Escada Cherry In The Air ~ new fragrance

Escada Cherry In The Air

Escada will launch Cherry In The Air, the brand's limited edition summer fragrance for 2013. Cherry In The Air was inspired by a summer bike ride through Provence. The last entry in the series was 2010's Taj Sunset.

The notes for the fruity floral fragrance include mandarin, cherry, raspberry, gardenia, marshmallow, vanilla and sandalwood.

Escada Cherry In The Air will be available in 7.5, 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette and in matching body products.

(via magazin.flaconi.deparfumwebshop.nlmyfatpocket)

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  1. pyramus says:

    I presume that with a name like Cherry in the Air, they’ve stopped making a men’s version? Because a few years back they had one called Sparkle Pony or something, and that was a really terrible idea. (Okay, it was actually called Moon Sparkle for Men, but that’s just as bad.)

    • Robin says:

      IIRC, they only did a men’s a few years, and then they stopped doing the summer LEs altogether and just reissued some older ones. Would be entertaining if they made a men’s version of Cherry In The Air, but doubt it will happen :-)

  2. Celestia says:

    I have Moon Sparkle for men and really like it, but then I’m a woman. Not sure if my husband would wear it if he knew the name. The other men’s was Sunset Heat.

  3. cleo777 says:

    I actually tried this in the store. It’s quite nice, closest to a real cherry scent I’ve smelled in a long time. Like most Escadas though, not much lasting power. I probably wouldn’t bother paying the $82 or whatever for it…

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