Citizens for Odor Nuisance Abatement

A collective of concerned La Jolla business owners calling itself Citizens for Odor Nuisance Abatement recently sued the city of San Diego in hopes that authorities will take action and do something about the source of the offending odor: a cluster of rocks in La Jolla Cove that are used by sea lions, cormorants, and other forms of marine life as a communal latrine.

— I can personally verify that it stinks! Read more at Sea Lion Poop Gets San Diego Sued.

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  1. Omega says:

    Sounds like a first world problem, the stench of dreaded sea lion poo…but anchovy poo does sound particularly bad! SF has a stench on the piers, perhaps I sue the next time I am there.

    • Robin says:

      And La Jolla is as first world as you get. When I lived there, the sea lions were not yet as firmly in residence at the cove…

  2. JolieFleurs says:

    Sounds about like the typical nouveau La Jollian…. move to the beach, then complain that it stinks. Next they’ll be complaining that the noise of the waves keeps them up at night.

  3. nozknoz says:

    You should hear what the sea lions and cormorants are saying about the how humans have ruined La Jolla! ;-)

  4. Thalia says:

    Sea lion poop is particularly horrible. But what is the city supposed to do? Buy them diapers? Issue a poop restraining order?

    • Robin says:

      They want them to remove a fence they put up a few years back to protect the sea lions from human encroachment. I have no educated opinion on the issue…don’t know if the fence is necessary or not, or if they’re even right that the fence has any huge effect on the smell. When I lived there, there were sea lions, but not nearly so many as when I visited a few years ago. The sea lions have entirely taken over one section of the cove, and it does seriously smell.

  5. kindcrow says:

    San Diego used to (they probably still do, who knows?) dispose of treated sewage a few miles offshore. I remember years ago when the pipeline broke and the waste spilled out much closer to shore and the humans were NOT happy.

  6. Oakland Fresca says:

    Gosh, I guess this shows that when it comes to smell abatement campaigns, we Californians get it coming and going! Folks in Irwindale California sued to shut down the company that makes my beloved hot sauce because of the stink as well:

    My ten year old would ask: Would you prefer to live in a community plagued by the smell of fishy poo or eye burning, nose watering, hot sauce?

    Both communities have my sympathy!

    • kindcrow says:

      Oh yeah, I heard about the hot sauce factory! Their poor neighbors. I hope that they’ll be able to come up with a solution.

    • Omega says:

      I love that hot sauce..on that link you put up..I get a sort of a pop up ad/link..on that website..”What P*rn Stars do when the P*rn Industry Shuts Down”. Ya, I didn’t click on it..though I am very concerned..LOL..ugh too bad it’s not shutting down..I digress.

      Now back to poop…one of the worst is ferret.

      • kindcrow says:

        IMO, in terms of domesticated animals, cat poop is the most offensive and horse poop is the least offensive. It’s probably due to diet. Never experienced ferret droppings, though :-)

        • Omega says:

          It gives cat a run for it’s money. Yes, probably due to diet. Horses are vegan..ferrets and cats are carnivorous. I find meat diets give off more an acidic, pungent odor in general.

    • kindcrow says:

      And, I like your coming and going joke :-)

  7. Omega says:

    Will they sue Gilroy for the Garlic Festival?:D.

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