By Kilian The Art of Love ~ new fragrances

By Kilian The Art of Love

Niche line By Kilian will launch The Art of Love, a new quartet of fragrances exclusive to Russia, next month. The bottle was inspired by a Fabergé egg; the fragrances are Killing Me Softly, Dangerously in Love, Kisses Don't Lie and Criminal of Love.

Killing Me Softly  ~ "The olfactory impression of a delicate silky rose caressing the skin..." I believe this will be the first of the four to launch. The notes include blackcurrant, lychee, buchu leaf, rose, hawthorn, heliotrope, iris and vanilla.

Dangerously in Love ~ "The olfactory impression of an androgynous yet sensual Rose..."

Kisses Don't Lie ~ "The olfactory impression of a sweet kiss from a Rose..."

I will update with additional information when I can.

(quotes via By Kilian at Facebook, additional information via

Update: here are some additional notes and descriptions ~

Criminal of Love ~ a sultry and erotic rose, with saffron, cardamom, rose, cedar, immortelle, patchouli, incense and papyrus.

Dangerously in Love ~ with pear, ambrette seed, cedar, rose absolute, oakmoss, leather and musk.

Kisses Don't Lie ~ with pink pepper, bergamot, rose, violet leaves, rose buds, raspberries, myrrh and papyrus.

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  1. thegoddessrena says:

    Sounds like an interesting rose quartet. Too bad they won’t be available here–I want to see the faberge egg inspired stopper close up

    • Robin says:

      Me too…hope they’ll eventually distribute these more widely.

  2. happy888cat says:

    I want to get my hands on these too! Romantic rose themed perfume Faberge. I need.

  3. nozknoz says:

    I love the original Calice Beckers, such as Liaisons Dangereuses, but I haven’t like anything since Rose Oud. I’ll sample this new series but I’m not optimistic.

    • Robin says:

      I have liked several but not loved any, which is the way I like it :-)

  4. Omega says:

    Bottle nice..but more cheesy names? Silly.

    • Robin says:

      They must work!

      • Omega says:

        Idk, I haven’t run out and smelled any of the Kilians with silly names, ya, I judge a book by the cover in a way I suppose. I can’t take that seriously. “What are you wearing?” “Oh, Good Girl Gone Bad.” Nope, don’t see that, for me anyway.

  5. I dread to think how much these are going to cost!

  6. Marjorie Rose says:

    I think the names sound like James Bond movies!

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