Britney Spears Island Fantasy ~ new fragrance

Britney Spears Island Fantasy

Britney Spears will launch Island Fantasy in April. The new perfume for women is a flanker to 2005's Britney Spears Fantasy, and follows Midnight Fantasy (2007), Hidden Fantasy and Circus Fantasy (both 2009).

Embodying sun-kissed petals carried by an ocean breeze, island fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS™ is inspired by Britney’s ideal paradise – a remote island where she can relax and rejuvenate with her loved ones. The scent channels the warmth and playful spirit of the tropics, and brings an island escape to everyday life.

Notes for the fruity floral include citrus cocktail, mandarin, clementine, watery melon, red fruits, jasmine, freesia, violet, musk and sugar cane.

Britney Spears Island Fantasy is available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

(via boots, hat tip to jonr951!)

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  1. Omega says:

    I liked Fantasy for a while…now I can’t stand the smell of any of the B.S. line.

  2. prism says:

    i like vague copy writing.

    ‘citrus cocktail’. followed by two citrus fruits?

    ‘red fruits’.

    should have gone for white flowers too.

    • Mitzi says:

      In the Midnight Fantasy copy they listed “exotic framboise” as a note :) I was wondering why didn’t they just say raspberry, and exactly what can be so exotic about it, but well I suppose we all take our drama where we can find it :)

  3. RavynG says:

    I like the scents of freesia and violet but not in perfume for me (maybe in bathroom candles) and definitely not together in a perfume for me. They both make me nauseous. I can only imagine if that was mixed with over sweetened Kool-aid….ug making me queasy now!

    • Robin says:

      Ditto for me…freesia rarely works for me in fragrance.

  4. bookwyrmsmith says:

    I’ll give it a sniff when I see it . I like her other Fantasy line .I have at least a mini of each except for Circus .Haven’t got around to getting that one (ok berry-lemonade scent in my opinion).

  5. bookwyrmsmith says:

    I hope the melon isn’t prominent/smellable. From the notes it sounds mostly citrus.

  6. mutzi says:

    “Watery melon”? Aren’t all melons watery? I don’t like most melons, so maybe I’m wrong.

  7. jonr951 says:

    FINALLY found Island today at Kohls. It smells fine. It’s pretty much a citrusy summer COLOGNE, with a bit of sweetness from the watermelon and something that I can’t quite put my finger on. I guy can definitely wear Island Fantasy, that is if they don’t have a problem with the name and packaging. Haha! It reminds me of something like Gucci by Gucci Sport and Adam Levine’s cologne, which is MUCH more fruity sweet than Island. My brother’s GF wants to wear Adam’s cologne, and I want to wear Island Fantasy, if I had to choose between the two. Haha! : )

    • Robin says:

      Thanks so much for the report! I wonder if it is going to be exclusive to Kohls.

      • jonr951 says:

        I would think it is. Other than discounters like Marshalls, I can’t think of anywhere else that sells her stuff. No Kohls near you Robin? It isn’t spectacular so I definitely wouldn’t want you to make a trip out of going to test it! : )

        • Robin says:

          There is a Kohls, but it has a really crappy fragrance department, and frequently when I’ve gone there particularly to check something out, there is no tester. So it’s pretty rare that I’m willing to make a special trip. Sounds like this one would not be worth it!

          • jonr951 says:

            Yeah, it’s definitely a been there, smelled that before fragrance. Haha!

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