Atelier Cologne Blanche Immortelle ~ new fragrance

Atelier Cologne Blanche Immortelle

Atelier Cologne has launched Blanche Immortelle, the third fragrance in the Collection Métal series that already includes Gold Leather and Silver Iris.

Her limitless generosity defined her, but she preferred to stay hidden. With fire and passion, she secretly devoted every moment of freedom to the cause that could make an everlasting difference. Her actions would irreversibly alter the established order.

[...] Davana, iris, immortelle and santalwood are magnified in the Cologne Absolue style.

Additional notes include bergamot, mandarin, mimosa, jasmine, rose, patchouli and vetiver.

Atelier Cologne Blanche Immortelle is available in 30, 100 and 200 ml Cologne Absolue (18% concentration).


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  1. lucasai says:

    My bottle is on the way! Yippie!

    Robin, 30ml of Blanche Immortelle or any other Atelier Cologne Collection Metal is technically not available since the only way to get it is to buy an Ecrin Absolu coffret consisting of 200ml bottle and 30ml bottle with a leather pouch.

    You can’t buy those metalized 30ml bottles separately…

  2. cologneluvr says:


    I already have two (2) of Atelier Colognes in the 100ml, my goal is to have ALL of them in this size, I am a HUGE FANBOY of this brand and want everything they offer; even the gift coffrets of the 30ml and the travel sprays!

    CONGRATS lucasai on obtaining the newest release, let us know how it smells and how you like it!

    • Robin says:

      I like the brand but admit I’m not a huge fan, & don’t adore immortelle in any case. But I’ll certainly give it a shot!

      • Holly says:

        No hankering for a FB of Sous le Toit de Paris?

        • Robin says:

          Ah, that’s the one I’m very much hankering for! But disappointed in the 2 I bought (Orange Sanguine & Grand Neroli) which after some wear seemed nice but not great. Do also like a couple others (Patchouli whatever, Gold Leather) but wouldn’t say “huge fangirl”, that’s all.

          • Holly says:

            I hanker for it too.

    • vking says:

      I LOVE this line.. It is one of the few that does not smell like chemicals. I have several. I wear the Blanche after my evening shower. It is very rich. I’m looking forward to the Oud. The Rose and Vanille are my favs either alone or mixed. I get tons of compliments.

  3. scentfromabove says:

    I want to try this line. I have been debating a while now if I should get their “Orange Sanguile”. NM has nice gift sets of these for Mother’s Day right now. Since my bday is on Mothers Day, maybe I will get the gift set for my mom and myself.

    • sugarvenom says:

      Get Orange Sanguine, it is gorgeous!

    • Holly says:

      Atelier offers a great sample set of their entire line for $20. 14 samples are included, excepting Blanche Immortelle as it’s not widely distributed yet.

    • Robin says:

      Gosh, do smell first!

  4. sugarvenom says:

    Since I didn’t care much for Gold Leather and Silver Iris (although I appreciated them), I’m not quite excited for this. It does sound good though so I will definitely try this if I come across it. Vétiver Fatal and Vanille Insensée are my favorites from this line.

  5. Jonette says:

    As soon as I read Lucas’ review, I ordered a sample, along with samples of Silver Iris, Gold Leather and Cédrat Enivrant. None of these were in the original sample set I ordered in April last year. I immediately fell in love back then with Oolang Infini and bought the big bottle and the soap and got the 30 ml ‘gift’ of Mistral Patchouli, which is also very nice. None of their other scents really sang to me. I do like Sous le Toit de Paris, but not enough to want to own a bottle. I think they do quality work. I tend to like fragrances with a lot of depth, that keep morphing to reveal more and more of their notes, but I make an exception to this with Atelier.

    • lucasai says:

      Jonette, you must let me know what you thought of Blanche Immortelle, Silver Iris, Gold Leather and Cedrat Enivrant. Will you? Please, please, please ;)

  6. Rictor07 says:

    Gold, Silver, and Blanche? That is most certainly not a metal. Wonder why it is in this collection?

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