Folie a Plusieurs Mood Indigo ~ new fragrance

Folie à Plusieurs Mood Indigo

Folie à Plusieurs is the new fragrance brand of Kaya Sorhaindo, one of the original founders of the Six Scents Fragrance Initiative. The brand's first perfume release will be this fall, but in the meantime the brand is collaborating on Le Cinéma Olfactif, pairing art house films with ambient fragrances* developed by perfumer Mark Buxton. The films are being shown in Berlin at Soho House.

Mood Indigo was developed for the film of the same name by Michel Gondry. The notes feature red pepper, chamomile, lily, freesia, woods and incense. 

Folie à Plusieurs Mood Indigo will be available in 10 ml Eau de Parfum packaged with a diffuser strip. It will be in limited distribution; in the US, look for it at Luckyscent, in France at Colette and Nose.

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* Update: the fragrances are meant for ambient or personal wear.

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  1. songeuse says:

    I saw that film when I was in France last year; the original French title is L’Écume des jours (based on the novel of that name). Bizarre plot, very striking and surreal visuals. Case in point, one of the characters is a tiny man in a mouse costume.

    I wonder if this will be a lily fragrance. In the story, the protagonist’s wife becomes ill because a water lily starts growing in one of her lungs. The treatment for this condition is that she has to be constantly surrounded by fresh flowers, which is very expensive and ends up depleting their finances. Despite her husband’s efforts, she dies at the end. I know water lily and lily aren’t the same flower, but still…

    • Robin says:

      Oh, how interesting…bet it is water lily then. Too bad they did not make a personal fragrance for it, I’m way less interested in a diffuser.

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