Le Prix Eau Faux 2014 ~ a few more entries, part 2

Le Prix Eau Faux 2014

A second batch of entries for the 2014 Prix Eau Faux that didn't make it to the finals — if you missed it, we've already announced this year's winner, and we posted the first round of entries last week (there are too many to post or read all at once). The last batch will appear next Saturday.

The Scent Bubble by LuxAir (submitted by MlleAshley)

They want to tell you that you cannot wear certain ingredients, or wear fragrance to work. They try to tell you no…but we are here to tell you yes, with the new Scent Bubble by LuxAir. The Scent Bubble is a clear bubble that fits comfortably on your shoulders and around your head, without interfering with your hairstyle or your daily life (Bluetooth compatible). Simply attach a specially-designed LuxAir Scent Vial to the scent vapor mechanism, and your Scent Bubble fills with perfume, allowing you to walk around in your own special halo of glorious perfume – and no one can stop you or complain.

 The Scent Bubble is available for use with our debut fragrance, Symphonie d’Oakmoss. With the LuxAir Scent Bubble, you don’t have to worry about being selfish; instead you can “be smellfish.”

(“Be smellfish” catchphrase is a trademark of LuxAir, Inc. and cannot be used without permission on any perfume-obsessed blogs.)

Another Pop-Up  by Locavore  (submitted by Locavore Lily)

Welcome to Locavore, a coalition of young perfumers in the Twin Cities river gorge, who, inspired by the botanical abundance of the Mississippi, have pioneered the pop-up fragrance movement. Our efforts began in 2008, when crushing market losses forced a number of then-nascent perfumers into the woods to subsist on beef jerky and birch bark. Among them, Kaylee Knutsen, a former real-estate agent, constructed the first pop-up fragrance at Fort Snelling State Park. Beneath the soaring arches of the 494 loop bridge, obscured by a cluster of canoe birches, Kaylee delighted unsuspecting runners with gratis puffs of our flagship fragrance, Pop-Up.

As with many masterpieces, Pop-Up has been reformulated for compliance with International, Minnesota, and Fort Snelling State Park allergen and assault guidelines. Originally relying heavily on a stinging nettle-extract base, Another Pop-Up features a trio of Showy Lady’s Slipper, wild ramps, and Luminous Moss (Schistostega pennata), a modern take on the classic chypre structure. All proceeds will be routed to Kaylee’s bail bond Kickst@rter account.

Memphis 88 by Transport Olfactif (submitted by NeenaJ)

Transport Olfactif

Amid the flankers of oud and fruity florals, a true revolution has begun. Our mission is to break perfume boundaries and transport our patrons using an olfactory profile with exclusive compounds. Patrons will be guided on a journey by our skilled artisans who engage all the senses.

Memphis 88

The first sniff transports you to Beale Street for a succulent taste of Delta tamale. The cumin and corn husk embrace you in a sultry dance until a rich, nutty smokiness melds with the spice of white carnation to evoke a meditative moment at the gardens at Graceland. Finish your journey with a ride down the Mighty Mississip’ as an exclusively distilled essence of chien mouillé and brine keep you sniffing and asking, “is that me?”

Packaged in a hand-numbered, collectible bottle, designed by renowned sculptor Jules Cinglé from molten dreams of used blues guitars, the exclusive juice is created by Bertrand P. DeMerde.

Detrimental by Depositionally Yours (submitted by dilana)

Following the termination of his licensing agreement for breach of the moral conduct clause by Elizabeth Arden, Justin Bieber announced a new independent niche line, “Depositionally Yours," named for Mr. Beiber's latest performance (as edited by TMZ). Its debut fragrance,"Detrimental" captures the essence of Mr. Beiber's own description on his lifestyle.

“Detrimental's” notes include ganja, broken eggs, and that “new car after being hauled by police as evidence” smell.

Detrimental is a pre-sexual fragrance, (i.e, designed for pre-teen females), and for Ms.Gomez, (Selena, please, please, please tweet.)

Not for distribution in Australia

Six Months by Earth Friendly Perfumes (submitted by 50_Roses)

Two significant trends in recent years are the growing awareness of the need to care for our planet, and the increasing demand for fresh, natural products. Earth Friendly Perfumes is pleased to do our part by introducing perfumes which are not only fresh and natural, but also 100% compostable and biodegradable. Each container of perfume bears an expiration date, and on that date a microchip emits a signal which initiates a process of decomposition of the container and any remaining contents. As biodegradation progresses, embedded earthworm cocoons hatch, and the earthworms accelerate the process of converting the container and perfume into rich, fertile garden soil. This innovative product design not only protects the earth, but ensures that the wearer uses only fresh product.

Our first fragrance is Six Months, named for the length of time this delightful floral perfume remains fresh and usable before undergoing decomposition. Six Months is sold in 30 ml size, packaged in soy wax coated paperboard made of organically grown hemp.

Fleur de Juin by Purity  (submitted by 50_Roses)

Purity is a niche perfume house dedicated to helping combat chemophobia by producing beautiful, quality perfumes from high purity, low-toxicity chemical compounds. A growing segment of the population harbors an irrational fear of chemicals, not fully appreciating the ubiquitousness of chemicals and the essential roles they play in life.

 Purity’s first release, Fleur de Juin, is intended to help to assuage some of these fears. The fragrance is composed primarily of a mixture of phenyl ethyl alcohol, geraniol, citronellol, nerol, farnesol, and linalool in a base of E1510 and oxidane. Despite the rather scary sounding chemical names of these components, the finished product smells amazingly natural, much like something you might encounter blooming in a summer garden. Fleur de Juin is scheduled to be released in early summer, in 15, 30, and 50 ml sizes.

Prickly Salty Piercing Yellow One by Synesthesia  (submitted by 50_Roses)

Synesthesia perfumes are intended to create a multi-sensory perfume experience. The idea was born of out life-long fascination with the subject of synesthesia, as well as the 21st century emphasis on multifunctionality. A perfume that merely smells good--how 20th century! Now perfume can be seen, felt, tasted, and heard as well.

Our first fragrance, Prickly Salty Piercing Yellow One, includes such ingredients as crocus pollen, sea air, and prickly pear spines, and upon application the container produces the sound of a piccolo playing a sustained C8. All Synesthesia fragrances are nontoxic and completely edible, allowing the user to enjoy yet another sensory experience. Slated for release later this year are three more perfumes, Silky Sour Jazzy Blue Two, Fuzzy Sweet Lilting Red Three, and Slippery Bitter Ponderous Green Four. Synesthesia perfumes are available at fashionable boutiques nationwide, in a variety of sizes and formats.

The Sound of Music Le Parfum by The Happiest Sounds in all the World Parfums (submitted by Jasminora)

The Happiest Sounds in all the World Parfums presents a perfume that sings on your skin: The Sound of Music, Le Parfum.

Notes include:

Doh, a deer, ahem..white pleather.
A drop of golden sun
A name I want for myself
A needle pulling candy floss thread
La, a note you may not know
Jammy rose raindrop bread
Crisp apple streudels
Schnitzel with noodles

Lastly, a few of my favorite things:

The bottle winds up and twirls for two hours, then two hours more after intermission. The long, silver cap doubles as a whistle and bottles come in blue satin sashes. Limited editions will include faux kitten whiskers in the juice.

Upcoming releases include: Keith Richards So Nouveau and Ravel's Pavane for a Dead Princess.

Black Lab and Siamese by Pet Perfumes  (submitted by 50_Roses)

Over 80% of Americans regard their pets as members of the family, and this is reflected in their buying habits. Today’s pets enjoy gourmet food and luxury pet beds. Pet Perfumes takes the logical next step by producing fine fragrances for the non-human members of your family. These are not the cheap “pet colognes” you may have seen before, rather these are true fine fragrances, blended from the same fine oils and essences as people perfumes, but made just for pets.

Our first two fragrances, Black Lab and Siamese, have been created especially for the most popular breeds of dog and cat in the U.S., based on the known olfactory preferences of each breed. Our goal is to expand our line to allow each breed or species to have its own uniquely tailored scent. Coming soon are German Shepherd, Persian, Iguana, Box Turtle, and Goldfish. Pet Perfumes are available at pet supply stores nationwide, in a variety of sizes and formats, priced from $24.99 to $299.99.

Immediate by Perfume2pointoh (submitted by Kristin)

From humble beginnings in a Stanford dorm comes the next step in the digital revolution. perfume2pointoh is a new kind of perfume studio. Creating scents from algorithms and code based of the social graph, its founders, who prefer not to be named, are bringing the world of perfume out of beta.

Don't miss perfume's most critical update - IMMEDIATE from perfume2pointoh. Inspired by the glare of sunshine off a retina screen, it opens with tweet of brightness that is filtered down into a dreamy instagram tint that lasts throughout your timeline. With its brushed aluminum case, this digital perfume revolution utilizes the latest technology to ensure that you never fall behind the latest trends - IMMEDIATE silently updates as soon as a new trend emerges. Each release will be sleeker and smaller than the last. Make sure to update often.

IMMEDIATE. Embrace your inner Kanye.

Cougar Fatale by Lady Fingers (submitted by Twinkle)

Cougar Fatale has a dark, woody scent that simply drips with true femininity. Alluring the refined, and independent woman who appreciates culture, and the comfort of a very young, and very lively man. She knows what she needs, what she expects, and this fragrance will not disappoint. Top notes of Neroli and almond will have you screaming youth. While the deeper middle notes of oakmoss and musk will gently guide you, and your new pet, to the base notes of cedar and vanilla. Vibrant, sensual, modern. Cougar Fatale will be your new favorite bait.

Rat de Capote by  Lady Fingers (submitted by Twinkle)

Rat de Capote is classic, yet subtly ratchet. A warm sophisticated scent that instantly evokes memories of down-at-the-heel corner stores, and balmy summer Bar-B-Ques. Raw and garish, it will appeal to the sophisticated, street smart lady who knows what she wants. The sweetness immediately drenches your senses with top notes of toffee and pear, that soften to make way for a sashay of cedar, lemon, and musk. This lovely fragrance finishes with violet, and amber; Rat de Capote, because girl, you bougie like that.

Farmhouse Working Perfumes (submitted by ariadne9)

Our Hudson, NY-based fragrances collective, Working Perfumes, is pleased to introduce scents that uncover the sensual within ordinary aspects of upstate life; for us, it is in the quotidian, rather than the exotic, that we find the most genuine expression of our passion.

Farmhouse transports you through an upstate household starting with the pasture and ending in the bedroom. The scents of broken-down machinery and rusting scrap metal on the edge of the property segue to cows, grass, and the ghosts of cicadas. Inside, the scent of wet German shepherds permeates the air while butter melting into toast meets a doughnut’s sweet glaze and the astringency of Lysol on linoleum floors. Tobacco and scotch waft from the top of a mahogany chest, as do witch hazel and the petrolatum of Vaseline. We smell rancid, cheap lipstick smeared onto flesh and field-stained clothing on the floor. Smoldering coal is used for heat and faintly we sense salty tears – tears of ennui and of mirth. Farmhouse: Like an old lover, coming back for chores.

Felix Serendipity (submitted by 50_Roses)

Natural cosmetics company Felix is launching its first perfume, Serendipity, “the scent of happy accidents.”

“I had been working for some time on creating a fine fragrance as a natural extension of my body care line, but I was not happy with any of my test formulas,” states Felix’s one-woman tour de force Summer Waters. “One day my cat got into the storeroom where I keep all my essential oils and absolutes and knocked over a bunch of bottles. I started to clean up the mess when I realized that all the oils were combining into a wonderful aroma. Fortunately, I designed my storeroom with a secondary containment system, so I was able to collect the mixture, dilute it, and bottle it. It really is an extraordinary scent, and it happened by accident. Unfortunately, since I do not know the exact proportions of the ingredients in it, it is necessarily a limited edition.”

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