David Beckham Urban Homme ~ new fragrance

David Beckham Urban Homme

David Beckham will launch Urban Homme, a new flanker to 2011's David Beckham Homme.

Edgy. Modern. Masculine. David Beckham is a man of exceptional style and taste. Now, David’s cool urban look has inspired his new limited edition fragrance for men: Urban Homme by David Beckham. Exuding relaxed elegance, this fougère ambery fruity scent is the perfect expression of contemporary male style.

Urban Homme was developed by perfumer Maurice Roucel; notes include green apple, mandarin, thyme, lavender, violet leaves, pineapple, amber, suede and cedar. 

David Beckham Urban Homme will be available in 30 and 50 ml Eau de Toilette.

(via fdm-la-communication-emotion, found via vonavysvet.sk)

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  1. Jewel says:

    LOL! DB is NOT the thinking woman’s crumpet! Handsome he may be, smart and/or charismatic he ain’t! Whoever wants him can have him, as far as I’m concerned.
    Anyhoo, what’s the perfume like? As it’s not possible to bottle the essence of any man, daft or not, it’s gotta be better than this extremely silly celeb photo would suggest. The notes mentioned here could emerge as anything from bedroomy triumph to fruity mess.

    I’m not always like this, btw. I might actually hurry off to sniff this if Daniel Craig were in the photo.

    • Robin says:

      He does nothing for me — but he has staying power in the fragrance industry, that’s for sure. If I’m counting correctly, this is fragrance #15.

  2. mutzi says:

    I’m waiting for Suburban Homme, Rural Homme, and, hopefully, Backwoods Homme.

    • Robin says:

      LOL — excellent. I’m sure all of those are on the way.

  3. eminere says:

    Why is he in a suit if this is meant to be Urban?

  4. gordbrad says:

    i am a cynic, and the only other DB i own is Instict, a bro-ish herb-barbershop-lavender thing.
    this one reminds me exactly of L12.12 White by Lacoste–the ‘fruity/floral chypre’ for men, but in the case of the DB, pineapple instead of tuberose.
    wonderful? no. slightly challenging and pleasing? yes. this also reminds me of Miss Dior Cherie, but for guys [fruity/floral chypre] and 10-odd years later.

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