Top 10 Fall Fragrances 2013

fall leaves

I've experienced autumn in several places. When I was growing up in the ‘tropics’ (Virginia), the arrival of autumn was marvelous — no more steamy heat or mosquitoes. One of the first signs of autumn was the arrival of glass jugs of amber-colored fresh apple cider, for sale at orchard stands along almost every road. I tried to find an apple scent for this post (and for my perfume “collection”) in honor of apples and cool weather, but I was unsuccessful. Any suggestions? (Donna Karan DKNY scents need not apply.)

My early college life in New York City proved the Big Apple was not much different from Virginia in summertime, except for the added smells of simmering garbage on the streets. But autumn in New York was great; all the food cart aromas, even the exhaust fumes, smelled nicer mixing with the cool, marine air surrounding Manhattan, and the autumn leaves in Central Park added a dry, “woodland,” hay-like scent to the crisp air.

When I lived in L.A., autumn was pretty much like any other season (warm and sunny), except for days when the ferocious Santa Ana winds made autumn feel like I was standing in front of an open oven door…and the oven temperature was at 450° Fahrenheit. I've never in my life been more lethargic than during hot weather in Southern California, nor have I reached for cooling Eaux de Cologne more, applying them morning, noon and night.

Now I live in the Pacific Northwest. In Seattle, autumn is beautiful and long — think Indian summer for weeks and weeks; I usually have flowers (marigolds, roses, cock’s comb) blooming in the garden as late as Day of the Dead, Nov. 2. But autumn here is also worrying, because everyone knows that, shortly, we are in for what seems like an endless stretch of wet, dreary, chilly weather — with darkness creeping in as early as 3:30 p.m.!

Guerlain Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat and Mitsouko

Guerlain Mitsouko reminds me of the best fall day back in Virginia, with its warm, ripe fruit (peach, not apple I’m afraid), moss and vetiver aromas — when I wear it, I think of the glowing hour before sunset. (Guerlain, why not give us a flanker called Mitsouko Pomme de l'Automne?; a fragrant apple could easily substitute for the iconic peach.)

Like the Old Testament, The Complete Shakespeare, or Hollywood Babylon, George Sand’s Story of My Life can be opened at almost any page and will reveal something interesting, funny, illuminating. I was thrilled I adored a perfume named after one of my idols: Jardins d’Écrivains George is a “studious” perfume that conjures an autumn day too chilly for reading in the garden, but perfect for tea in a sunny library, with an open window allowing garden smells to come inside.

Etat Libre d’Orange The Afternoon of a Faun was one of my favorite perfume experiences of this year — a "shimmering", rose-tinged immortelle fragrance; its aroma reminds me of the scents of a blooming rosebush and crisp autumn leaves — an aromatic combo that happens often in my Seattle garden in September and early October.

Since my "autumnal" nostrils and spirit need some positive stimulation, I often wear sharp, floral or fruity perfumes to keep spring in my heart till that season returns (or until I fly down to Ojai or L.A. for a visit...whichever comes first). On cold, drizzly days when I need a jolt of "warmth" (and a reminder of Southern California), I reach for one of Guerlain’s Les Eaux; Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat combines citron flowers and fruit and is a perfect “carry-along” perfume. Keep a bottle in your bag for instant refreshment; its scent won’t upset even those poor souls who hate perfume.

Some days I like to wallow in autumn, its smoldering piles of leaves, and smoke rising from chimneys full of charred wood. Since my chimney needs a good cleaning before I use it again, I’ll spray some Olivier Durbano Black Tourmaline in the air or on myself to replicate a sooty, smoky hearth full of burning wood.

La Via del Profumo flacon

One of the most boring books I read last year was Floating Gold: A Natural (and Unnatural) History of Ambergris (it seemed every sentence and episode was repeated over and over and over again, and the author’s search for ambergris led…nowhere). The book did lead me to La Via del Profumo’s ambergris fragrance (Ambra Grigia) — a scented glimpse of the ocean in autumn, with scents of turbulent salt water, seaweed-strewn beaches, damp logs and “foghorn-in-the-distance” muskiness.

Every time I wear Eau d’Hermès (almost always in cold weather) someone exclaims how great I smell. That’s reassuring (and makes me happy), in a world that so often greets “vintage” scents with the chestnut: “That’s an old lady/gent scent.” Eau d’Hermès smells sophisticated and urban and “exciting,” reminding me of my first days in New York City when I was fresh out of high school and ready for the Big Time.

One of the first things I did in New York was buy an exorbitantly expensive pair of Ralph Lauren cowboy boots(!) in canary yellow and bright green leather. I still have them, and they’re more “Queer Bozeman” than Cuir Ottoman (by Parfum d'Empire), another favorite fall perfume. Smelling an overdose of leather makes me think of the Ralph Lauren shop with its boots, bags, belts, saddles and chaps; Cuir Ottoman provides a heavenly mixture of leather, and leather-like notes, combined with a soft, powdery floral accord.

Booze and sweets have been a big part of my life everywhere I’ve lived. Frapin 1697 is a nice “liquor” perfume, full of “warming” liquid gourmand notes (rum, wine). It’s a perfect fragrance for autumn.

Parfum d'Empire Cuir Ottoman, Pacifica Indian Coconut, Frapin 1967, Hermès Eau d’Hermès

The scents of baking are more pleasant in cool weather (and in a cool house and kitchen). I love elaborate desserts, but I also crave the simplest of sweets — a yellow cake with many inches of vanilla bean frosting on top is heaven to me. In mid-development, Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar perfume smells just like such a cake (with some fresh grated coconut sprinkled on top). I enjoy wearing Indian Coconut Nectar when a slice of cake is not available in my house and I’m too lazy to cook or head to the bakery. I also use the Indian Coconut Nectar body wash and body butter, both are heavily scented.

Please add your own autumn perfume staples in the comments section, and enjoy autumn; it’s almost here (in the northern hemisphere, anyway!)

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Note: top image of autumn leaves by the author. Lower sperm whale image via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. lady_luck says:

    Oh Yum! I wanna rush out and buy Pacific Indian coconut nectar now! Sadly I have already blown my budget this month even before it’s started. My fall scent this year is likely to be Guerlain Nahema. Everything seems irridescent when I wear this scent. Photogenic with a soft focus lens. It will go well with the vast array of pretty coloured leaves and chilled air.

    • Kevin says:

      Lady Luck: at least the Pacifica won’t set you back much AT ALL…a real bargain!

  2. megank4 says:

    In my opinion, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab does the best autumn specific scents.

    • Kevin says:

      MeganK4…and I haven’t had the chance to try any of those, unfortunately.

    • eswift83 says:

      Do you have any favorites in particular?

  3. Annikky says:

    Lovely list, I’m especially glad to see The Afternoon of a Faun, it’s a great fragrance and especially good for autumn. The only bad thing about it is the lack of 50 ml bottle.

    What about CB I Hate Perfume Gathering Apples for an apple scent?

    • Kevin says:

      Annikky: great idea…had forgotten about that, and have yet to sniff it!

      • Jessica says:

        I was about to suggest Gathering Apples, too! and CB also has Burning Leaves.

        • Perfumista8 says:

          They are wonderful layered together. For a cheaper thrill Demeter has several Apple scents (Golden Delicious and Apple Pie, etc) and Bonfire. I have the Golden Delicious & Bonfire. They’re short lived but they make me silly happy while they last.

          • Kevin says:

            Perfumista: I always forget about Demeter…thanks.

  4. Rappleyea says:

    Kevin, it’s always such a pleasure to read your posts. I love your writing! I’ve been particularly lethargic in bringing out my Fall/Winter scents, and have mainly been in SSS Citrus/Vetiver, Cuir de Russie edt (I save the parfum for winter), and Jicky. But I was eyeing my Mitsouko bottle the other day and wondering if it was time…

    And speaking of which, I love your suggestion of a Mitsy flanker. My only concern is that with Wasser at the helm, he’ll replace the moss with a big dollop of white musk!

    Finally, there is an apple note in Wazamba, but I wouldn’t call it an apple scent.

    • Abyss says:

      I never have to wonder about Mitsouko – when the time is right I wake up and I know that I have to wear it. It’s like being summoned :D I only wear it a handful of times each autumn and it’s always in response to very specific craving.

      • Rappleyea says:

        I tend to wear it a lot more than that, but I’ve learned over the years that the tonka note can be too much in the heat and humidity. Heat yes, humidity no!

    • Kevin says:

      rAPPLEyea: I do like Wazamba, but the apple is not “enough”…thanks for your kind words. And I really wish WHITE MUSK would disappear…or be banned! HA!

      • Rappleyea says:

        I also wish they’d ban iso e super! The IFRA allegedly is doing all their banning for health concerns, and iso e has been shown to be an endocrine disrupter! Besides, it takes over the scent. It literally makes me sick. :-(

  5. kplinds says:

    I’m not sure how or why, but Hermes Ambre Narguile leaves me with a very strong impression of apples (apple pie, spiced cider). To me it’s perfect for fall. Other spiced fruit scents like Feminite du Bois or the panel of related Lutens “flankers” Bois de Violette, Sepia, Fruits, etc.) also resonate positively with me at this time of year.

    • Kevin says:

      Kplinds: those Serge Lutens’ scents are great for autumn…and it does seem all tobacco scents include a bit of apple in the mix.

  6. Dilana says:

    Yesterday, I suddenly developed a headcold, and suspect I will smell like my “medicinal version” of chicken soup. (Add lots cabbage or bok choy, ginger and chile peppers to the basic recipe) and hand sanitizer. However, I have discovered Sahara Noir is wonderful to wear in such a state. I sprayed on my scarf and when ever i sniff it, my head feels instantly clear (Alas, the instant I stop inhaling Sahara Noir, my head goes back to feeling lot a monsterous drippy fog out of some imitation Stephen King novel). Tom Ford should have released this one in fall or in winter, when we start to crave, dry, dry heat.

    Etrog is my favorite for the fall religious holidays, except for Yom Kipper when one abstains from precious ointments (and what else is a perfume or cosmetic) as well as food. One of the fall religious holidays actually includes the smelling of a real etrog as a central religious rite.

    Like This, which smelled like a agreeably bizarre citrus when I only had a small sample, now smells like a maple syrupy drippy pumpkin pie on me. There are certainly worse things to smell like, and nothing better to smell like at Thanksgiving time.

    • Kevin says:

      Dilana: perhaps it’s time for a Sahara Noir chest rub? Frankincense can clear the sinuses. Next time I have a cold I’ll try a strong incense scent as treatment.

  7. mals86 says:

    Autumn, my favorite favorite favorite season…

    It’s not *quite* time for me to switch out my summer wardrobe yet, though I’ve been making a few substitutions off the bench, so to speak… the summer jasmines and light rose scents have been put away.

    Some of my favorite autumn scents are SSS Tabac Aurea, Jolie Madame parfum, vintage Arpege parfum, Shalimar LIght, vintage Magie Noire, Lyric Woman, Smell Bent One, SSS Champagne de Bois, Organza Indecence, Mauboussin, vintage Emeraude. Some of my all-seasons scents smell lovely in fall, too: Cuir de Lancome and PdN Le Temps d’une Fete.

    • Kevin says:

      mals: all great choices

  8. thegoddessrena says:

    My birthday present to myself this year will be Dzhari which is definitely autumnal in feel. ivoire is a cool weather favorite and I look forward to the days being crisp enough to wear Black Cashmere and Sacrebleu

  9. relleric says:

    I save my decant of Parfum d’Empire Fougere Bengale for autumn, it seems so appropriate for our fleeting season before winter sets in. Also like to apply Creed BdP. Today I am wearing Mugler Angel A*Men Le Gout du Parfum.
    Thanks (as always) for the great articles!

    • Kevin says:

      Relleric: you’re welcome..and Fougere Bengale was on my initial list as well…a wonderful fall fragrance.

  10. lucasai says:

    Nice pics!
    I haven’t tried Jardins d’Ecrivains George but I tried Wilde this summer and it’s a lovely fig and I got Orlando in the mail just an hour ago.
    ELd’O’s Faun fragrance was nice but not really my style.
    And I love Cuir Ottoman but I find it to be more suitable for winter than autumn.

    • Kevin says:

      Lucas: an Orlando sample is on my table too…need to try it this week.

  11. Abyss says:

    This summer felt like passed in a flash and I do not feel ready for autumn!
    Usually I ease myself into autumn scents with Lubin Idole. It’s sheer yet autumnal and works best around September time, imo. A little later I’ll bring out Ormonde Woman which is perfect on any crisp and sunny days in October/November. I fell in love with Bandit on a miserable autumn day so that’s when I wear it most. And, yes, Mitsouko only ever comes out to play in the autumn.

    • Kevin says:

      Abyss: agree…need at least two more months of summer to satisfy me.

  12. sayitisntso says:

    I recently rediscovered a discontinued fragrance from Roger & Gallet (still readily available online for cheap – please ignore the ugly bottle, as the juice is genius). It’s called “Open” and it’s wonderful in crisp fall weather. It has notes of Amalfi lemon, bergamot, lavender, sage, thyme, patchouli and vetiver. The word “aromatic” has never been more appropriate…lovers of the original Azzaro would love it (I find Open to be more transparent and less perfume-y than Azzaro).

  13. sayitisntso says:

    Adding: Chanel’s Egoiste is also pretty darned delicious in the fall.

    • Kevin says:

      Satitisntso: ah…Egoiste…time to start wearing that one! (I can almost see the “Open” bottle…was that the 90s?

      • sayitisntso says:

        I think “Open” was released in the mid-80’s. Oddly enough, it feels pretty timeless. If you ever come across a bottle, pick it up and try it….it’s really well done and the longevity is above average.

  14. leathermountain says:

    La Via del Profumo’s ambergris fragrance (Ambra Grigia) — where do I get it? I can’t find anything called Ambra Grigia. Thank you!

    • Kevin says:

      Leathermountain…it’s only available from La Via del Profumo’s website…just look for “ambergris” in the search engine once you are on the online shop.

  15. Kelly Red says:

    LOL, Hollywood Babylon! One of my guilty pleasure books, I giggled when I say your mention.

    I am in love with Daim Blonde by SL. I wear it over and over in the fall as the soft leather scent seems just right to balance the crisp air. Fall is also my favorite season, here in Minnesota we get a real one, picture perfect and all too short.

    • Kevin says:

      Kelly: I remember reading it under the covers in bed and hiding it under my bed during the day so my mother would not find it.

      • Kelly Red says:

        I actually scanned a photo from the book and it is hanging in my office. HB 2, the pic of Carmen Miranda dancing w/ Cesar Romero. He is lifting her up in the air, her dress is flying up and WHAT’S THIS? She’s not wearing any underwear and you see more of Carmen then just her fruit salad! It’s one of the funniest Hollywood pics I’ve ever seen and proves Lindsey Lohan didn’t invent the crouch shot LOL

        • Kevin says:

          Kelly: nothing is “new” under the sun!

  16. platinum14 says:

    When I begin to reach for Lutens’ Chypre Rouge, I always know that Fall is in. It means that I am ready to move away from the light citrus/tea colognes of summer and into something more complex.
    I just recently discovered Cabochard, and I can see it becoming one of my favorite fall leather.

    • Kevin says:

      Platinum: I’ve only known one person who wore Cabochard and really loved smelling it.

      • platinum14 says:

        I’ll be the second one!

        • Kevin says:

          Plat: I’ll keep my nose on ‘Cabochard’ alert.

  17. ringthing says:

    I feel like mals86 about autumn, it’s my favorite season. Favorite scents are Histoire l’eau Mauboussin, Satellite Padparadscha, PdE Cuir Ottoman and Wazamba. This year I’m adding Traversee du Bosphore (new to me) and my latest obsession, Imaginary Authors Memoirs of a Trespasser, which combines campfire smoke and a touch of dark sweetness that’s really addictive in a good way. Always enjoy these lists!

    • Kevin says:

      Ringthing: TdB is a nice fragrance…it’s on my “to buy” list with a hundred other things!

      • Kevin, I’ve lived in Virginia, NYC and LA, and have suffered/enjoyed the seasons there just as you’ve so vividly described. (I once had a heated discussion with a defensive New Yorker who insisted that the city did *not* stink of sewage in the summer.)

        For your apple, it’s right there in the Traversée du Bosphore you covet.

        • Kevin says:

          Katie: never argue with a native New Yorker! HA! (I do smell apple in TdB but only if I get it on my clothing; on my skin the apple does not linger very long).

  18. RoseRed says:

    What scent says Autumn to me? I really don’t know…I live in the Bay Area, California so it stays August hot through October. Fall perfumes for me, are more about the fantasy of Autumn than the real thing. Wood fires are banned here and I have no idea what burning leaves smell like as I can’t even burn wood in my fireplace, nor would I want to with temperatures in the upper 80’s. Where I live Autumn is less about cozy sweaters and books and more about fading suntans, over ripe fruit, and simultaneously longing to be at the beach instead of in a stuffy office or classroom while wishing it were cold enough to wear that gorgeous olive green sweater you just bought but will only get to enjoy for the month of November and then it will be time for Christmas red. Autumn smells in Central Cali…sea breezes, dry leaves frying right on the branch, burnt roses, overripe fruit, coconut suntan lotion, San Francisco fog, cool night air and fresh ripe apples, apricot cobbler and the last of the summer blackberries…dunno what perfume would have all that but I will try Guerlain’s Les Eaux; Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat

    • Kevin says:

      RoseRed…yep…you’re just starting the “hot season”…hope the Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat helps.

      • RoseRed says:

        I’m also going to try Iroaz by LostMarch and hope the roses and cool ocean breezes make a hot, humid September and dry October bearable.

    • Poppie says:

      I live in the Bay Area as well, and our hottest weather is in September. It’s late October before it cools down, and only after the first rain do we get that “fresh” cool outdoor air. We’ve had drought for so long, though, that I’m beginning to forget what brisk fall weather can be like. We often used to schedule an outdoor BBQ turkey for Thanksgiving, because the weather that time of year was so bright.

      Years ago, I did live in Spokane, and really enjoyed the true four seasons. Fall was special! Once I volunteered to go to Wenatchee to pick apples for a charity. Incredible fun!

      Kevin, you must look into some of the country farm tours, or apple festivals, or pick your own offers for all the farms that grow apples in central Washington. There you will find delicious apple scents, and pies and cakes and jarred preserves!

      Actually, I can’t think of apple fragrance without thinking of clove, cinnamon, and a dash of mace or nutmeg! Maybe there is a niche perfumer that’s been able to do apple well. I agree DKNY Be Delicious doesn’t conjure apple for me, at all.

      • Kevin says:

        Poppie…now I might make an apple pie! SImple, with lemon juice, sugar, mace and a touch of nutmeg.

  19. rosepotpie says:

    Thanks for a wonderful article, as always, Kevin; I’m going to have to find Afternoon of a Faun to sniff, as well as Frapin 1697. They both sound delicious.

    The recent rainy Seattle weather has prompted my seasonal rotation of decants in the little bag that’s always in my purse; Russian Caravan Tea, Demeter’s Ginger Ale, Mary Kay Spa Embrace Happiness are all taking a breather while Kenzo, Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale (I get a lot of apple pie in this one, although not fresh apples), SSS Tabac Aurea and Wood Violet are back joining my year-round standby group: Black Cashmere, Serge Luten’s Ambre Sultan, Oliver Durbano’s beautiful Rock Crystal, Olympic Orchid’s drool-worthy Dev #2 and Dev #4, Penhaligon’s Malabah, Prada Candy, and Lacoste Pour Femme.

    I commute to work by bus, and I really appreciate being able to sniff a little spice or incense, rather than the wet dog and sour milk smell that’s so prevalent on Metro on days like this. (And in the all too rare instances when a yummy smelling man walks by me, I always wonder if it’s you!)

    • Kevin says:

      RosePotPie: HAHAHAHA! I live in an area where the bus is ONE MILE away so I’m not on Metro, except for quick trips downtown. This rainy weather is back too soon, isn’t it? My house is only half painted so I’m beginning to worry. Let’s hope for a sunny October.

  20. Thalia says:

    I live in Southern California and fall, when it finally arrives, can be heartbreakingly beautiful, with warm golden afternoons and crisp breezy nights. Sadly, the last few years it has been blistering hot up until November, and then promptly turned into grey drab winter. I’m afraid this is a permanent shift …

    When and if we finally do get lovely crisp days, I will be wearing Theorema, Parfum Sacre, Voile d’Ambre, Magie Noire, Trouble by Boucheron, and Cabochard. Cabochard is more a winter perfume for me, but I love it deeply.

    • Kevin says:

      Thalia: the weather shift in LA is weird…very temperate “official summer”…and then HOT. I’ve noticed a bit more humidity up here in Seattle in summer too. Let’s hope it’s El Nino or something, and not global warming making permanent changes….

  21. Bejoux says:

    Great selection Kevin! I now feel the need to track down Black Tourmaline right now!! My autumn faves are Luten’s Bois de Vanille lovely woody sweetness – and Botrytis by Ginestet, it has honey, dried fruits, quince, amber and ginger spice. For something unfortunately named after ‘noble rot’ on grapes it is really delicious.

    • Kevin says:

      Bejoux: hmmm…that one DOES sound perfect for fall. Must try to smell it.

  22. sweetgrass says:

    Fall is my favorite season because it means that we finally get some relief from the burning hellscape that is summer in SE Texas. Ok maybe not til at least mid-October or into November, but the light at the end of the tunnel is visible. Once it gets cooler, I need to revisit my SSS Ambre Noir and Amouage Memoir Woman samples. I tried wearing them in the summer, and it was just too much. I think they’d be great for fall, though.

    Other scents I like for cooler weather are Serge Lutens Chergui and Boxeuses, Diptyque Volutes, Lubin Idole, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, and Ginestet Botrytis. I wear Mitsouko pretty much year-round, but I’m thinking the little vintage bottle I got recently will be nice for fall because the oakmoss adds a nice hint of smokiness that isn’t there in my more recently formulated bottle.

    • Kevin says:

      sweetgrass: hope a cold front moves in soon!

  23. Norman says:

    As for an apple scent…Caron’s L’Anarchiste makes me think of apples. But maybe because of the cinnamon in it that is often used when apples are an ingredient in a cake or pie?

    • Kevin says:

      Norman, well, even without apples, L’Anarchiste is a good choice for autumn!

  24. kindcrow says:

    Kevin, you mentioned “simmering garbage on the streets.” Yesterday, I was returning to work after a lunch-time walk, and the garbage was being collected. My walk back to work was miserable with the stench of garbage rotting in the high temperatures until the person walking in front of me started smoking a clove cigarette. I usually hate being stuck behind a smoker (I’ll usually change my route to avoid them), but I do like the smell of cloves, and the smoke did a lot to mask the stench of simmering garbage :-) Plus, clove cigarettes remind me of the old movie theaters and coffee houses of my youth.

    • Kevin says:

      Kindcrow, HA! You should have thanked that person. Clove is a great smell…now I”m thinking about a clove-scented candle….

      • Omega says:

        Yes, I would love a clove candle..Clove cigs, not so much. Even when I used to be a smoker..those things hurt my lungs!! Now I prefer Clove gum:D.

        • kindcrow says:

          The stuff in the red package by Cadbury Adams, I think? Good stuff! I used to buy it from a newsstand where I also purchased Choward’s Violet Mints. I think that packets of those violet mints would make good sachets.

          • Kevin says:

            Kindcrow…yes, they are SUPER fragrant…I keep a package in my bag and the aroma lasts for months and months….

  25. Omega says:

    Kevin, great write up:D.
    Mitsouko with apple? Interesting:D. I do really like the peach..I guess I would sniff it with apple..maybe it would be an apple note I actually like since I tend not to like that note for some reason. I ultimately blame DKNY, lol.

    Fall scents huh? Well, lately I am so into cloves and cinnamon..and I see that continuing in the fall. Oh and carnation. I just love carnation. A hot, spicy one. Not a perfume, but Lush has Potion Lotion..a spicy carnation scent that I am just loving. I also will be wanting to grab Coco by Chanel for that lovely clove note. Also, I do love and want a bottle of An Evening Edged In Gold from Ineke..which I think would be a very fitting fall scent. I also tend to like anise or star anise and licorice as it gets anise I like is Jo Malone’s Vanilla and Anise..and a licorice+anise would be the lovely Hypnotic Poison Elixir. Which I find that quite a few men enjoy wearing as well.

    Thanks again Kevin!!

    • kindcrow says:

      I LOVE spicy carnation scents! I have the Potion solid perfume, and I used to have the lotion. Unfortunately, high-carnation content things (including Potion) tend to burn my sensitive skin, but I still wear them occasionally because I love them so much! Laboissiere Parfums Paris makes a very nice carnation EDT (available on-line from Hampton Court).

      I don’t like Bellodgia — very dank and musty, and I don’t like dank and musty.

      Someone on NST recommended Terracotta Voile d’Ete, and I purchased some from The Perfumed Court — I really like its combination of spicy carnation and vanilla — too bad that it was a limited edition. Think I’ll go spritz some on now.

      • Omega says:

        I didn’t like the Caron either! LOL. I don’t really have the skin burning thing…though I do notice my skin heats up a little..but I like that! LOL. If it burns a little, I don’t care..Potion is sooo nice!!! I haven’t sniffed that Terracota!! Darned limited editions!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rappleyea says:

        Kindcrow and Omega – Terracotta Voile d’Ete is all over ebay and Amazon, not expensive either. Enjoy!

        • kindcrow says:

          Yes, and the 3.4 oz bottle that I have on order should last me a long time :-)

    • Kevin says:

      Omega…you’re welcome. Agree…licorice is best in cool weather…carnation/clove/cinnamon too

  26. Omega says:

    Oh and Coconut Nectar is on my ‘to test’ just bumped it up on the priority level of that list:D.

  27. littlecooling says:

    My all time fave Autumn scent is Chanel’s Bois des just makes me smile and feeling so wonderfully cosy and like wearing a wonderful sweater :)

    • Omega says:

      Haven’t sniffed that one..but I do think Rue Cambon would be great for chillier months:D. Warm and woody.

      • littlecooling says:

        Oh yes, that one is beautiful as well :)

        You must try Bois des Iles. It is such a wonderful sandalwood scent. Just stunning and very glowing. If u like 31 Rue Cambon, u might like Bdl as well :)

        • Omega says:

          Those notes look lovely…… and do love sandalwood in cooler many to test!!! LOL.

  28. Omega says:

    Oh and I will throw 1899 Hemingway by HDP being a good fall scent. Too masculine for my tastes but it’s very woody, has boozy vanilla and cinnamon. It’s like Guerlain’s SDV meets Egoiste type scent with a big Juniper note on top. Cinnamon note lasts a good while..concentrated scent too, a little goes a long way. Worth seeking out if you like vanilla and cinnamon. I’d say if one is a fan of SDV, Egoiste and Spicebomb and would kind of like a mix of those with a huge evergreen note..maybe try that 1899.

    • kindcrow says:

      Oooooh, I’ll have to sample the 1899. Thanks for the rec!

    • Kevin says:

      Omega…oh, I’ll have to try that one too.

  29. kindcrow says:

    I wear vanilla scents all year, but i Profumi di Firenze’s Vaniglia del Madagascar (which is one of my favorites) works better in cooler weather (for me, anyway). I like Pacifica’s Indian Coconut Nectar , too.

  30. mough says:

    I’m still thinking about the “queer Bozeman” look of the boots. Made me smile. I live in Bozeman. Maybe it’s a figurative reference. Next time I’m in Plonk and see John Mayer, I’ll smile again…But, you know, my best friend is a professional boot maker and you talk about Wild Crazy Colors that these cowboys are calling for. And they’re the real steer-roping buckeroos that are sporting them. Me, I just wanted plain Jane brown with some lavender piping. The cowboy “mules” though, AWESOME, Kevin you should look into these slip-ons that are cowboy boots without the height.
    In fact I wore Black Tourmaline just today. A great choice. Even got a compliment from a stranger on it.

    • Kevin says:

      Mough, those brown with lavender piping sound great!

  31. nozknoz says:

    What a great list, Kevin! I love several of your choices and am intrigued to try the ones I don’t know yet. I’m due for a Via del Profumo order: Milano Caffè was mentioned on Grain de Musc and Perfume Posse – I have to try that, and I’ll add a sample of Ambra Grigia for good measure.

    I love AG Eau du Sud in the warmer part of fall – the herbs make it perfect for that time of year when fields are drying up and there’s a scent of fragrant weeds. Also, was a half-price sale at Strange Invisible Perfumes and I hoovered up Magazine Street. Fall is the ideal time of the year for natural perfumes, I think.

    • Kevin says:

      Noz, eau de sud would be wonderful in autumn…having to choose just 10 is so hard!

  32. hajusuuri says:

    Nice list, Kevin. I had been waiting for Fall since the beginning of summer. In fact, if I can skip summer, I would be ecstatic. Yes, NYC smells specially bad in the summer; even a freshly washed sidewalk gives off a moist, heavy unpleasant smell.

    I usually don’t stick to a set of seasonal perfumes, but were I to have one, it would include (in random order) Prada Candy, Le Labo Iris 39, L’AP Seville a l’Aube, NVC Trayee, Iris Poudre, Eau Claire des Merveilles, Chanel Bois des Iles, Bvlgari Black, OJ Woman, Guerlain Tonka Imperial, Marni, SL Boxeuses.

    • hajusuuri says:

      oh and how could I forget my Jo Malones and Diptyques — Blackberry & Bay and Volutes (EDT and EDP)

      • Kevin says:

        Hajusuuri, I need to try Tonka Imperial myself. I’ll never catch up.

  33. lilybug says:

    I don’t think anyone mentioned Max Factor Green Apple. It’s long discontinued and I’ve no idea of the going price on eBay but it’s meant to be /the/ apple perfume. I have a little bottle of cologne I picked up at an op shop and it is definitely all apple.

    • Kevin says:

      Lilybug, of COURSE the best apple scent is discontinued…isn’t that always the case? Ha!

  34. Slaapmuts says:

    Love love autumnal fragrances. Have you tried Nobile 1942 La Danza delle Libellule? I hardly see it mentioned anywhere, but it has a lovely apple note and is very suitable for autumn.

    • Kevin says:

      Slaapmuts, nope, haven’t tried it; thanks.

  35. annina says:

    Lovely list and weather/location descriptions! It seems I mostly have fall scents – to my nose. I live in MN, we have a great Indian Summer that gives way to a poetic autumn – leaves, apple’s, crisp air but warm ground – my favorite time of year!

    My scents: Mitsouko, Le Temps de Une Fete, 31 Rue Cambon, SSS Tabac Aires, SSS Sienna Musk, Chanel Cuir de Russie, Futur, Femininite du Bois. Sometimes, on the really cool days, I’ll pull out the winter scents.

    • Kevin says:

      Annina, I’ve only been thru Minnesota once but it was beautiful; hope you have one of those gorgeous autumns.

  36. helenviolette says:

    Thanks for your list Kevin- I love a list with scents I still need to seek out! I especially want to sniff that ELO. For an apple cider scent, I can’t suggest a perfume but LUSH has a bath bomb I sniffed just a few days ago that smells apple cidery and would make a delicious fall bath. I don’t recall the name but it was hot pink and kind of pyramid shaped. I think there may have been a second one that was more softly apple scented too.

    • helenviolette says:

      I googled the bath bomb- called Phoenix Rising.

  37. mutzi says:

    I love Brandy for fall, but it is more of an apple cider scent to me than true apples.

    • Kevin says:

      Mutzi: well, apple cider scent is good too.

  38. Mary Carol says:

    I live in the Midwest, and it’s still very warm where I am (but probably not for long). When it starts to cool off, I like to wear Biehl AL02 which smells like stewed apples with spice to me. I don’t see apple listed as a note, but somehow my nose thinks it’s there. I also like Chergui, Like This and Piment Brulant for autumn.

    • Kevin says:

      Mary carol: isn’t it funny how the nose fills in the ‘blanks’ sometimes?

  39. cologneluvr says:

    Kevin, here are a few of my favorite scents for Autumn…

    1. Patrick Men’s Cologne by Fragrances of Ireland
    2. Tuberose (thick, heavy – i.e. Fracas by Robert Piguet, Tuberose by Jo Malone – discontinued, sadly…LOVE THIS ONE!)
    3. Cinnamon
    4. Orange Pomander (L’Occitane’s – discontinued)
    5. CDG 2 MAN
    Any cologne that is smoky, incense, woodsy or herbaceous! or
    1. Velvet Rose & Oud by Jo Malone
    2. Midnight Oud by Juliette Has A Gun
    3. Rose Anonyme by Atelier Cologne

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