Parfumerie Generale Arabian Horse, Vetiver Matale & Coze Verde ~ new fragrances

Parfumerie Generale Arabian Horse

French niche line Parfumerie Générale has launched Arabian Horse, Vétiver Matale and Cozé Verdé. Two of the three fragrances were created in 2012 for a trade show and are now being made available online under the Signature Collection range; all three "revisit or delve deeper into" prior compositions from the house.

Arabian Horse ~ a floral chypre; "This unusual, figurative leather follows a horse racing through the damp countryside… The fragrance kicks off with the vegetable freshness of wet grass, sap, wild flowers and narcissus absolute. In the heart notes, leather dominates, adorned with a surprising “horse’s mane” accord on a bed of animalic musks. Cypriol “coeur”, wood and amber add subtle oriental hues to this equestrian painting… A richly evocative fragrance that will carry you away, riding a galloping thoroughbred in the English moor… damp earth, wildflowers, grass trampled by hooves, the smell of the horse’s mane, the heat of its fur…"

Vétiver Matale ~ a powdery woody amber; "With this third and last instalment of the “Matale Trilogy”, the perfumer offers a tender yet robust, androgynous vetiver. A particularly pure essence of Bourbon vetiver, warm and silky with the barest hint of smokiness, blends with green tea leaves and blond tobacco absolute. This woody-ambery axis, hovering between sophistication and agrestic notes, is set off by a contrasting powdery accord of heliotrope, Cashmeran and honey resinoid."

Cozé Verdé ~ a green woody oriental; "A fresh and leafy variation of the classical Cozé. A radical rewriting of the original Cozé (PG02) launched 10 years ago. The tobacco leaf of the core accord goes green with the cool, vegetable freshness of lime and fig tree sap. Liquorice adds a new woody spiciness, while the pepper and pimiento are toned down. The heart notes of patchouli and Indian hemp blended with coffee and cocoa are handled with a lighter hand. The base notes are more streamlined and mineral, with salicylates and dry woods replacing the vanilla pods. Leaving behind the smooth leathers and precious woods of a British gentlemen’s club, the fragrance invites us to laze around on a beach in Panama…"

Parfumerie Générale Arabian Horse, Vétiver Matale and Cozé Verdé are available in 50 and 100 ml (€120 - €230).

(via parfumerie-generale)

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  1. daisyabow says:

    Wow. Niche flankers!

    • Robin says:

      Yeah, we don’t see so many of those.

      • nancyg says:

        the vetiver one sounds very nice. I love Eau Rare Matale – so much so that I bought an FB in November…
        The original Coze disappointed me – dried down to something not very interesting (at least on me).

        • Robin says:

          I really like Matale too! And w/ extra vetiver sounds nice.

          I can’t remember Coze at all.

  2. thegoddessrena says:

    Arabian Horse sounds promising–can’t wait to try it

    • Robin says:

      Not positive, but I don’t think these are coming to the regular PG retailers…I think you need to buy them directly from PG.

  3. nozknoz says:

    Cozé is my favorite patchouli force field – a wonderful cocoon of patch, cocoa, and cannabis. It’s similar to SL Borneo. It’s hard to imagine a green version of this kind of perfume, though. I’d really like to try all three of these.

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