Kenzo Couleur Kenzo Violet ~ new perfume

Kenzo Couleur Kenzo Violet

Kenzo will launch Couleur Kenzo Violet at the end of this month. The new floral fragrance for women follows last year's Couleur Kenzo Rose-Pink and Couleur Kenzo Jaune-Yellow.

Couleur Kenzo Violet was developed by perfumer Jean Jacques, who also worked on the first two fragrances in this series. The notes include violets, blueberries and red currants.

Kenzo Couleur Kenzo Violet will be available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum.


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  1. kindcrow says:

    Violet and blueberry could work together if the blueberry smelled natural (that’s a big IF). I don’t like currant frags, though, and Fragrantica says that the currant is the base note, so it will probably linger. Still, if I come across it, I will give it a sniff.

    • Robin says:

      It almost certainly has other base notes….woods & musks & whatnot.

  2. Omega says:

    I don’t know this line much but I don’t like that ‘k’ on the bottle. I thought of Circle K or Kmart.

    • Robin says:

      Oh, I think they do a great job on visuals. The US is not their primary market anyway, so don’t think they have to worry about that association.

  3. Thalia says:

    Pretty pretty pretty! Oh, I love that bottle. Except that that top might look kind of like buttocks.

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