Tom Ford Shanghai Lily, Plum Japonais, Fleur de Chine & Rive d’Ambre ~ new fragrances

Tom Ford Atelier d'Orient

Tom Ford has launched the Atelier d'Orient collection — Shanghai Lily, Plum Japonais, Fleur de Chine and Rive d’Ambre, four new additions to the Tom Ford Private Blend range.

Shanghai Lily ~ "Opulent. Tantalising. Elegant. Tom Ford's Shanghai Lily eau de parfum is a floral oriental scent that transports the senses into a world of rare and opulent ingredients from the historic silk road. Warm spices, elegant florals and addictive notes of vanilla and frankincense create a hazy reverie of glamour and temptation."

Plum Japonais ~ "Delectable. Luscious. Sensual. Tom Ford's Plum Japonais eau de parfum reveals the extraordinary beauty of the ume plum by juxtaposing it with a lush and unconventional mélange of exotic asian ingredients. Rich and luxurious, it is a fragrance with irresistible complexity."

Fleur de Chine ~ "Dramatic. Smouldering. Seductive. Tom Ford's Fleur de chine eau de parfum is an unequivocally romantic and haunting floral fragrance touched with a reverence for the great scents of the past. Precious asian flowers, including hualan flower and star magnolia, are arranged in a bouquet of rare beauty for a scent that lingers on."

Rive d’Ambre ~ "Ornate. Compelling. Warm. Tom Ford's Rive d’Ambre is a golden toned eau de cologne with a veil of colonial elegance. Precious citrus fruits - a talisman of good fortune in asia - are beautifully illuminated by a warm and seductive amber background."

Tom Ford Shanghai Lily, Plum Japonais, Fleur de Chine and Rive d’Ambre can be found now at Harvey Nichols in the UK, in 50 or 250 ml Eau de Parfum.

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  1. nathanthomas50 says:

    These launched in the UK last Friday and had a chance to have a quick sniff – not as much of a dud as the last mini-range (of which i only liked Cafe Rose) but none of them blew me away.

    One reminded me of an Hermes Jardin fragrance and another was just a very slight remix of the recently discontinued Japon Noir – in a blind sniff id probably have thought it WAS Japon Noir.

    The plum went on as pure cough syrup – hated the opening – i dont want to smell like a medicine! But settled down into blandness quite quickly. About an hour after i had tried these on skin they had pretty much disappeared.
    I have all of the original private blends and love 99% of them but think Mr Ford started losing his way with his mini-ranges (the White musk mini-range & the Jardin Noir collection, now his Atelier D’Orient mini-range)

    I noticed that the price for these has risen too from the other Private Blends – 50ml is £140 and the 250ml decanter £340 !

    Must try harder!

    • Robin says:

      Interesting, I did not adore the originals but agree the later sets have been “less” in every possible way. Thanks!

      • nathanthomas50 says:

        Less in every way but price !!

  2. nathanthomas50 says:

    PS. theyre available at all the usual stockists now (Harrods, Selfridges etc) not just Harvey Nichols

  3. nathanthomas50 says:

    Have you trid the Sahara Noir maniline fragrance yet ? i normally Loooove his mainline fragrances but this just seemed to me a totally linear frankincense with no development or complexity at all – and priced at £100 for 50ml !

  4. sayitisntso says:

    Tom does seem busy…but I’ll set aside his voluminous output for the moment…now, can someone please explain to me the logic behind the sizes available? From 50 ml to 250 ml, with nothing in between? #sadface

    • nathanthomas50 says:

      They seem to have to earn a release in 100ml – TF only seem to release them in 100ml if theyre big sellers (like Tobacco Vanille, Oud wood) or if they have been given their own attached cosmetics range (like the Neroli & Jasmine Rouge)

    • Robin says:

      You want some, or you want a vat? Beats me.

  5. nathanthomas50 says:

    PPS. Sorry, while i was in Harrods i had the chance to try the new Amouage – “Fate” – stunning pacakging, beautiful iridescent bottle and i LOVED the fragrance so at least i got one win out of today !

    • Karin says:

      Oh, Nathan! Do tell us more about the Amouage!

  6. antinous-in-london says:

    I tried these at the weekend and took samples of 2 so these stick in my mind more. The plum japonais is basically the discontinued japon noir with a splodge of plum up front – once the plums gone it dries down just like japon noir. As mentioned above the prices have gone up for these but if you don’t want to pay £££ on eBay for a bottle of japon noir this would make a good substitute!

    Fleur de chine – all I got from this was orangey citrus, it smelled like they had taken Azure lime, removed the lime and replaced it with orange.

    I sprayed these on skin and after only 90 minutes when I sniffed they’d all but gone ! I miss the old powerhouses from Tom Ford like tobacco vanille, moss breches, purple patchouli instead of these weak and feeble things

  7. maggiecat says:

    I picked up a sample of Shara Noir at Nordstroms this weekend, and gave it a quick try. It is VERY strong, and while I do think I like it, it doesn’t seem like a summer scent to me. The sample acquisition was odd in that my local Nordstroms doesn’t carry the Tom Ford scents at all…very small perfume department. Still, I may wander back this week (I have a teaching break before the summer terms start) and see if they still have some of those samples…)

    • hajusuuri says:

      This was at the Nordstom I frequent as well. I was very surprised that it was already there. My favorite SA absolutely hated it – she said that if she wanted incense, she would have gone to her (Russian Orthodox) church. I do like it in small doses. I have a decant and will be offering decants of the decant at the next swap meet.

  8. Lys says:

    So this is the Lily that Octavian’s been raving about for the last half a year! He’s such a tease!

    I am really looking forward to these, and would love more info on who authored each.

    • nozknoz says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Consequently, I’m very curious to sniff this.

  9. Omega says:

    I don’t think I will run out to sniff these.
    But would also like to hear more about the Amouage:).

    • antinous-in-london says:

      Believe it’s officially released early June. Chris Chong was tweeting pictures of it a few days ago

  10. Elly says:

    Anyone know which ones are getting discontinued to make room for these? I briefly talked to a Saks SA, and he said that Lavender Palm was getting discontinued. But he wasn’t a Tom Ford, or even a fragrance SA, and based on other things he said, didn’t seem to know very much about anything..

  11. eminere says:


  12. dolcesarah says:

    I’m currently trying to decide between Amouage’s memoir or Opus IV. I’m all about some Amouage. Revisiting Gold and Lyric. Two full bottles of sheer perfection.

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