Joan Collins I Am Woman ~ new perfume

Joan Collins I Am Woman

Actress Joan Collins has introduced I Am Woman, a new perfume launching in conjunction with her new cosmetics and beauty line, Joan Collins Timeless Beauty. I believe her last fragrance was Spectacular by Joan Collins, in 1989.

I love it when people tell me my perfume is delicious - it makes me feel special. Fragrance is a mysterious signature, it identifies a woman. — Joan Collins

...a sensual scent with the presence and the power to inspire and seduce in equal measure. Unquestionably feminine, this Joan Collins fragrance embraces citrus top notes, a sensual musk and wood base with romantic floral scents at its heart.

Joan Collins I am Woman is available now at QVC in the UK, in 50 ml Eau de Parfum, or in a set with 12 ml each Eau de Parfum and "Fragrant Essence", a multipurpose room, bath or body scent.

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  1. Omega says:

    A little late…maybe if it was still in her Dynasty days, lol..haha. That show was silly..night time soaps. lol

    • BChant says:

      You are probably right Omega, I wonder if this will really work? In my opinion she has great taste so I would have more confidence in her fragrance than your typical celebrity endorsed scents.

    • Robin says:

      Don’t think it’s going into wide distribution…

  2. rickbr says:

    The name is quite funny, as if she needed to reinforce her genre so that no one thinks she’s a man…

    • Robin says:

      Ha, yes! But surprised the name isn’t already taken.

      • rickbr says:

        Well, we already have its male counterpart, Dior Homme Eau For Men lol

  3. Thalia says:

    It sounds like her makeup line is aimed at women who were Dynasty fans back in the day, and I’m sure the perfume is intended to go for the same audience. It makes sense — like Elizabeth Taylor’s perfume empire, which was sustained by ladies of a certain age and did just fine (not that Joan Collins is an icon on the same level as La Liz). If you’re 50-something and want to smell glamorous, the ad campaigns for Daisy and Lady Gaga Fame are not really speaking to you.

    • Robin says:

      True, and as I said above, don’t think they’re going for anything on the level of distribution the Liz scents get.

    • johanob says:

      Do you guys remember those Dynasty perfumes?Crystal Carrington(f) and Blake Carrington for men!Lol!I was about 9 when they came out,and loved my Dad’s Blake Carrington!!Used to wear it to school a LOT!Hehe

  4. Merlin says:

    The name sounds like it comes from something Jane would have said in the Tarzan movie… some miles away from the glamorous melodrama of the high-shoulder pad soapie:)

  5. kindcrow says:

    The “power to inspire” comes from the reference to the Helen Reddy song :-) Speaking Helen Reddy, March 8th is International Women’s Day.

  6. Oakland Fresca says:

    I am woman, hear me roar
    In numbers too big to ignore…

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      With sillage too big to ignore?

      • kindcrow says:

        Ha! I thought the same thing :-)


    I love Joan Collins, wasn´t expecting her to come out with a fragrance but I like the bottle and I am sure it will smell wonderful:)

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