Nobile 1942 Vespri Aromatico & Vespri Orientale ~ new fragrances

Nobile 1942 Vespri Aromatico

Italian niche line Nobile 1942 has launched two new fragrances, Vespri Aromatico and Vespri Orientale. Earlier in the year, the brand introduced Infinito and Café Chantant.

Vespri Aromatico (shown) ~ "The sea-salty flavor aromatic smells waking with the wind after a summer storm on the coast of the Riviera. This is our soul genetic code, tied to the nature of the Mediterranean nature, our “westernness” who loves little details and little vices. Vespri Aromatico collects this heritage to share it with those who can appreciate."

Vespri Orientale ~ "The Oud and jasmine are great protagonists in Vespri Orientale, a tribute to the passion and use that in the East they have of these precious essences. To marry with typically Italian citrus ingredients has been something like expand the horizons of a story full of fantastic elements ... an emotion ... in one thousand and one nights style, a Mediterranean tasty night, an encounter between East and West."

Nobile 1942 Vespri Aromatico and Vespri Orientale are available now at Jovoy Paris, in 75 ml Fragranza Suprema for €95.

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