I Coloniali Seductive Elixirs ~ new fragrances

J&E Atkinsons' I Coloniali brand has launched the Seductive Elixir collection, 8 new fragranced body sprays:

I Coloniali introduces a new collection of eight delightful Body Fragrances, inspired by the precious ingredients from far-away lands. Eight intense, long-lasting yet gentle body mists, perfect for vaporizing all over, and using all year round. Each fragrance has been designed exclusively for I Coloniali with incredible care and craftsmanship by the ‘noses’ of fragrance house Expressions Parfumées, Grasse.

Playful Lychee ~ "A delightfully Fruity fragrance; it opens with a poetic contraposition between sweet litchee notes and intriguing peppered tones. Tuberose adds a distinctively feminine touch, which then evolves into a delicate woody and amber base."  Additional notes include orange blossom, benzoin and white musk.

Angel Musk ~ "An enveloping Powdery and Musky fragrance opening with a splash of vanilla flowers blended with sparkling fresh notes. A harmonious and evanescent composition that makes you feel as if you are floating on a cloud." Additional notes include amber and woods.

Sensual Silk ~ "A seductive, Floriental composition with caressing rose and roseberry notes, delicate yet lively thanks to a touch of spices. The sensual bouquet is enshrouded by the enveloping Heliotrope notes." Additional notes include orange blossom, incense, musk, cedar and vanilla.

Ardent Amber ~ "A Floral and Citrus composition perfect for bubbly personalities. Mandarin and jasmine combined with the warm base notes create an amber accord that blends with the skin aroma in a sensual unison." Additional notes include sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

Mysterious Rose ~ "A Floriental scent with a mysterious personality; the exotic notes of sandal wood combine harmoniously with an elegant rose bouquet, for an elixir of seduction and pleasure."  Additional notes include elemi, mandarin, cedar and cashmere.

Sexy Vanilla ~ "A fascinating Oriental fragrance: the perfect combination of the more traditional incense notes and a vibrant, sexy vanilla result to form a creation that is modern, enchanting and seductive." Additional notes include balsam, amber and musk.

Animal Oud ~ "A contemporary reinterpretation of Wood and Spicy fragrances, where cedar wood blends with exotic tones to generate a mystic and hypnotic oud accord. Additional notes include vanilla, cardamom, blackcurrant, geranium and amber. 

Luxurious Datura ~ "A captivating Spicy Fruity creation, where the opulent tones of white flowers wrap the unique Datura bouquet, placing it at the centre of this original fragrance. The ensemble is complemented by soothingly piquant cinnamon notes." Additional notes include geranium, orris, vanilla and patchouli.

The I Coloniali Seductive Elixir series fragrances are available in 100 ml, and are $25 each at Beautyhabit.

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  1. maggiecat says:

    Well, the price is certainly right! But only Ardent Amber sounds at all interesting to me, and that in am “OK to spray after a bath if I’m not going out” sort of way. The rest sound sort of like something from Victoria Secret – the notes as well as the names!

    • Robin says:

      The names could be way better, but yes, the price is perfect! I have samples but am behind on sampling, as always.

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