Death by foam strawberries & caramel vomit

Death by foam strawberries.

Caramel vomit.

— Reviews of Paco Rabanne Black XS and Viktor & Rolf Bonbon, respectively, from @fragrantreviews at Twitter. The joint project of Nick Gilbert and The Candy Perfume Boy, delivering fragrance reviews in 140 characters or less, celebrates its 4th birthday this week; you can see their "greatest hits" here and here.

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  1. jonr951 says:

    Lol! My poor Bonbon! ; P

  2. kindcrow says:

    My one-word review of Candied Citron: Vomit. It was a very realistic note :-(

  3. Marjorie Rose says:

    I like this one (although sadly, it could describe MANY scents):

    “Karl Lagerfeld for Him: A bland fougère consisting of top notes of ‘blah’, heart notes of ‘yawn’ and an intense blast of ‘meh’ in the base”

    • Robin says:

      That was a great one, I still remember choking on my tea the day they posted it.

  4. Nile Goddess says:

    LOL Wonderful reviews.

    I smelled Bonbon for about 3 seconds.
    Sensed tooth enamel melting / a cavity growing.


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