Karl Lagerfeld for Him & for Her ~ new fragrances


Karl Lagerfeld will launch Karl Lagerfeld for Him and Karl Lagerfeld for Her, his debut fragrances under new licensing arrangements with InterParfums. Lagerfeld's license had previously been held by Coty (2008's Karl Lagerfeld Kapsule, 2011's Karleidoscope) and Elizabeth Arden (1994's Sun Moon Stars, 2000's Lagerfeld Femme, among others).

Karl Lagerfeld for Him ~ a fougere with notes of lavender, mandarin zest, apple, violet leaves, sandalwood and amber. In Eau de Toilette. [The Karl Lagerfeld men's scent was developed by perfumer Jean-Christophe Hérault. It will be available in 30, 50 and 100 ml.]

Karl Lagerfeld for Her ~ notes of lemon, peach, rose, magnolia, plumeria, musk and ambery woods. In Eau de Parfum.  [The Karl Lagerfeld women's scent was developed by perfumers Serge Majoullier and Christine Nagel. It will be available in 25, 45 and 85 ml.]

Karl Lagerfeld for Him and Karl Lagerfeld for Her are due to launch later this month. I will update with sizes when I can.

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Update: The Karl Lagerfeld fragrances will be exclusive to Harrods in the UK and Macy's in the US when they launch. I've added the sizes and perfumers in the brackets above. (via wwd)

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  1. johanob says:

    Pity about the stolen Guerlain L’Instant bottles…Where’s the innovative Karl Lagerfeld I know?

    • Robin says:

      If the fragrances are good, I’ll forgive the bottles!

      I loved the Kapsule bottles, although IIRC, someone said they were copies of some other bottle too. The Kapsule scents were ‘just ok’ at any rate.

      • johanob says:

        I do agree,if the juice is good,I might forgive the infringement on my beloved L’Instants…lol.I do enjoy Sun.Moon and Stars as well as Photo(I might be in the minority here,but anyway!)

        • Robin says:

          I never tried any of the older KL scents…so!

  2. kaos.geo says:

    Robin if you find Sun Moon Stars, give it a try…I believe its been reformulated but the soul of the perfume is still there.
    The packaging and ad with Daryl Hanna are so early 90s (In a good way!)

  3. blohan says:

    What does this mean for his previous perfumes? Are the licenses expired hence they are discontinued?

    • Robin says:

      I know Coty retained the right to continue selling existing inventory of the 2 scents they made under his name…but not to keep producing them.

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