Oscar de la Renta Something Blue ~ new perfume

Oscar de la Renta Something Blue

Oscar de la Renta has launched Something Blue, a new bridal-inspired fragrance:

Introducing Something Blue, a fragrance to cherish forever. Inspired by life's most magical moments, this romantic fragrance opens with a sparkling burst of mandarin and linden blossom and warms to an irresistibly sultry finish with notes of bourbon vanilla and white musk. A removable ring engraved with the designer's signature logo is a symbol of Mr. de la Renta's abiding devotion to his beloved clientele.

Additional notes include stephanotis, lily of the valley and lychee.

Oscar de la Renta Something Blue is available now at Saks Fifth Avenue, in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum and matching candle.

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Update: Something Blue will be in limited distribution; in the US, it will also be at Bloomingdales. It was developed by perfumers Frank Voelkl and Ilias Ermenidis.

Another update: see a review of Something Blue.

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  1. Squirrely says:

    While the fragrance sounds a bit all over the place (bright mandarin & linden, then a “sultry” finish?), I _love_ the bottle. I feel like bottle design for the big-name releases has been especially good this year, even if the frags have been so so (Coco Noir, La Vie Est Belle, GaGa Fame, etc.)

    • littlemoron says:

      Agreed! The bottle is so stunning, I would be tempted to buy it even if the juice was stank.

      • pyramus says:

        So reminiscent of the parfum bottle for Wings by Giorgio Beverly Hills, though, even down to the colour of the stopper.

    • Robin says:

      I am betting on clean rather than sensual. It is a pretty bottle though.

  2. I want to be hopeful for this. I wore the original Oscar for so long. And then I loved the recent Esprit d’Oscar, which gave me hope for them rebooting their fragrance line. Then Live in Love (despite the gorgeous marketing and bottle) was extremely boring. Then they did that exclusive collection, which I haven’t tried but I’ve heard mixed things (one person said they were dreck, another said they were divine). My money is on this being meh (especially since it seems Esprit hasn’t set the cash registers on fire). We’ll see.

    • Robin says:

      Would agree — Esprit was great, Live in Love not so great. I haven’t tried the Luxuries set either.

  3. sayitisntso says:

    I never see this line ANYWHERE except the fragrance bins of TJ MAXX and Marshall’s. How’d that happen? I thought the de la Renta name was once synonymous with luxury…

    • Robin says:

      The fragrance license isn’t held by one of the big companies, & that often ends up meaning spotty distribution.

      Lord & Taylor seems to carry OdlR more than the other department stores, but the Luxuries set went to Saks.

  4. littlecooling says:

    It’s a bit hard to tell, if this is going to be meh or yay :D Pretty bottle, though :)

  5. perthgirl says:

    Removable wearable fake wedding ring engraved by Uncle Oscar? So those of us not wearing this as a wedding day fragrance can pretend we are?!? I’m not sure if this is a bit creepy or just plain weird. Yeah sure, brands like Juicy Couture do removable strawberry charms and the like, but an engraved ring is in another league of strange altogether!

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      Ha! I didn’t even notice that in the copy. But I agree with you–creepy!

  6. cleo777 says:

    The scent strip appeared in March’s Allure. I quite liked it, it smells modern and springlike, a refreshing floral if you will, the mandarin note is mouthwatering.

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