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  1. peter says:

    That Cartier one was STUNNING!

  2. Veronika says:

    I loved the Hermes one:) It would be wonderful to have an Hermes Christmas – orange packaging under the Tree decorated with Hermes ribbon and Eau des Merveilles in the air (or rather L’Ambre des Merveilles this year!)

  3. Ari says:

    I’m sorry, but the Cartier CGI leopard FREAKS ME OUT. I am partial to the cartoonish Hermes ad, and wouldn’t mind a few orange boxes myself this year…

    • Robin says:

      LOL — I think once you have kids (and watch things with them as they grow up, obviously), you become immune to any sort of cgi!

      Hermes does great ads.

  4. Merlin says:

    The Hermes ad is just OK to me – it really doesn’t fare well next to the other two. I like the steampunk look of the Dior advert – at least I think that is what it is – and the music is great! But the Cartier ad (again) takes the cup. It infuses plain old commercialism with wonder and pseudo-spirituality – I love it!

  5. Sujaan says:

    I felt Cartier’s ad was the best of the three, even though I think it could have had a better ending. From a consumer standpoint, I did not want to stop watching the it because I was wondering what cute thing the leopard was going to do next, and because it featured close ups on their products, it made me want them. Grrr. Darn good marketing I’d say.

  6. Marjorie Rose says:

    Yup, I think I like the Dior ad best. But someone help me–is that song on the Cartier ad the same as the final piece of music in Edward Scissorhands? It sounds SOOOoooooo familiar!

  7. nozknoz says:

    LOVE the Cartier kitty!!!!! Would be happy to change my tree ornaments to orange in order to match any orange presents that are seeking a suitable stage. As for Dior, the unspooling J’Adore bottles are a sad metaphor for what they are doing to all their classic perfumes (SHAME!!!!!), but they do still make gorgeous makeup, it must be said.

  8. Omega says:

    I saw the Cartier cat ad a while back, awesomeness.

  9. behemot says:

    Love Cartier cats :)

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