Diana Vreeland ~ new perfume line

Diana Vreeland fragrances

Diana Vreeland, the well-known editor of Harper's Bazaar and Vogue (she died in 1989) will have a new line of fragrances in her name. The brand was created by her grandson, Alexander Vreeland, who also recently published Diana Vreeland Memos: The Vogue Years

The five fragrances — Extravagance Russe, Absolutely Vital, Perfectly Marvelous, Outrageously Vibrant and Simply Divine — reportedly feature "vibrant" top notes that echo Vreeland's "distinct style". They will launch before this year's New York Fashion Week (in September). In France, they will be exclusive to Colette.

I will update with more information when I can.

(via en.vogue.fr, ladepeche.fr)

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  1. rose pepper says:

    Hmmm … I really like the clear bottles and colorful juice. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a vibrant pink perfume that smells sophisticated?

    • Robin says:

      Yes! Would be great if these were really well done. Shame if they’ve done crap in her name…

  2. C.H. says:

    I will choose to be optimistic about this! Her granddaughter (by marriage, I think) did such a great job with the film; hoping her grandson does similarly excellent work!

    • Robin says:

      Did not know, or forgot, that her granddaughter made the film…great movie.

  3. juicejones says:

    I hope they are really bold and glorious. I can’t wait to try them. Great names to announce when you are asked what fragrance you are wearing.
    The family seems driven to keep her name alive. I wouldn’t want her voice in my head for making a misstep!

    • Robin says:

      Agree, great names, would have to have her memory associated with wimpy or bad fragrances.

  4. chandler_b says:

    OH MY! Diana is one my heroines and I love how during one the 70′s Met Costume Gala which was themed on Russia, she permeated the place with Cuir de Russe fuming from the airvents!

    • Robin says:

      Jessica was just telling me that she used to scent all the exhibits :-)

  5. nozknoz says:

    I adore Diana Vreeland, but a trend of posthumous celebrity scents would really worry me.

    • Robin says:

      Yes. I think they should stop w/ the Elizabeth Taylor scents too.

    • Oakland Fresca says:

      I agree… We’d get Nat and Natalie’s duet of femme and homme cologne’s Unforgettable…. Or Francis Bacon’s three studies of water, pur parfum….

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