Les Christophs ICONOSMS ~ exhibit in New York City

Dillon Gallery in New York City will be hosting ICONOSMS:

Dillon Gallery is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition of avant-garde artist Christophe Laudamiel, a world-renowned perfumer at DreamAir LLC’s studios, this time joined by Christoph Hornetz, perfumery partner of 10 years, forming the team Les Christophs.

In this revolutionary presentation, the gallery will exhibit scent sculptures developed by the artists that are tied with other artistic disciplines. The event will feature the partition of the gallery space into ten independent microcosms, each representing a specific olfactory and visual trip: Volatile Marilyn #5, Butterfly Air, Remembrance of things outrageous: Chelsea Hotel, AlGerminal, 6-some Memoir: Hemingway in 6-Major, Fuller Helmets, Gone with the Wind, Muguet Patch 9, Lilac Mon Amour, Face Yourself.

The exhibit is open through February 6.

(via press release, hat tip to Jessica!)

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