Robert Piguet Bois Bleu ~ new fragrance

Robert Piguet Bois Bleu

Robert Piguet has launched Bois Bleu, the latest addition to the Nouvelle Collection:

Discover the warmth of rich woods delicately accented with nuances of lavender. The invigorating composition of woody notes is perfectly balanced by crisp citrus and warm herbs. Fresh bergamot lends a citrusy touch in the top note that is perfectly nuanced by an earthy violet and spiced nutmeg heart. To complete the opulent presentation, mysterious sandalwood mingles with sharp cedar and exotic vetiver to form a warm and refined drydown.

Robert Piguet Bois Bleu is available now at Harrods in the UK, 100 ml Eau de Parfum for £130.

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  1. lucasai says:

    Sounds nice but I will probably never experience it with Piguet disctribution we have here.

    • Robin says:


    • thenoseknows says:

      you can order Any and all currently Distributed Piguet Fragrances from it’s Website… :-)

  2. body67 says:

    i’ve smelled it already at harrods last week. it’s, how shall i put this delicately.. its awful. i don’t think there’s one natural/true ingredient/extract in there. 100% chemical. it reminds me of a non-descript, high street designer fragrance, i.e. thousands of them (which can be had at about a fifth of its price). and the blue label looks really garrsh and cheap.
    what is wrong with most perfumes these days? i’m reading your description of the notes and i can only think ‘bullshit’. yes, honestly. i’m wearing helmut lang edp right now and i cannot help but think ‘why, oh why, wonderful perfumes like this one keep getting discontinued and crap like the aforementioned keeps being churned out at the rate of 1/day. i know, i’m being cynical and might be in a crappy ‘mondayitis’ mood but it’s really, really bad these days. unless you chose niche and pay the hefty price tag that comes attached to it, i feel like there’s almost no hope. ok, rant over.
    ps i also tried armani eau de nuit at the same time. oh god, what is it designers these days with pushing for the sweet, non threatening iris note? is it the ‘note du jour’? it’s like a cheap version of diptyque volutes, sans tobacco. don’t.

  3. body67 says:

    it’s ‘garish’ ^^^^^ (re. label). and yes, i get the violet. tons of it. that’s why they’ve done that label? very discreet and subliminal.

  4. chrisskins says:

    I throughly enjoyed the rant. What a disappointment and waste of a good name/bottle.

  5. MariaFracas says:

    Body67 – what a great rant! I posed the same question to a few nasal angels still tolerating “the market”. Most just about cried, saying that in Europe, certain crucial natural products are now realized to be cruel to animals; certain crucial synthetic products turn out to be possibly toxic. Everybody’s aware and brokenhearted that fragrances inside the old name and packaging don’t match our expectations, hoping for new options.
    I’m a Fracas fan, haven’t found Bois Bleu. Right now I’m loving le Parfum de Therese by Edmond Roudnitska for Frederic Malle. The final notes, even under the bottle cap before you spray, are heaven to me.

  6. sbe13 says:

    hahahahaha! I was intriqued by the notes listed, but I am now feeling like I’ll feel the same way as those ranting :) Thanks for the reviews! Of course, I’ll still sniff anyways, but I won’t get my hopes up!

  7. trigger hippie says:

    Sadly, I also tested it at Harrods. It made me shudder. In short, it stinks, and I am not averse to non-natural ingredient frags, if they are well done, although this is of course all subjective.

  8. body67 says:

    well, i aim to please. sadly, i’m getting increasingly dejected with almost all the perfume releases these days. oh, how excited i was when i read about the two new eldo’s, afternoon of fawn and dangerous complicity. oh, and how disappointed i was! talk about anti-climax. that was understatement. etat libre d’orange doing mainstream perfumes (and i can pick a bone or two with comme de garcons for the same reason as well. wondergreen anyone?). no.

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