Cartier La Panthere ~ new fragrance

Cartier La Panthère

Cartier will launch La Panthère, a new fragrance for women, in March. The panther has been Cartier's symbol since 1914 and frequently appears in Cartier jewelry designs. La Panthère will be fronted by model Erin Wasson.

The fragrance is described as a sensual floral; I will update with notes when I can. The juice is apparently not related to Panthère de Cartier, a discontinued fragrance from the 1980s.

Cartier La Panthère will be available in 30, 50 and 75 ml Eau de Toilette.


Update: says La Panthère is a “feral floral” with notes of gardenia, musk, and chypre; Prime Beaute says the notes are rhubarb, strawberries, dried fruit, apple, apricot, gardenia, musk and chypre.

Another update: see a review of La Panthère.

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  1. Bejoux says:

    Ok I did finally see the Panther face but for a few seconds I was thinking wtf – a femidom? What’s that doing there……

    • Robin says:

      Ha! I do think it’s a great bottle.

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      Yeah, it’s a little awkward for me, too! But a cool idea–maybe it’s the pink that makes it look like it should be made of latex?

  2. relleric says:

    OMG, that bottle!

  3. floragal says:

    Very cool bottle! The top with the gold does remind me of the Baiser Vole’ just slightly. Looking forward to trying this.

  4. rickbr says:

    I love Cartier and Panthere was such a strong name that it’d be a pitty if they didn’t made any new fragrance to continue. Sad that some of their classics didn’t sell well, because i always found Cartier classic and solid in their offerings (maybe the problem was exactly that, too classic).
    At first i thought that the bottle looked similar to Baiser Voile, but then, looking further, i see it’s quite a smart and nice design. Waiting ansious for the notes : )

  5. Merlin says:

    I think I need bottle in all 3 sizes for a daddy, mommy and cub effect:)

    • Merlin says:

      Mind you, I guess the design is too angular to allow for any schmaltz, lol!

  6. juicejones says:

    Very cool! I want to know what that sprayer feels like.

  7. Abyss says:

    Yup, cool bottle. I would have preferred the black head (it’s a panther, not albino panther!), but perhaps it didn’t allow for enough contrast to make out the shape? Anyway, I know I won’t be able to resist trying it when it comes out.

  8. Karin says:

    Cool! I look forward to anything by Mathilde Laurent.

    Oh, and Robin. I was at duty free in Minneapolis, and there was a Cartier Baiser Vole coffret with both the EDP and EDT – two 5ml bottles of each fragrance.

    • Robin says:

      Good to know, thanks! Now want a coffret w/ all 4, LOL…(+ Essence & Extrait)

  9. Omega says:

    Great bottle!

  10. I! DIE! OH MY EVER LOVING WORD! Just TAKE My Wallet and Credit Card NOW, Saks! Just Ring it up…. Whatever it costs! :-D

    The Original Panthere is So Gloriously Excessive and Over the Top that it needs to be re-released! It’s a Gem! Oh! Yeah! Gem by VC&A Should be given another release… it and Panthere (The Original) are like Cousins Scent wise!

  11. hajusuuri says:

    Ooooh, I have bottle LUST. I will be at the Cartier boutique’s doorsteps the first day it’s available and the only thing that will stop me is a raging snowstorm.

  12. AnnE says:

    Bottle lust raging here, too! Hope the juice justifies it. And this time, you know, I’m just a little bit hopeful after Baiser Volé, which was one of the best major market releases lately.

  13. Andreea says:

    I just wrote a review on this, but my english is too poor for translation. It’s a very well done scent and the concept (bright juice, but masculine bottle) works well to the end. The bottle is engraved inside, yes, the spray thing is really cool, you have to press ist with both fingers.

    The sillage is great, and it’s a dark chypre at the end of the day; gardenia I could smell out of it, but I did not care so much about the slight fruity opening – now that I know it, I can smell some apple, the apricot and something green, too (rhubarb? strawberry leaves?) but this is all gone and the glory is gardenia and chypre.
    Been using it for two weeks now and I really enjoy it, though it’s very different to what I tend to like.

    I have the 50ml and I would purchase the 30ml because it looks cute – but I don’t think I will empty this, you don’t need a lot of it. I would enjoy the shower gel though.

  14. C.H. says:

    Got a sniff passing through Saks the other day. “Feral”, lulz. It’s nice though! Can imagine it will have fans.

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