Alice & Peter Fancy Choco, Showy Toffee, Cheery Cherry, Wicked Berry & Bloody Orange ~ new perfumes

Alice & Peter Bloody Orange

Alice & Peter is a new line from Gerald Ghislain of niche line Histoires de Parfums (and see also: The Scent of Departure). The fragrances, Bloody Orange, Fancy Choco, Showy Toffee, Cheery Cherry and Wicked Berry, are due to launch next month, and are described as "young at heart, light and sweet".

Once upon a time, there was Alice & Peter, a collection of scents to let your imagination run wild and awaken your inner child. Entrepreneur and talented perfumer Gerald Ghislain and partner Magali Senequier are introducing a playful concept around five fragrances: like Alice immerse yourself in Wonderland, like Peter Pan fly to Neverland! More than just a fragrance, Alice and Peter invite you to be curious and enchanted by a world of whimsical beauty.

Bloody Orange (shown) ~ "You won’t resist the passion of this orange! Lively and bubbly citrus fruits merge with a mischievous carrot. A magical explosion ensues, blasting a fresh bouquet of water flowers through the air. The aftermath is an inevitable swirl of amber and caramel. As these forces flare, an earthy yet potent patchouli is wrapped in white musk, for a subtle relief."

Fancy Choco ~ "Watch out! There is no turning back. A modern duo of mint and citrus take flight to an isle of tropical fruit. Exquisitely exotic yet tart in flavor peaches and apricots balance the pure scents of of freesia and lilac. A spontaenous soft amber unleashes a rich trail of wild imagination lead by a confection of deep dark chocolate and creamy caramel with a hint of tonka bean."

Showy Toffee ~ "Irresistible Temptation! Veering on the side of quirkiness, the unmistakable scent of freshly cut grass takes on a lemony allure. Rose, lilac and freesia enchant with whimsical brilliance. Finally, never short on audacity, amber and caramelized chocolate strut arm in arm into a patchouli parade."

Cheery Cherry ~ "Captivating, give yourself over! With just one breath, bergamot frolics in the air as cassis and cherry reign with charm. Red and yellow fruit hold court and delight in the glory of a velvety floral bouquet while delicate, ripe strawberries soften vanilla and caramel’s intoxicating curves, for a final indulgence in this very merry scent."

Wicked Berry ~ "You’ll give in. It’ll be impossible not to! The citruses dream up a fantasy that’s as devilish as it is gentle: the intoxicating trio of rose, lilac and freesia fill the air with the greatest of ease. These petals blush upon contact with a sensual blend of blackberry, blackcurrant and raspberry. Warning! Addiction is unavoidable: Warm woody amber and musk create quite the decadence, topped with a vanilla and sandalwood glaze."

Alice & Peter Fancy Choco, Showy Toffee, Cheery Cherry, Wicked Berry and Bloody Orange will be available in 30 ml.

(first 2 quotes via press release, fragrance descriptions via alicepeter)

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  1. Thalia says:

    If those are dirt-cheap (unlikely!), my daughter is so receiving Showy Toffee or Fancy Choco. Between the cute bottles, the candy sweetness, and the appeal to her Anglophilia, she’ll go nuts.

    • Robin says:

      They look like great gifts — I’m curious to see the price too.

    • mutzi says:

      Ditto for my niece. I was going to buy her the small size of Dot (better than the Justice stuff she wears now) but these are terminally cute and sound better than Dot.

  2. djron91 says:

    We saw these at Elements Showcase and if I remember correctly, they are to retail at $45 or $50 each.

    I think they will be available at Henri Bendel.

    They are absolutely adorable and I would much rather gift a little girl with one of these then some Britney Spears or Harujuku scent, Something charming about sweets for a little girl rather than something oversexualized.. dont you think?

    • mutzi says:

      I agree. And that is about the price of the Dot I was going to buy my little niece.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you so much — that sounds like more than I expected, but not terrible.

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