Histoires de Parfums Opera Collection ~ new fragrances

Histoires de Parfums Opera Collection, Turandot

French niche line Histoires de Parfums will launch the Opera Collection, a new series of five fragrances, each in a different bottle: 1831 Norma (Bellini), 1875 Carmen (Bizet), 1890 La Dame de Pique (Tchaikovsky), 1905 Madame Butterfly (Puccini) and 1926 Turandot (Puccini).

1831 Norma ~ named for the Bellini opera, known for the Casta Diva aria once sung by Maria Callas. With pink pepper, aldehydes, rose, ylang ylang, jasmine, labdanum, vanilla, patchouli and benzoin.

1875 Carmen ~ named for the Bizet opera, and inspired by the Habanera aria. With saffron, lemon, ginger, davana, white flowers, incense, sandalwood, patchouli and gaiac wood.

1890 La Dame de Pique ~ named for the Tchaikovsky opera known in English as The Queen of Spades, based on the story by Pushkin.  With spices, flowers, incense, patchouli, leather, amber and musk.

1905 Madame Butterfly ~ named for the Puccini opera, with mandarin, neroli, iris, heliotrope, cedar, sandalwood and musk. 

1926 Turandot (shown) ~ named for the Puccini opera, with jasmine, orange blossom, narcissus, patchouli, amber, leather and incense.

Histoires de Parfums 1831 Norma, 1875 Carmen, 1890 La Dame de Pique, 1905 Madame Butterfly and 1926 Turandot will be available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum with 100 ml refills.

(via extrait.it)

Update: The collection is sold in 60 ml Parfum, $420 each.

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  1. lucasai says:

    Nice concept and what great bottles (you can see them all et extrait.it) I hope I will be able to smell them at Pitti in September.

    • Robin says:

      I’m sure you will :-)

      • lucasai says:

        Hope they will have samples of these (just in case I’m taking some plain empty vials) – it doesn’t hurt to ask if I’m allowed to make my own sample if they don’t offer any, right?

        • Robin says:

          No idea what the policy would be at trade shows…

  2. mals86 says:


    • Robin says:

      Hope the price doesn’t match, but suspect it does.

      • lucasai says:

        I suppose they will be more expensive than the regular line… Just look at the bottle and the box looks like it’s made of wood.

  3. flannery says:

    I do hope there are samples available soon, they sound so very nice and as an opera lover it will be fun to see if they do indeed fit their namesakes.

  4. Joe says:

    Oh dear. I suppose these might smell nice and I’m game to try them, but I went to check the bottles, and even though I like much Art Deco design, those bottles do NOT ring my bell. The colors! They might have appealed to me all were they all clear or straw/amber-colored or something.

    • pyramus says:

      I just looked on the extrait.it website and those bottles look SO cheap. I’m disappointed because it’s a great concept that they could extend for years: there are dozens upon dozens of famous operas named after women (they will eventually have to do Lucia, and why not men’s scents like Orfeo and Tannhäuser?). It’s a line that was begging for terrific, operatic bottles and I feel like they really blew it.

  5. Laurels says:

    No Aida? Really, though, they look amazing.

  6. hajusuuri says:

    I’ll take a coffret of 5 x 10mLs please. The plain black travel atomizers with cheap stickers would do.

  7. TwoPeasInAPod says:

    I was an absolute sucker for the packaging of soprano Renee Fleming’s scent, La Voce. I would like to see these in person. It’s not likely I will, but I hope to.

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