Prada Luna Rossa Extreme ~ new fragrance

Prada Luna Rossa Extreme

Prada will launch Luna Rossa Extreme in October. The new fragrance for men is a variation on 2012's Luna Rossa.

Luna Rossa Extreme was developed by perfumer Daniela Andrier. Notes for the aromatic amber fragrance include bergamot, black pepper, labdanum, juniper berries, lavender and vanilla.

Prada Luna Rossa Extreme will be available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.


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  1. antaeus says:

    This might be interesting. Prada Amber pour Homme is a personal favourite of mine and I think Prada Amber pour Homme Intense is wonderfull. I really love that stuff. I bought 2 100ml bottles because it is -was? a limited edition. On the other hand, I wasn´t that impressed with the original Lunna Rossa so meaby this Extreme version is more my taste. And it is developed by Daniela Andrier (-:

    • Robin says:

      It might be, & agree that Andrier is wonderful, also agree that Amber Pour Homme is WAY better than original Luna Rossa. So we’ll see!

  2. kaos.geo says:

    I could barely smell Luna Rossa, it was soooo wimpy and fleeting! Will check this out in the South Beach sephora hehehehe Canjot wait for October to arrive!

  3. chandler_b says:

    I never figured Prada would become so Flank-tastic, Prada APH was so fantastic.

    • Robin says:

      They did a collector bottle for this one too. I think they’re not immune to the same sorts of marketing stuff as everyone else :-)

  4. happy888cat says:

    Finally the mainstream men’s perfume world is venturing (albeit still too slowly IMO) into the “EdP” concentration.

    I liked the fresh lavender and herbal green-ness of the original. Fingers crossed these citrusy, black pepper notes wouldn’t whip it back to being your typical smelling colognes…

  5. WOW…they wasted no time. Luna Rossa is blah, but I hope this is better.

  6. eminere says:


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