Coqui Coqui Tabaco, Orange Blossom, Rosas Frescas, Rosas Secas & Coco-Coco ~ fragrance reviews

Part of the Coqui Coqui Spa & Residence Resorts of the Yucatán (with hotels in Mérida, Tulum, Valladolid, Cobá), the Coqui Coqui Perfumería produces perfumes, massage and bath oils, bath salts, hand soap, shampoo/conditioner, body cream, linen spray, diffuser oils, candles…and mosquito repellant! The Coqui Coqui line of fragrances was inspired by the horticultural work of the Franciscan monks who came to Mexico following the Spanish conquest. These monks, guided by Mayan experts, used the fragrant plants of southern Mexico to create medicines and scented products for domestic use and export to Spain.

Coqui Coqui’s Eaux de Cologne and Eaux de Parfum are “simple;” the fragrances are streamlined (without being boring), and I imagine they would hit the spot in hot and steamy climates (like in Yucatán, where they are used to fragrance Coqui Coqui hotels). Today, I’m reviewing my favorite fragrances in the extensive perfume line-up.*

Tabaco Eau de Cologne is a sheer, "tropical-weight" tobacco leaf perfume, not made with the usual heavy, sweet, fruity "pipe" tobacco you find in most tobacco fragrances. Tabaco's tobacco leaf note is diluted using tart citrus "juice" notes. If you've found most tobacco perfumes too 'dense' for your tastes, try this one if you get the chance. 

The world is full of orange blossom fragrances, but if you love that note unadorned, try Coqui Coqui Orange Blossom Eau de Cologne. This is an intense, pure orange blossom aroma. Coqui Coqui Orange Blossom walks a fine line between sweetness and dryness; it's refreshing, but also lasts a long time on my skin (most of the Coqui Coqui Eaux de Cologne are more like Eaux de Toilette when it comes to lasting power). This orange blossom scent reminds me of the orange blossom fragrances favored by North Africans.

Like everyone else (it seems) in Perfume Land I'm having a 'rose phase' — not only with perfumes, but with soaps and candles, and candy, soft drinks (Limca!) Coqui Coqui offers two rose colognes, one "fresh," one "dry." I like them both. Rosas Frescas is a classic rosewater perfume (but stronger, sweeter, and tinged with a lemon, or lemon-like, note); wearing Rosas Frescas is like sitting next to a vase full of dewy, highly scented rose ones. Rosas Secas reminds me of a Mexican rose soap I used to buy in a botánica on Alvarado Street in Los Angeles; it's a manly, bracing, slightly medicinal, "shave-soap" rose cologne (it's probably my favorite of all the Coqui Coqui scents). 

Coco-Coco Eau de Parfum veers between functional and edible (it starts off smelling like an old-fashioned suntan lotion and ends up reminding me of a coconut ice-pop — cool, milky and "green"). I'm a sucker for coconut perfumes in summer, so Coco-Coco has been in heavy rotation. I've never read it anywhere, but does the aroma of coconut improve one's outlook on life? I'm always in a good mood wearing coconut scents.

All Coqui Coqui perfumes are unisex and I've had success layering them. I'd categorize these as "happy" and uncomplicated perfumes, perfect for summer when bad moods and complexity bring on headaches and seem to intensify the heat.

Unfortunately, Coqui Coqui products are not readily available in the US; a few of the most popular items are for sale online at the Castor & Pollux apothecary. I ordered my colognes directly from Mexico (everything arrived in perfect shape): Coqui Coqui Perfumería, Calzada de los Frailes, Calle 41a, #207 Valladolid, Yucatán, CP 97780 México; phone +52-985-85-65-129; Email:

*Other fragrances in the Coqui Coqui line are Lavman (lavender-chamomile); Menli (mint and lime); Floplum (flor de mayo); Maderas (tropical woods); Agave; and Eucated (eucalyptus and cedar).

Note: top image via Wikimedia Commons. 

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  1. galbanumgal says:

    Products sound lovely, though I think I’d rather pay a visit to one of the resorts!

    • Kevin says:

      Galbanum: true…just don’t go during hurricane season!

  2. Marjorie Rose says:

    So, it’s NOT just me who’s in a rose phase? I’ve been Jonesing for roses for months now, and every “new” rose I sample seems to fill some newly found absence in my collection! Just last night I reached for my sample of Lyric again. . . very, very dangerous!

    • Kevin says:

      MR: everything’s coming up roses!

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        Speaking of roses, just spritzed myself with some lovely Nostalgie–but it’s not so lovely! I think my bottle’s turned. :( And it’s only a year or so old. . .*fingers crossed* that it’s just the top notes, but disappointing all the same! Such a lovely thing, but maybe not worth a rebuy if it doesn’t hold up!

        • Kevin says:

          MR: this is a short lifespan indeed…hope you didn’t get a big bottle.

          • Marjorie Rose says:

            I’ve used about 2/3 of a 17 mL bottle. Thankfully, after the initial staleness, it does seem to have settled into more-or-less the same lovely scent as before! It’s a bummer to lose that hit of zippy aldehydes at the start, though!

        • kindcrow says:

          I’m sorry to hear that. If you do purchase more, perhaps you could try the fridge? It’s kept my Petite Cherie fresh for several years, and it’s known for “turning” fast.

  3. imapirate says:

    Damn. I thought, well Mexico is faraway, how much trouble can I get into, but then I remembered that Castor & Pollux is in NYC! Now I have to go. And I see there is a Vanilla Bath Foam that looks yummy too. Has anyone else tried the orange blossom? I will definitely be giving that and the Coco Coco a try this weekend.

    • Kevin says:

      Imapirate: sorry…should have said C&P was in NY…have fun.

  4. bluegardenia says:

    Nice to see them reviewed. I ordered from Mexico as well after seeing them in a picture on a friends instagram. I love their simple but beautiful label. And the candles are great.

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