Coach Signature Rose d’Or ~ new perfume

Coach Signature Rose d'Or

Coach has launched Coach Signature Rose d'Or, a new fragrance for women:

A passion for craftsmanship meets the singular beauty of rose centifolia, whose precious petals blend with precious oud to create a warm and intoxicating scent. Signature Rose D’or combines classical Middle Eastern perfumery with the artistry of Coach.

Orange flower and geranium blend with an intoxicating mix of precious spices in the top notes, including saffron and coriander. At the heart, romantic rose centifolia absolute is heightened by peony and jasmine, and then sweetened by raspberry. This artisanal bouquet finishes with the richness of oud wood, sensually underscored by ambergris and vanilla. Patchouli offers a subtle dose of mystery and, finally, castoreum leaves a seductive, lingering note of fine leather—Coach’s signature.

Coach Signature Rose d'Or is available now at Harrods in the UK, 100 ml Eau de Parfum, £115.

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  1. Lys says:

    Classical Middle Eastern perfumery … with raspberry! And no, Coach, there is no ambergris in this perfume. If I see this at a fragrance counter I will pick it up and smash it on the ground. DX

  2. Omega says:

    I like the notes..but not hopeful with Coach..idk.

  3. Omega says:

    wait, lol, I just read the raspberry part? LOL

  4. JolieFleurs says:

    The notes sound nice to me, hopefully the raspberry won’t be able to dominate with all the other heavy hitters.

    Just seems like this has been done a time or twelve already and by those who are more likely better at this sort of thing than Coach.

    I’ll sniff it if I come across it, though.

  5. Thalia says:

    This really does not seem like something Coach will do well at all, and also not like something their customer base is going to like if it IS done well. Is it meant for the Middle Eastern market instead of American malls?

    • Robin says:

      Don’t know, but guessing this is limited edition & limited distribution, & if aimed at Middle Eastern market, should do well at Harrods & other high end department stores.

    • Teddybear says:

      Enough of the negative comments on this beaut. perleeeeease….

      Iv’e got this. Coach have come up trumps with this one, cos’ it is absolutely DEVINE. The best way to describe it is that It smells VERY similar to Narciso Rodriguez for Her, the pink one, possessing the same overall aroma, but stronger. One would think that with a dominant rose note, this would be a “dated” aroma….far from it. It smells chique, sophisticated and super-sexy. My guy just swoons when I wear this (about the only time he does, may I add).

      This perfume, if applied in the morning, lasts ALL day, and the feint aroma it leaves on my scarf or clothes stays true to its smell – and does not turn to a horrid “mothbally” smell that some perfumes do on clothing.

      Oud is well know for its almost “aphrodisiac” appeal to men smelling it on women.

      Well…I further have to say that I have been stopped in Department stores and even outside a shop in the street, by ladies asking me what perfume I am wearing, as they LOVED it and wanted to know where they could buy it!! I had the bottle with me one day, and gave a lady a quick spray of it. She offered to buy it off me there and then!! No way was I letting this beauty go. I have 3 other perfumes that folks ask me about when I’m wearing them, and this Coach Rose has now become number 4 of my “prime” collection and at present is my absolute “fave”. I know this is the case, because I keep on reaching for this, to apply, instead of any of my others, just before going out. That said, I do have “fads” and often end up reverting to my tried and trusted perfumes that I love and have used for years…..but I can’t see this moving to the back of my shelf for some good time yet.

      In conclusion…..I can’t smell any Raspberries whatsoever!!! but feel like blowing some to several of the negative commenters on here!!

  6. Teddybear says:

    Many apologies Robin – and to other reviewers. Please rest assured that I did not mean any offence whatsoever directly to other reviewers, just to express my positive comments against all of the negative ones.

    Comment policy noted, for the future….

    Sorry all……. :@(

    • Robin says:

      No worries, and we’re always happy to see more opinions — do chime in again!

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