Bunch o’ limited edition collector bottles (and some other stuff) 2014, part 12

More limited edition collector fragrance bottles, with the usual disclaimers: in most of these cases, the juice is unchanged, just the bottle is “special” (or not, as the case may be), and some of these may not be available in the US. Today's post includes collector bottles from Sisley, Clinique and Thierry Mugler, new packaging for Reminiscence Rem, plus new concentrations for Bleu de Chanel and Repetto.

Sisley Eau de Soir 2014 collector edition

From Sisley, a collector bottle of Eau de Soir: "Eau du Soir returns in a bold new Limited Edition that is precious, wild and poetic. Resolutely modern and luminous, this year the 13th edition of Eau du Soir transports us to a fresh take on the savannah with intense lapis-lazuli tones. The deep and beguiling blue box is adorned with the golden print of a majestic and wild zebra. This surprising decor is also applied lightly and transparently to the Eau du Soir bottle." £183 for 100 ml Eau de Parfum at Harrods in the UK.


Clinique Happy Summer 2014

From Clinique, the 2014 version of Happy Summer Spray: "Here for a limited time, a light-hearted edition of everything you love about Clinique Happy. Gives Clinique's bright, sparkling, citrusy floral a fresh look and feel. Wear it and be happy. All summer." $63 for Eau de Toilette, at Bloomingdales.


Thierry Mugler Kiss of an Angel

From Thierry Mugler, the refillable Kiss of an Angel collector bottle with mirrored facets (this bottle has been released before as part of a coffret, but is being reintroduced again now as a standalone item). In 25 ml, €72 at Nocibe in France.


Reminiscence Rem, 2014 new packaging

From Reminiscence, new packaging for their popular Rem fragrance, with coral lettering on the bottle. (via beaute-addict)


Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum

From Chanel, a new Eau de Parfum concentration of Bleu de Chanel for men. Notes for the woody aromatic include lemon, orange, grapefruit, pink pepper, peppermint, nutmeg, cedar, vetiver, ginger, jasmine, patchouli, frankincense, sandalwood and labdanum. In 50 and 100 ml. (via parfum-homme.prime-beaute)


Repetto Eau de Parfum

From Repetto, a new Eau de Parfum concentration of their signature scent, introduced in Eau de Toilette last year. Notes for the woody floriental include plum, cherry blossom, rose, orange blossom, patchouli and amber. In 30, 50 and 80 ml, at Sephora in France.

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  1. Absolute Scentualist says:

    I’m actually wearing Repetto edt today and it’s exactly what I thought it’d be and very pretty for summer. An edp concentration would be lovely, especially if it amps up the florals and base notes. I was surprised to smell a hint of patch in the drydown of this version and found it a nice touch.

    • Robin says:

      I have only smelled the EdT quickly on a blotter so far, need to try it on skin.

  2. chandler_b says:

    Can’t wait to try the Blu edp, interested to see the difference between the edt and edp for sure.

    • Robin says:

      Nice they’re doing a stronger concentration…more brands should do them for men.

  3. rebeccat94 says:

    That Angel bottle is pretty.. I can’t keep up with all of their bottles though! I own the original, and think it is just as beautiful

    • Robin says:

      There are an awful lot of Angel collector bottles now! And yes, the original is pretty.

  4. Ericgmd says:

    Well I do like Bleu de Chanel (hiding my face)
    This will probably raise some eyebrows coming from someone who does not like mainstream masculines.
    Usually stronger concentrations of fresh colognes like Bleu tend to miss the original “clean message” and heavy it up on vanilla or amber.
    So I’m intrigued to try this new one to see if Polge nailed a stronger concentration.
    But it’s a bit surprising to see that the bottle of the EDP seems to look exactly the same, both color and shape, as the EDT.
    I mean how will all those mall shoppers know which one to reach for in the alleys of Macy’s or that wall of shame at Sephora?
    Chanel could have made the bottle in a darker color or shaped it a bit more squatty as Hermes did with Terre Parfum.

    • Robin says:

      Hey, no need to hide your face. I probably love something you don’t, right? But I thought this was a bit darker than the EdT (?) Hard to tell in the picture.

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