Carthusia Prima del Teatro di San Carlo ~ new fragrance

Carthusia Prima del Teatro di San Carlo

Italian niche line Carthusia has launched Prima del Teatro di San Carlo, a new fragrance made in collaboration with the Teatro di San Carlo opera house in Naples.

The notes for the woody unisex fragrance include bergamot, mint, rose, precious woods, cedar, benzoin, amber and oud. 

Carthusia Prima del Teatro di San Carlo is available now from Carthusia, in 50 ml Parfum, €90.


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  1. Operatic olfactory entertainment.
    It seems so obvious that the two forms of grand theatre should go together.
    I believe that Callas wore No.5 but what else would today’s star wear?
    Also there’s an opera house at Versailles that was used when the court was in session…
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  2. Dilana says:

    My taste in opera tends toward late 20th century, early 21st century (Of course, there is really aren’t any mid or late 21st century operas yet). Perhaps Cinnibar for Nixon in China, Apres L’Ondee for the cast of the Tempest, and Eccentric Molecules for Phillip Glass
    On a more traditional note, I suspect Jonas Kaufman would wear Egoiste

    • Robin says:

      My taste in opera is, shall we say, undeveloped :-)

      • Dilana says:

        So was mine until a few years ago, but my mom loves it, so I learned some so that I could share her interest.

        • Rappleyea says:

          Aren’t you a nice daughter! :-)

      • akimon says:

        The state of the opera is STRONG and worth finding out about. Although Wagner and other big voice repertoire is underserved, there has never been more singers that combine great singing and great acting in what I like (Baroque and modern operas). Also, many male singers could step straight into yer average “sexy sporty stylish” fragrance ad without blinking. I don’t care about tenors one bit, but just Google “Barihunks” …

    • platinum14 says:

      Comme des Garcons x Monocle Scent Two: Laurel would be perfect for Strauss’ Daphné.

    • akimon says:

      I always agonize about what to wear to opera, but as long as it is not something with nukular sillage, I think it’s all good.
      If Kauffman is Egoiste, what is Rene Pape? And Peter Mattei? Wouldn’t be great if the Met’s current Parsifal, which I will see in the HD broadcast, had a smellovision app..?

  3. Rappleyea says:

    Krizia released Teatro Alla Scala back in the mid-80’s. I remember not liking it (I love opera) and was disappointed. And there have been several names that riff on “canto”.

    I might try this as I generally like the Carthusia scents, although not enough to warrant a FB.

    • Robin says:

      Ah yes, forgot that one!

    • platinum14 says:

      There was also La Voce from Coty ” dedicated to the notes and high octaves of the Metropolitan Opera in New York and to diva of opera with world-famous voice, Renée Fleming.”

      • platinum14 says:

        … and let’s not forget the 2 perfumes from Luciano Pavarotti.

        • Rappleyea says:

          Great calls! I love your gravatar btw.

    • farouche says:

      Ooh. I loved Teatro alla Scala and still have about half a bottle. It’s a loud one, though. This fat lady definitely sings!

      • akimon says:

        This is officially one of the greats. Luca Turin has nothing but the highest respect for it, he mentions it in The Guide twice as a reference oriental. I have a couple of bottles, including Estratto strength, though I don’t get to wear it too much – it needs a special occasion for sure..

  4. platinum14 says:

    Roberto Capucci released Opera III ( for women-in 1999) and Opera IV (for men- in 2000). Parlux created The Phantom of the Opera in 1989.

  5. lupo says:

    Hilde Soliani released a while a go en entire line called Teatro Olfattivo di Parma, with some quite evocative names like “stecca” and “mangiami dopo teatro”. I remember trying out of that line “Vecchi Rossetti”, which is totally make-up bag (say, Dior Homme on steroids, in the best possible way) and “Bell’Antonio”, a wonderful tobacco/coffee scent. Worth digging in this line, it’s a very creative little niche house.

  6. sapphire03 says:

    I like a couple of perfumes from the Carthusia line but I am out on this one with the words “woody unisex scent.”

  7. Nick says:

    Prima del Teatro di San Carlo is no display of coloratura bravura as might be suggested by the title. Far from the grandeur of an operatic theatre, Prima del Teatro emits the elegance and composure of precious woods and rose, and an underlying minty ‘coolness’.

    The underlying mint can be detected when uncapped and sniffed closely. This is not the typical overwhelming mint freshness. There is also a hint of bergamot and mandarin on closer sniff.

    The woody heart notes, then, infiltrate the cool, calm minty prelude that persists. The heart note features the crisp cedar wood on top of burnt-sugar benzoin. As it intensifies, there is a distinct waft of oud. The cooling mint can be detected amidst the dry woody molasses. The benzoin reminds me of L’Occitane’s Immortelle de Corse. However, instead of that freshness of the tea, there is a composed and elegant rose heart that rounds off the composition. This recitative lasts for a long time. Even when the woody notes depart, the combination of benzoin and rose lasts and lasts. I can imagine why it captures the enduring legacy of a long-standing opera house: behind those historic performances and triumphant debuts, there is always a dignified institution that has withstood the test of time. Constant. Unwavering. Absent those glorious years of composers in resident and even the legendary Maria Callas, the silent operatic venue stands. Imagine standing inside the vacant Teatro and takes a whiff of the air redolent of dry wood interiors and velvet. Prima del Teatro is exactly that. For those who find such experience incompatible, this may not be to your liking. Still, Primal del Teatro is certainly well-crafted. An understated elegance.

    Prima del Teatro di San Carlo has great longevity and moderate sillage. On a summer day of 30°C, it easily lasts 5 hours. My friend commented on how she occasionally smells it whenever the wind blew past her. Only the EDP is available for EUR92.

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