnt blow me away – especially at that price !

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