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  1. Karin says:


    • Robin says:

      It’s utterly ridiculous, and it might be my favorite commercial of 2012. I love everything about it: the robe, the boots, the diapers, the pounding rain, the exploding bottle. It’s perfect. Kudos to whomever made it.

      • Subhuman says:

        I second this. Fabulous cheese. I doubt the actual fragrance will be half as fun, but one can hope.

      • Merlin says:

        And don’t forget the ludicrous husky female voice, ‘Versace, Eros for men!’

  2. Merlin says:

    ‘fabulously over-the-top’ is the purrrrrfect description!

  3. Querelle 3 says:

    Versace’s spirit alive and kicking. Masterpiece!

  4. sinnerman says:

    Anyone huffed this yet ?

  5. peter says:

    They must have spent a fortune on Nair!

    • Robin says:

      No need these days, right? That can all be taken care of afterwards on the computer :-)

  6. nozknoz says:

    Shame that it wasn’t Versace who hired Brad Pitt, rather than Chanel! I can still remember the Troy trailers of Brad leaping around in a little skirt ;-) Not that I’m complaining about Brian Shimansky, of course.

  7. LaurenO says:

    The striped undies are hilarious. XD

  8. Timothy says:

    Probably the most campy and most awesome TV commercial of 2012 :)

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