Cinnabon + Air Wick

Cinnabon Air Wick spray

In case it's what you've always wanted, here it is:

The irresistible aroma of freshly baked, piping-hot Cinnabon® cinnamon rolls wafting through... your living room? It's now possible. The maker of World Famous Cinnamon Rolls® has partnered with RB's Air Wick® brand to introduce the Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll fragrance that will be available at leading grocery and retail stores in the U.S. and Canada this year.

The comforting new scent marks the latest way consumers can make the tempting aroma of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls a part of their everyday lives. Air Wick® Cinnabon® Classic Cinnamon Roll fragrance retails for $4.99 and is available for Scented Oil refills and Freshmatic® Ultra Automatic Spray refills.

[...] "From our bakeries to retail shelves, there are so many ways to enjoy the flavors and aroma that the Cinnabon brand is famous for," said Cinnabon President, Kat Cole. "We are thrilled to partner with Air Wick® to deliver an innovative platform of products that capture the aromatic essence of our fresh baked cinnamon rolls." "Air Wick® strives to capture the scents consumers love and bring them into their home. The launch of Air Wick® Cinnabon® Classic Cinnamon Roll fragrance, part of the new Familiar Favorites collection, allows consumers to enjoy the comfort of their favorite scents whenever they want," said Jeanne O'Connor, Director of Alliances at RB.

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  1. Nightingale says:

    I am envisioning a future research study where results show that due to the constant message to eat freshly baked cinnamon rolls, residents in homes where a Cinnabon air freshener is used consume more calories per day.

    • Robin says:

      Probably! Works in malls, right?

    • melissa says:

      Right! I mean I love Cinnabon as much as the next bleary-eyed traveler, but I don’t even want to think about the R&D dollars that went into exquisitely crafting that smell to trick people into eating a basquillion empty calories.

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      Oh, I’m *certain* that this will increase consumption by users! There’s a lot of research on food cues and it’s impacts on our decisions, and the impact is WAY bigger than most people realize!

      Scientist/researcher Brian Wansink has some excellent research on the topic–he showed that even a scented food container in the right or wrong scent can unconsciously encourage or discourage eating. Can’t see why a scented room wouldn’t do the same thing!

      • Nightingale says:

        Spoken like a true health teacher! ;-)

        • Marjorie Rose says:

          Ha! Yeah–at least I’m consistent!

          (No one was surprised when I went into teaching. I guess I’ve always been a bit of a know-it-all! ;) )

  2. Bejoux says:

    I live with many animals – there are worse things your home could smell off….. I look forward to other offerings such as hot bacon, pancake, syrup and fresh coffee.

    • Robin says:

      They probably already make all of those, LOL…

  3. Aparatchick says:

    Didn’t we always know this day would come? ;-)

    • Robin says:

      But I admit to being surprised that there’s a Cinnabon vodka on the market…

      • Kelly Red says:

        No more surprised then I when I spotted Girl Scout Thin Mint Coffemate!
        (By the way, they also make Cinnabon Coffeemate!)

        • Robin says:

          Really?? Ok, that surprises me too.

          • Kelly Red says:

            They make Thin Mint Coffeemate and another one flavored like that caramel/coconut cookie. It’s called a Samosa in our region. Has the official Girl Scout logo, so they must get some $$.

  4. floragal says:

    Wow. I don’t know if this is a good thing, or bad. I smell these and I want them!

    I went on their website and one reviewer (only one) did not recommend this product, said it didn’t smell like Cinnabon, just cinnamon. That just might make me more inclined to try this as I’m not as likely to be hungry for just cinnamon and yet I do love the smell of cinnamon ;)

    • Kelly Red says:

      Sprinkle some cinnamon in water in a pot on your stove. Scents the house wonderfully and saves you both money and ishy chemicals. I use this trick in the winter a lot to counter stale house. Cinnamon, a tiny bit of vanilla, cloves, nutmeg, all can be added to plain water in a saucepan and simmered on the stove. Even after you turn it off the scent really lingers. The only bad thing is the first time I did it, my husband came home and got all excited because he thought I’d made treats LOL He was very disappointed.

      • Nightingale says:

        Brilliant! Heading to the stove to try this now. Also just put on a spritz of Marni. At least this post got me in the cinnamon and spice and everything nice mood…despite the fact that today I’m hosting a house full of boys gearing up for little league tryouts this weekend!

      • floragal says:

        Thanks for the neat idea!
        I think my husband will probably do the same ;)

  5. Omega says:

    Yep, simmering potpourri in the stove smells great, did it this year for the Holidays. As for Sin-nabon, I do keep a distance from that store when at the mall, I know I could eat a dozen easily, so far, I have been pretty good..just cause I know how much damage I could do there, really I do avoid it. Don’t think anything could replica that scent of gooey, hot cinnamon buns, nope.

  6. Oakland Fresca says:

    From Jessica’s Keats reference to Cinnabon. . . gosh, it has been a fun ride today!

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