Lazy weekend poll ~ scent the cast of your favorite TV show

Downton Abbey Season 4

It's been a long time since we did a "scent the cast" poll, in fact, the last time was in 2012 when we scented the cast of Downton Abbey.

Today, we're going to do it a little differently. If your favorite show has not yet been mentioned, start a new thread to talk about the fragrances you think would "fit" the characters. If a thread has already been started on your favorite show, add to it. Got it?

Note: image is for Downton Abbey, season 4.

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  1. Marjorie Rose says:

    I haven’t watched a TV show for a while, but how about a movie? Just watched About a Boy, with Hugh Grant, and I really want to put him in some expensive but boring scent at the start of the film–is there a totally predictable Tom Ford men’s scent?–and then something quirkier and more friendly at the end of the film–maybe a playful Serge Lutens.

    • Robin says:

      I happen to like Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, but still think it might fit. Haven’t seen the movie, but sounds like the totally predictable Hugh Grant character trajectory!

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        Yeah, it’s not really a stretch for him! But it’s a pretty charming film, much of which comes from the boy–an actor I haven’t seen elsewhere–he has a very sincere oddness about him that is sweet and feels real.

        Do you enjoy those movie commentaries? Usually I do, and even a boring film can seem better after some insight from the creators sometimes, but this one? I *disliked* the directors SO MUCH! I’ve had to separate my enjoyment of the film from my lack of enjoyment for the commentary to avoid coloring my experience with it!

        • Robin says:

          I have only watched the commentary once, and now I can’t remember which movie it was for. Whatever it was, I didn’t find it helpful…perhaps it discouraged me from ever watching one again!

        • TheSnailsPajamas says:

          Hey, that boy grew up to be pretty easy on the eyes – Nicholas Hoult!

        • Lucy says:

          Nicholas Hoult is photographed everywhere right now because he is dating Jennifer Lawrence. He was sitting next to her at the Golden Globes last weekend, and surely will be at more award shows. Of course, he has a very impressive resume beyond that. And thesnailspajamas is spot on…he is very good looking. It almost breaks my heart to think of that cute little boy all grown up.

          • Marjorie Rose says:

            Ha! More evidence that I’m completely out of the loop! I don’t know if I’d recognize Jennifer Lawrence, either. . .

          • Marjorie Rose says:

            Just googled her. . . OH. Yeah, I’ve seen The Hunger Games. Didn’t know the lady’s name, though! Ah well. :)

        • ockeghem says:

          About a Boy started as an even better book, which is another reason why the movie worked despite Hugh Grant. Nick Hornby is good at writing books that can be turned into enjoyable movies…High Fidelity is probably my favourite, but About a Boy and Fever Pitch weren’t a total waste of my movie money (though the books were better).

    • kindcrow says:

      If you want to see a good Hugh Grant movie, I suggest Maurice (which, I might add, is full of English men who are pretty easy on the eyes). The E.M. Forster book upon which it is based is good, as well.

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        Oh, Maurice! I loved the book in high school, when I went seeking out GLBT-friendly lit! I don’t think I’ve seen the movie, though. Will put it on the library list. . .

    • Lucy says:

      Forgot to add that About a Boy has been turned into a TV show, so you’ll have a whole new cast to scent. It’s supposed to start airing on NBC after the Olympics.

    • Dilana says:

      Clive for Men would fit the description. It is one of the most expensive fragrances which can be readily found.

      However, (and perhaps more because of the novel, which I remember more than the film), I see Grant’s character a bit differently.
      He was guy in his thirties with a fantastic music collection who still thought of himself as young and hip. In reality, he was the type of fake who goes to parenting classes, to pick up women.
      I think he would have purchased a scent which advertised itself as young and vibrant. Perhaps Tommy Hillfiger’s Rock and Roll or LD0’s Sex Pistols.

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        It’s possible that my previous experience with dating men who can’t keep a job and just sort of loaf around being “creative” might have influenced my discontent with his character. . . :D

        But I do like the idea of him wearing something that feeds his self-delusions of hipness!

  2. Dilana says:

    Gosh, this a little difficult when your favorite shows are baseball, the news and very old movies.

    I do however like Brooklyn 99, a comedy show set in a detective squad.
    Andre Braugher plays a new Captain who is a straight arrow in all respects other than sexual. His devoted husband would have given him Musc Ravageur (which would never be worn to work and Dune for the office).
    Andy Samberg plays a competent but disorganized and rebellious detective. He would Armani Code, a gift from an old girlfriend who hopelessly thought she could improve him. The effort failed and she then abandoned him but he occasionally wears the scent when he thinks he has landed a hot date.
    Sgt Terry Giffords, a work out enthusiast, would wear Polo Sport
    Detective Charles Boyle, who runs a food blog has a collection of gourmand perfumes samples. His favorite is Iris Ganache, and he would really, really like to become a writer for this blog
    And now for the women (not really ladies)
    Detective Santiago wears Dune because the Captain wears Dune.
    Detective Diaz, the toughest and most hard boiled of the lot, wears Knize 10.

    • kindcrow says:

      Do you subscribe to the MLB Network? If so, what scents would you put hosts Tom Verducci and Greg Amsinger in? How about Brian Kenny?

      • Dilana says:

        No I don’t. My team, has its own channel, and a wonderful set of commentators so that’s what I watch. Since the commentators are real people, I hate to assign scents for them.

    • Lucy says:

      Love this! It would have taken me all day to come up with all of these.

      I’m surprised at how much I like the show. In September I was asking Mr. Lucy if I should DVR “Cancelled 99.” Now it’s the one I look most forward to every week. Andre Braugher is amazing. The whole cast is. Something about the group just works.

    • sophiew says:

      I loooove Brooklyn 9-9. Andre Braugher is just the best.

      Great choices. My own fancast:
      Captain Holt would definitely be suitable for Dune! He’d also wear other fragrances that are elegant, classic and a little old-fashioned, like Guerlain Habit-Rouge and Dior Eau Sauvage.

      Peralta would wear Acqua Di Gio.

      Agreed that Terry would definitely wear something with -sport in the title.

      Charles Boyle would wear whatever magazines and online advice columns tell him is the “sexiest cologne to woo a woman,” in his unceasing attempts to win Diaz’s heart.

      I LOLed at your Santiago comment.

      I could definitely see Diaz in Knize 10. Also other rough or badass perfumes, like Tauer’s Lonestar Memories… or with a touch of booze, like Parfum d’Empire Cuir Ottoman.

      • Dilana says:

        Except Boyle is almost as passionate about his food column and his gourmet knowledge as he as about Diaz. He would have a collection of samples on which he could wax eloquent, without ever realizing that his brilliant rarified taste diminishes him in Diaz’s eyes.

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      Ok. How about some old movies? Have you seen The Lady Eve recently enough to scent it? Just watched it last week (I’ve been on a romantic comedy streak), and they reference Stanwyck’s perfume several times–and even that it’s the same scent when she’s Gene and when she’s Eve. . . so what old scent could be appropriate for “both” women?

      • Dilana says:

        Yes, I love the movie. Let’s see, I think the movie takes place in the 1930’s. It has to be a perfume that Gene likes so much that she forgets to stop wearing it as Lady Eve.
        How about Joy, which would certainly have helped Gene present herself as a rich girl who just happened to play cards on ocean cruises.

        • Marjorie Rose says:

          Ooh, good call! Do you think Mitsouko is too dirty for Eve? (seems appropriate for Gene, though)

          Poor, clueless Pike would probably just have some aftershave, huh? Too busy researching snakes to care much about such niceties!

          • Dilana says:

            I don’t think of Mitsuko as “dirty.” Its peachiness would be just fine for Eve.

            Pike would probably not wear anything (Except DEET if it was available then) when traveling with his snakes back to the U.S.. Perhaps when he reached his wealthy socialite parents, his mother would have given him some sort of cologne water in an attempt to render him datable.

  3. Robin says:

    Sherlock, anyone?

    I know the Benedict Cumberbatch character would never wear fragrance, but I’m going to give him one anyway: Comme des Garçons 2 Man.

    Watson would wear fragrance, but would pick one that didn’t suit him. Paco Rabanne 1 Million.

    • sophiew says:

      lol! I could totally imagine Watson wearing Paco Rabanne pre-Mary, but I feel like his wife would’ve put her foot down and made him purchase something more suitable/work-appropriate, like Chanel Platinum Egoiste.

      Mary herself would wear something intelligent and mysterious. OJ Woman?

      Irene would own a number of sexy perfumes, ranging from Dior Poison to Robert Piguet Bandit.

      Mycroft would wear something pricey but chic. MDCI Invasion Barbare or Chypre Palatin, maybe.

      Lestrade would only use fragrance when he hadn’t showered the night before.

      • Robin says:

        Ha…I should have mentioned that we don’t get the new season here until tomorrow…look forward to finding out who Mary is!!

        Great picks for Mycroft (he wouldn’t even remember what it was called, he’d just buy it and use it) & Irene.

        • sophiew says:

          oh no, I completely forgot!! Please feel free to delete my spoiler-y comment, lol. :(

          • Robin says:

            Oh not at all, that isn’t much of a spoiler, and anyway, it is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid all spoilers when they show it on different dates in different countries. It’s like the BBC & PBS aren’t aware there is an internet, LOL…

        • Dilana says:

          Ah, I thought I had just missed the episodes where Watson found someone. (I think I have only seen the first season.)

      • Dilana says:

        Yes, Watson would wear something unsuitable for him.

        In picking fragrances for characters, it is tempting to chose what you would like them to wear, rather than what they would chose. In my Brooklyn thing, I tried to be disciplined to limit myself to what would be in a police officer’s salary (although there are some real life NYPD officers who actually have sophisticated fragrance blogs and utube followings).

        I cheated with the Captain, because I wanted to imagine him as having a rich husband who would give him everything he deserves.
        Who knew the brilliant dramatic actor could be so funny?

    • Regina says:

      Let’s not forget Mrs. Hudson! I think she goes all out and wears Fracas.

      • Robin says:

        So sorry I left her out, they (the writers & the actress) did a great job with her character.

    • CobraRose says:

      Sherlock: Guerlain Vetiver. He started wearing it when he was a teenager and sees no reason to change now.
      Mycroft: Ambre Topkapi (unsniffed, he’d just read the description and buy it, or send someone else to do so)
      Irene: Portrait of a Lady
      Watson would have trouble deciding and just give up on the whole enterprise until he got a bottle as a gift–Grey Flannel.
      Moriarty would realize it’s not smart to leave evidence in the air at a crime scene, but be unable to resist doing so. I’m thinking Voleur de Roses.

    • theluscioushellcat says:

      Sherlock would not buy scent, but he would smell a bit like my scent since I’ve been tying him up and using him as my love slave.

      Oh, wait, did I type that and hit send?


  4. Omega says:

    Gosh, lol, I haven’t had cable in about 10 years. I hate TV and don’t wanna pay the money for it. The last show I watched regularly was The Dog Whisperer. Cesar, I see him wearing something like Acqua di Gio Giorgio though.

  5. Anna Stromberg says:

    Ah, Sherlock! My love for Jack Bauer and 24 is only overshadowed by my love for the magnificent Sherlock and Watson.
    I’m thinking that Jack Bauer probably wear something quiet but woody, with a dusty sadness about it. Like that Francinsence hand cream from Neils Yard. Cdg Zagorsk maybe?

    • Omega says:

      Well, Jack’s bottle would say “Da*n it!” each time it is opened, that I do know, LOL.

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      Hmm. I was going to suggest that he’d wear something different depending on the job, but since so many of the jobs were “of the moment” and not planned, I suppose he wouldn’t have time to slap on some Acqua di Gioia before “blending in” with a bunch of potential terrorists!

  6. thatyourefuse says:

    I am helplessly addicted to the wonderful BBC show The Hour, which is set in 1956 and has one of the most amazing casts I’ve ever seen. (

    I am positive in my bones that Lix Storm (yes, really) wears Bandit — I *squeaked* out loud the first time I even heard of it, because it sounded so much like her. Beautiful, tough, mature, assertive, and decidedly gender-weird for 1956. Love it.

    Likewise positive that Marnie Madden wears Joy — I mean, really — and Hector wears Hammam Bouquet.

    Less sure about anyone else (well, I *am* sure that Freddie doesn’t wear *any* kind of scent — he smells like cigarettes, coffee, pencil sharpenings, and old tweed), but extra special bonus points for suggesting the no doubt *grossly* inappropriate perfume canonically given to showgirl Kiki DeLaine by her violent, sentimental, completely tasteless, and possibly in-the-closet policeman boyfriend.

    • Robin says:

      I have heard that’s a great show, have it in my Netflix queue but haven’t seen it yet!

      • thatyourefuse says:

        It’s *breathtakingly* amazing. Show of my heart.

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      Wow. That sounds great! Just looked it up at my library and put on hold on the first season! Yay!

      • thatyourefuse says:

        /dances the dance of victory

    • Lise says:

      I love that show too! Have only seen the first seson, becouse Norwegian Netflix doesn`t have the 2nd. Long to see more of it.

      Freddie: He wears Verbena Cologne from Santa Maria Novella.
      Bel: Would be wearing Prada Infusion d`Iris. Intellectual, office friendly and sofisticated.
      Lix: I agree, she is a Bandit-lady.
      Hector: Needs a lot of Eau Savage to cover the trases of last nights naughty business.

  7. C.H. says:

    GIRLS? (unless we’ve actually seen what they wear and I just failed to notice.) I feel like Shoshanna has to wear SJP NYC, and Hannah is probably still devoted to whatever she wore in high school–but what was that?

    • thatyourefuse says:

      Marnie: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

      Jessa: YSL Kouros.

      • C.H. says:

        Brilliant call on Kouros!

        Is Flowerbomb almost too fun for Marnie? I see her in something more buttoned up–although not all the way to true old school stuff. No. 19 Poudré?

    • irisfreak says:

      Hannah’s easy. She’s still wearing Tommy Girl. That’s what every girl was given in high school.

      • C.H. says:

        Ha, nice one–I knew there had to be a clear answer out there!

    • Cybele says:

      hannah: cdg rhubarb

      jessa: jicky

      marni: something dkny, stella, kai, coco mdms.

      schoschana: pink sugar or something from fresh, or abricot vanille CSP

  8. happy888cat says:

    White Collar anyone?
    Neal Caffrey – I would pair him with Terre d’Hermes.
    Mozzie – Essenza di Colonia by Acqua de Parma
    Elizabeth Burke – English Pear and Freesia by Jo Malone

    • Dilana says:

      I bet Neal would change his scent with each con.

      • happy888cat says:

        Omg that is SO TRUE!!! Hahaha Great thinking there! I agree ;)

  9. 2rista says:

    What about Dr House? Something elegant but a bit rough round the edges… Wonderwood?

    • Robin says:

      Loved that show & still miss it! We scented it once…didn’t get as many responses as I expected, but fun to read the comments:

      Wonderwood is a great choice, but do think the person who commented that he probably doesn’t even use deodorant is probably right :-)

      • 2rista says:

        Hadn’t seen that – I also love the choice of Opium.

      • hajusuuri says:

        I think House would wear ELDO Secretions Magnifique just to be disgusting.

        • Robin says:

          LOL — so true! Or more likely, he’s spray it on other people when they weren’t looking :-)

          • hajusuuri says:

            or…if someone asks him “Ummm, your perfume smells good, what is it?” (I understand it could smell good on someone else.), he’ll whip out his Secretions Magnifique bottle, run it under the nose of the unsuspecting person (“take a deep breath”) and walk away non-chalantly as the person gags.

      • perthgirl says:

        House’s apartment is very tidy, and interesting, and he has a piano and listens to jazz, so I think despite his dysfunctions he is clean and tidy. So I think he’d wear something very masculine but offbeat; a leather or dark tobacco or dirty vetiver.

  10. nozknoz says:

    I don’t have a television, so the only thing I’ve seen is occasional clips of the Colbert Report, Jon Stewart and Charlie Rose. I see Jon Stewart in Chanel, Charlie Rose in Guerlain Arsene Lupin, and Colbert would like LesNez Turtle Vetiver Back.

    • Robin says:

      Yep — Jon Stewart can have Allure Homme Edition Blanche.

  11. Safran says:

    Jon Hamm as Don Draper – Jean Patou pour homme
    Idris Elba as Luther – Puredistance M
    Elisabeth Moss as Robin Griffin in Top of the Lake – Un jardin apres la mousson
    Gena Rowlands in any role – Mito by Vero Profumo
    I like that game, will keep thinking!

    • Robin says:

      Loved Top of the Lake! But Mousson seems too tame, maybe? That show still disturbs me and I saw it ages ago, not long after it came out.

      • Safran says:

        Yes, it might be too tame, I was thinking about something that is animalic and humid and at the same time translucent or transparent, that’s why I’ve picked Mousson. Just couldn’t think of anything else, that would fit these attributes.
        And I agree, there is something very disturbing about the show, and fascinating imo.

        • Robin says:

          Absolutely fascinating. Half wish they’d do a sequel and half wish they wouldn’t.

          There probably is no perfect scent — we’d have to layer something with the Mousson.

    • Merlin says:

      Funny enough, I thought Mousson was spot on! I do however like Mousson more than most people. Detective Griffin does have those kinds of opposing qualities, somehow both clean-cut and complex, exotic and homely, earthy and airy. But, I didn’t see all the episodes so I stand to be corrected!

    • Lise says:

      Top of the Lake was brilliant! And I have a girl crush on Elisabeth Moss. I would have given Detective Griffin a bottle of Philosykos.

  12. irisfreak says:

    I’m a fan of Nashville (for the music, which is great). So I would put Raina in Lady Stetson, and Juliette Barnes would wear Envy.

    • Cybele says:

      raina: dg light blue, allure sensuelle

      juliette: something chloe

      scarlett: stella, kiehls musk

      • Cybele says:

        I also picture raina in santal majuscule or feminite du bois

  13. irisfreak says:

    And I bet Homeland’s Carrie wears Chaos.

    • Dilana says:

      Or she’d vary sharply between Channel 19 (Crisp continent), Carnal Flower (sexy, and quite often too much for the circumstances) and Profundis (deadly depressed)

      • irisfreak says:

        very funny, Dilana! Though I think Cristalle is a touch more astringent – let’s say CIA-appropriate – than No 19

    • Robin says:

      Nice call! We finished watching the 1st two seasons recently, waiting for season 3 to go to dvd.

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      Oh, I’ve heard such good things about that show, and I’ve been a Clare Danes fan since the My So Called Life years! But still. . .I’m not sure I could watch it. My brother was bipolar, and I’m pretty sure I’m not ready to be “entertained” by a bipolar character (or, at least the rumors I’ve heard is that she’s bipolar?). In any case, I’ve shied away so far. :-(

      • Robin says:

        She is bipolar, and always on the verge of being out of control, except when she’s actually out of control. It is very easy to get sucked into the plot line, but it’s not what I’d call an uplifting show.

        • Marjorie Rose says:

          Yeah, sounds like something I wouldn’t be able to enjoy. Too bad! Glad to hear Danes is getting interesting work, though!

          • Merlin says:

            Marjorie Rose, I’m so so sorry. You had mentioned it before, but maybe not so explicitly. Under the circumstances its no wonder you are avoiding any such ‘entertainment’.

            I think for many sufferers it is touch and go a lot of the time; and from what I have seen and experienced (I’m unipolar) these things always exact their toll. I am grateful for modern treatment, but its still so far from precise. And there are so many that it fails.

            I do hope you have some positive memories to hold on to.

          • Marjorie Rose says:

            Thank you, Merlin. I struggle with knowing how much to say. There was a long time when I just wasn’t ready to talk about it, but then it’s never really a *good* time to talk about hard things, is it? And I like to keep this a happy diversionary place, for the most part! In any case, thank you for your kind words.

            In all kinds of health issues, the more I learn, the clearer it is to me that there’s as much art as there is science in good treatment.

          • Merlin says:

            The right time = when you are comfortable doing so:)

            And agree on the art of it!

        • C.H. says:

          Isn’t it funny how widely impressions can vary–I actually find the show quite uplifting! I find it heartening to see a character who’s highly effective and professionally successful despite quite a serious illness. And I find it more empathetic to what she’s going through than, say, Silver Lining’s Playbook (there aren’t really any “look how crazy she is, isn’t that hilarious?!” gags on Homeland). But yes it’s a pretty vivid portrait of the disease, can definitely understand taking a pass on that if it would bring up painful memories!

          • C.H. says:

            (oops, extraneous apostrophe on Silver Linings Playbook!)

          • Merlin says:

            C.H. I hated Silver Linings, for the point you bring up, and more. I was also surprised to see comments from people suffering from such illnesses who thought it was a good movie. Every time I think of it I cringe. Jennifer Lawrence did have some good lines in it, and her character had a little more depth – but on the whole it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Certainly one that rubbed me up the wrong way…

          • Robin says:

            How much of it have you seen? (because I will comment but don’t want to give any spoilers)

          • C.H. says:

            Ah, Robin, thanks, that’s so thoughtful of you to ask! I’ve seen the first two seasons, plus the first six episodes of this season… but now I’m trying to think how to indicate where that is in the plot without spoiling it for anyone else! Ha. Anyway yes, would love to hear what you think, and I’m happy to watch it whether or not I know what’s going to happen, so at least on my part, no worries if you mention something still ahead!

          • C.H. says:

            Merlin, I’m totally with you. The best I can muster is that maybe it’s a good depiction of what it’s like to be the (is it appropriate to use the word “neurotypical” here?) loved one of someone with a serious mental illness, how bewildering that must feel, and maybe a relief to find some humor in it? It certainly felt pretty alienated from what the protagonists were going through; actually I thought the most empathetic portrayal in the movie was Robert De Niro as the undiagnosed father who resembles his bipolar son maybe more than he’s able to face up to. (Not coincidentally, the movie’s director has his own history of outbursts as well as a son with serious mental health challenges.) I don’t know, I’m stretching for that. FWIW, a therapist friend of mine (who really likes works like In Treatment, by contrast) said she thought it was so crummy as to be intolerably boring, and turned it off. I kind of wish I had too! Just felt unkind, to me–makes me sad to think about it.

          • Robin says:

            CH, then you’ve seen more than me…I’m at the end of Season 2. So was just going to say that I do think it’s an empathetic portrayal, but “highly effective and professionally successful” just isn’t where she is at the end of season 2, more like she’s screwed everything up royally, mostly due to her own impulsiveness & poor decision making. But maybe things are going to improve in season 3, don’t tell me!

            Whereas Silver Lining Playbook — totally get what everyone is saying about the less than empathetic portrayal, but at least she gets a happy ending :-)

          • Merlin says:

            Interesting idea, that its more from the perspective of ‘loved ones’. I do remember reading that the director and even some of the actors were closely related to people with such illnesses. That just made me more bewildered in some ways!
            Though I suppose the cruelty of it had to come from people who had some insider knowledge, e.g.. the parody of where the two protagonists are discussing their meds.

            I don’t get sad – I get really really angry. And its the first time I have heard of someone having a strongly negative response, so that is reassuring.

            A good comedy in which mental illness is a strong theme is Victor Will Meer (German with English subtitles). Unfortunately I have not seen In Treatment, but will look out for it!

          • Merlin says:

            um, I meant that its reassuring that someone ELSE had a strongly negative response:)

          • C.H. says:

            Ah, Robin, yes that’s true; for that matter, a lot of the show’s suspense throughout rides on the possibility that she might really be colossally screwing up her urgently important job. So in that sense it’s def not unambiguously optimistic about her professional abilities. I guess I just mean, sometimes she does stuff exceptionally well, and I like those parts :)

            And true about Jennifer Lawrence’s happy ending! I was sort of emotionally checked out by that point in the movie (Joyce Carol Oates, of all people, tweeted that watching Silver Linings she felt “never not aware of the actors acting, director directing, sets, music”, and I had a similar sense of watching how the movie was assembled rather than being involved in the story), but I was glad there was some optimism in the way they wrapped it up.

          • Marjorie Rose says:

            Well, sounds like Silver Linings Playbook is *certainly* off my ever-watch-it list! Could not do a comedy about mental illness.

            It may be that a thoughtful portrayal of bipolar some day could be ok for me, but not yet. My brother’s life/death was violent, tragic, and traumatizing for the people who knew him and loved him. I am grateful that many people are able to be successfully treated, and live successfully regular lives, but he/we were not that fortunate. I’m not sure how much time will be necessary to develop the emotional distance to watch such shows/ movies, but I know I’m not there, yet.

            I *am* grateful for any media that brings attention to it, and hopeful that changes in health care this year will make mental health services more readily available to the people who need it!

          • C.H. says:

            Oh, Marjorie, I am so very sorry to hear that–it’s a terrible disease and I am so sorry for the pain and suffering it brought into all of your lives. I hope your family is finding some measure of peace. On a practical level, I’m with you to be glad for media representations that raise awareness and hopefully encourage public support for better and more widely available treatment options, but yes, absolutely no need for you to put yourself through watching that sort of thing.

            Sending you a big hug!

          • C.H. says:

            Mm yes Merlin, I think you’re really right about Silver Linings feeling especially hard-hearted to me because it could only have been made by someone who was intimately acquainted with the subject, and still was so unkind to the people in question. Tough to take–so thanks so much for rec for something made in a more generous spirit! Meanwhile, let me warn you that In Treatment is, alas, no kinda comedy!!, but it’s excellent (and I hear the Israeli version that it was adapted from is better still.) For some funny on the topic, you might check out the blog Hyperbole and a Half or the recently adapted book by the same name, if you haven’t encountered it already. Its author is hilarious in a much more humane way! (For that matter: she’s -actually funny- whereas Silver Linings felt pretty unfunny to me. You’re definitely not alone in not liking it!)

          • Merlin says:

            I’m definitely going to take up your recommendations! Hyperbole and a Half is a great name, lol.

            It may amount to much the same thing but I just wanted to add that the problem with SLP was not exactly its unkindness, but its failure to convey what it is like to suffer from any like illness. This aspect is critical.

            Good art always succeeds in showing what it is like to be a particular person in some situation, and so it totally fails on aesthetic grounds. Also I think spreading awareness is only helpful in so far as it assists the general public in such an understanding. This one tends more towards perpetuating crude stereotypes than spreading awareness.

            Okay. My moan is over!

          • Marjorie Rose says:

            Thanks for the hugs, Catherine. I’m mostly fine, and most of the time I’m my usual vivacious, bubbly self! But I have learned to avoid certain movies and shows.

      • Ari says:

        Marjorie Rose, would you feel comfortable with me emailing you about this subject? I don’t believe I have your contact information, but my email address is

  14. kindcrow says:

    For Psych: Ananas Fizz for Shawn and a lavender cologne for Gus.

    • Lucy says:

      I can see Gus in Caron Pour Un Homme. Probably because Gus dresses just like my dad and that’s what he wears.

      • kindcrow says:

        I’ve never smelled that one, but I just read some reviews, and I can definitely see (smell?) Gus wearing it. I chose something with lavender because they’ve mentioned Gus’s lavender scalp oil twice and when he fell for a Goth girl, he mentioned to Shawn that he’d like to name a daughter Lavender.

  15. Oakland Fresca says:

    I love tv but never seem to find time to watch. (I did manage to binge watch the entire third season of Game of Thrones when I got a stomach bug last week!) But I am a fanatic about the PBS Newshour. So for the weirdness (and the fun) of it, here are my scent suggestions:

    Judy Woodruff—Chanel’s No. 19

    Gwen Ifill—Amouage’s Ubar

    Jeffrey Brown– Atelier Cologne’s Amber Nue

    Ray Suarez—Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb

    Margaret Warner—Hermes’ Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

    Hari Sreenivasan—Lalique’s Encre Noir

    • perthgirl says:

      Game of Thrones! :) I always imagine Daenerys Targaryen wearing Guerlain Mahora, both for being a sultry indolic tuberose and because I think the bottle fits in perfectly!

    • nozknoz says:

      I’m enjoying Arun Rath who broadcasts from NPR West. He should drop by the Scent Bar and test scents from Neela Vermeire, CdGs and Lab on Fire.

      • Oakland Fresca says:

        Ah yes. A face wasted on radio! At the risk of cliche, I think something that drys down to a herbaceous sandalwood would be perfect! (Less frivolous n.b.–his Frontline exposes were excellent!)

  16. theluscioushellcat says:

    This is not TV or movie oriented but I am here with hat in hand, begging for help.

    I’m writing this: a contemporary, upper middle class Englishwoman, with red hair and blue eyes, and she’s pretty but you’re not blown away by her at first glance. She has a very posh thing to go to and would have searched for and found, or been given by a great aunt or godmother, a rare and exquisite perfume. Probably French.

    What is it?

    Thank you darlings. :::kiss:::

    • Oakland Fresca says:

      Vol de Nuit :)

    • Lise says:

      Cuir Russie by Chanel perhaps? Or Lipstick Rose by F. Malle.

    • Dilana says:

      Second Cuir Russie or L’Heure Bleu
      But, if her grandmother is a bit hip, why not Amarinthe?

    • mals86 says:

      I’d love to suggest but would like a bit more information – such as, how old is she? Is her fashion sense very conventional, relaxed, professional, rustic?

      Or is the point that it’s just something that an older woman close to her would have chosen, and the scent doesn’t suit her?

      • theluscioushellcat says:

        See below. The scent suits her for this night, this place, this side of her. In her life she doesn’t have a lot of occasions to be sensual and beautiful. She would’ve put this away for such a night as this.

    • nozknoz says:

      I agree with Mals, need more background including time of year and day, and something about how this event figures in the story line. The perfume could be a portent or you could think about her wearing or encountering it again in the future and how the scent memory would impact that moment.

      You also need to think about the mood the perfume would create, such as the wistful mood of Apres l’Ondee; the light natural chic of 28 la Pausa; the softer, more romantic feel of 31 Rue de Cambon; the ripeness of FM Le Parfum de Therese; the darkness of Shiseido Nombre Noir; etc. Also, most people won’t have smelled the perfume, so you might also think about what the name and description would convey.

      • theluscioushellcat says:

        Darling sister perfumistas. I knew you would bring all your brilliance to my quest.

        It is September. Evening. An elegant event. She is wearing something elegant and of a dual nature – it looks like an evening dress in 2 parts. A coat and a gown. It’s perfectly proper. Until you take off the coat and her dress is entirely backless.

        She’s 38. She’s single. She’s very smart but also a completely approachable and warm person. Her fashion sense is professional but not stuffy. She is attracted to classic styles and really good quality, puts it on, puts it together well, and doesn’t think about it. She’s raising her nephew who is orphaned so she’s a working mom. As a young woman she would’ve worn a soliflore (think Penhaligon’s Bluebell) because it reminded her of beautiful flowers in a garden. She might be wearing something lovely but office-appropriate every day now. But for this event she would wear something from another time, unusual, and very beautiful. Sexy but not a perfume ever advertised *as* sexy. Perhaps she already has this bottle tucked away from Godmother, or maybe she sought it out.

        I’d have to know the notes of the scent, to describe.

        I love you all. I mean that. ::::kisses:::

  17. Aparatchick says:

    I read this and got all excited about scenting Tatiana Maslany’s characters in Orphan Black. Then I realized that all those clones were more than I could handle! ;-) So, I’ll do one, and see if anyone else wants to take a stab (Helena joke!) at the others:

    Allison – definitely something fresh and clean and easily obtainable in her suburban neighborhood- one of the Philosophy scents perhaps?

    • fumemad says:

      Hmm, I think Helena would not wear anything but probably might nick something off paul’s dresser.

      Which brings me to paul – something classic, dior eau sauvage (all that suits and shirts)

      Allison would wear something clean, you are right. But i think she’d go for brand name just because. Romance rl in high sch, sth chanel now. No 19?

      Sarah – something off high street bec she cant be bothered? Lush? Breath of god.

      Just realized – Am not much good at this. :)

      • Aparatchick says:

        You’re very good at it! Yes, I can see Sarah wearing Lush (and Bpal, perhaps).

        Mrs. S. would wear something patch-heavy.

        Cosima? Escentric Molecules No. 1

        I can hardly wait for Season 2!

        • fumemad says:

          Mrs s would wear patch neat in her young days.

          You know who stumps me…felix!

        • fumemad says:

          And I hate waiting for new seasons….sometimes wish I know about series after they ended, with dvds in a set. :D

  18. Merlin says:

    Anyone seen the ‘new’ Carrie movie? Not a masterpiece like the first, but entertaining for all that.

    Carrie herself would choose Sa MaJeste la Rose for the actual prom (well she wouldn’t buy it, but had she just come upon it somewhere.) Or, perhaps Anais Anais. These probably wouldn’t suit her avenging angel personae so the S.M.R. needs to morph into Lady Vengeance as she ascends the stage…

    Her mother is straitlaced, repressed and controlling. If she had to wear perfume – which she wouldn’t – (work of the devil – fragrance!) I would have her in Estee Lauder. Maybe White Linen

    The bad girl is in Bandit and her bad boyfriend in MKK

    The jock who takes Carrie to the prom is in Axe.

    The gym teacher? Perhaps Estee Lauder’s Private collection.

  19. Lise says:

    Breaking Bad is brilliant. What do you thing they are wearing?

    Walter White: Uses Molecule 01. He is probably capable of mixing it buy him self.
    Skylar: Estee Lauder White Linen.
    Jesse: Wears Paco Rabanne One Million. But doesn´t really enjoy it.
    Gus: Hermes Terre d`Hermes.

    • galbanumgal says:

      Perfect pick for Gus. Another for Walt: L’Anonyme by the appropriately named A Lab on Fire. You know Hank’s an Old Spice or Brut man. Have to think about Skyler & Marie…

      • Lise says:

        L`Anonyme is perfect for Walt, yes :-)

  20. elvanui says:

    What a great idea!
    I’ve been watching several TV programmes lately as we don’t have the time for entire movies to watch at night, but seriously, I hardly know any of these You guys mention:). I guess I’m still the East:).
    Still, I once had a LOST phase as almost anyone back in the day. I’ll have to come up with scents for them. John was my favourite,m and I’d always imagined him in Terre d’Hermes.
    The others, I have NO idea. Juliet, maybe… in White Linen?
    Anyone wanna help? :)

    • nozknoz says:

      Lost would be a good series for some of the weird and wonderful Duchaufours, like Timbuktu, Dzongka, Calamus, Sienne L’Hiver and the Neela Vermeires.

    • nozknoz says:

      Oh, I forgot Manoumalia. Parts of the island undoubtedly smell like Manoumalia. :-)

      • Aparatchick says:

        Manoumalia! Absolutely.

  21. Marjorie Rose says:

    Totally off topic, but I dreamt last night that Amouage came out with a series of scents for children! Most likely influenced by the fact that I was sampling Interlude Man and Interlude Woman yesterday evening. (OK. I was also sampling Epic Man, Epic Woman, and then decided to also resniff the CDG Incense series, so I was darned fragrant when I went to bed!!)

    In any case, in my dream, Amouage created girls and boys scents in little 15mL rollerballs, with cute images of children from past times drawn on the packaging. They were bargain priced at $80 bucks a piece! :) I woke up thinking that if any line could make quality children’s scents (no pink princesses need apply), Amouage is the house to do it.

    Although. I wonder what CDG would make for kids? Those pebble bottles seem made for a kid to play with!

    • nozknoz says:

      Marjorie Rose, if you are not already involved in product development, you should be!

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        Oh, that would be fun! No, I fear all my creativity goes into middle school science lessons and personal art projects. If you know a guy who knows a guy, feel free to point them my direction! ;)

  22. Merlin says:

    Would they be called Interlude Junior and Epic Junior or rather Interlude boy/girl and Epic boy/girl. I do like the sound of Lyric Boy! Don’t think I am as keen on Miss Reflection, lol.

    That futuristic watch that releases scents during the day somehow made its way into my dreams the other night: unfortunately I remember no details:)

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      Definitely want to avoid Girl Interlude and Boy Interlude! Creepy!

      • Merlin says:

        But Fate Junior would be amusing and so would Beloved Boy, lol!

        • Marjorie Rose says:

          LOVE Beloved Boy! Epic Girl sounds like ‘Zine title. Ubar Girl or Boy might get misunderstood as Uber-Girl or Uber-boy! (Although you could do super-ironic pink and blue juices!)

          • Merlin says:

            Yeah, I don’t see Amouage going into irony any time soon! They are very. very. serious.

  23. bastet says:

    Now that we are on the topic of Amouage I just wanted to mention that many of the large bottles (without a box) are now available for less than US $200 at fragrancenet (with a 20% off coupon which you can find online). I have been longing for a FB of Jubilation 25 forever, and so finally pulled the trigger! I can’t wait till it gets here and hope it was OK to order an unboxed bottle from this site.

    • Merlin says:

      I haven’t bought from this site but I’m sure others will comment. In general though, its amazing how much lower prices go when the bottles have no boxes. Its a real real win – congrats on your Jubilation!

  24. Mary Carol says:

    I like to watch the sitcom The Goldbergs when I have time, and since it takes place in the eighties, I think a good perfume for the bold mom would be Giorgio. The daughter would most likely wear something like Dior Poison.

    • scentfromabove says:

      Back in the 80’s, “Designer Imposters” was really big. You could get the sprays everywhere! I see the characters from “The Goldberg’s ” all wearing one of the Imposters. That is a great show. I am 40 years old now and still believe the 80’s were the best years! Fun times!

  25. ceebee_eebee says:

    I can’t believe I missed this post! My newly discovered interest in perfumes was born from the seemingly simple question “what scent do you think Effie Trinket would wear?” Now I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of perfume blogs and a million sample vials but I still don’t have an answer to the original question. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll catch this one next time around and see if anyone has any ideas…

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