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  1. eaudemale says:

    We still haven’t seen enough of Jon Kortajarena nor all the fragrances ad he’s in flop?????

    So, with that bottle and the ad is more for something like the Invictus one?

    I wonder how’s the poison, so far, not good reviews anywhere

    • Robin says:

      I think it’s meant to be much funnier than it is. It’s just ok….not as good as the ad for Guerlain Homme.

  2. Bear says:

    Wow! Even the Axe commercials are more sophisticated than THAT! LOL ;)

    • Robin says:

      They were going for humor more than sophistication, I guess, but I think Axe has them beat there too.

  3. annemarie says:

    I guess they are aiming for irony, but seem to fail. I don’t know much about film making, but the the presentation is too real, too convincing. There needed to be more distance between the action and the viewer. And yet it’s fun to watch.

    • Robin says:

      Good point. Although also, don’t really get the set-up here…that is, there isn’t really much, ironic or otherwise, that sets him up as an “ideal man” — or maybe their conception of an ideal man is just very different than mine.

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