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  1. ringthing says:

    I coveted the blue leather scent wallet she first came out with – her Japanese Agarwood is really gorgeous – but now she seems to have moved into scent jewelry. Good heavens, this bracelet looks cheap! For $2500 I’d want fancy schmancy. Not that I need to worry about it, of course.

  2. Whoa! Really great idea and very, very pretty but not such a pretty price tag OUCH! But, I want one! Yeah right, and I want world peace too!

    • Robin says:

      The “costume jewelry” ones are much cheaper!

  3. donanicola says:

    Is this a nice idea? I can’t make up my mind. Probably dazzled by the price tag. And on that subject it had better look an awful lot more like rubies and gold in the “flesh”. Oh well lots of $$$$$ and £££££ “saved” :)

  4. Omega says:

    I can spray some fume on some cheap costume jewelry and be good with it for that price. It does look like cheap jewelry though, if I bought it and said the price, I would doubt people would believe me. Looks like something from Kohl’s clearance rack.

  5. megank4 says:

    Agreed. Better things to spend several thousand dollars on, even if it doesn’t look fake in person.

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