X-Ray Profumo Plastique & Lacquered Rose ~ new fragrances

X-Ray Profumo Plastique

Niche line X-Ray Profumo, which debuted earlier this year with Delirium, Morpine and Resurrextion, has added two more fragrances to the line: Plastique and Lacquered Rose.

Plastique (shown) ~ with vinyl accord, tuberose, olibanum and amber.

Lacquered Rose ~ "Inspired by the tradition and captivating beauty of the Arabian Coast and reflecting the modern opulence of Dubai, Lacquered Rose is a sublime true oud, with a creative edge. Lavish Turkish rose, baise oil and agarwood progress to a transcendent warmth created by Indonesian patchouli, black amber, Spanish cade oil, olibanum, and cistus absolute."

X-Ray Profumo Plastique and Lacquered Rose are available now at Barneys, $185 for 30 ml, concentration unknown.

(via barneys)

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  1. Penz says:

    A vinyl accord , wow , I am lagging behind in the hipness department. I try to avoid the smell of plastic but then I always loved the smell of a new Barbie Doll …which doesn’t mean I want to smell like a Barbie Doll. My curiosity is piqued and I
    shall give Plastique a sniff at first opportunity

    • Robin says:

      There was also a vinyl accord in YSL Parisienne and in Playboy New York for men. I never smelled the Playboy, but I liked Parisienne.

  2. Penz says:

    Well I just looked up the ingredients of Plastique and everything is all lavendary and rosemary-ish and no toxic sounding plasticky names so I feel very unsophisticated and slightly disappointed not to find essence of Mattel in the list.

  3. Tama says:

    It will be interesting to smell these. I find the whole line so far to be pretty average – nothing really stood out for me. But I am always game to try new things.

    • Robin says:

      That’s what I’ve heard — haven’t smelled any myself. Too much stuff, too little time.

  4. Omega says:

    Anyone else think TV with rabbit ears? I wanted to adjust those things, lol.

    • Robin says:


    • Merlin says:

      I was thinking satanic antlers, of the type fount on Paris catwalks – but I definitely prefer your interpretation!

  5. Sujaan says:

    $185.00 for 30ml seems pretty steep but I liked Omega’s “rabbit ears” comment!

    • Robin says:

      You know, the original 3 were 50 ml for the same price. I do wonder if Barney’s made a mistake w/ the size.

  6. sweetgrass says:

    When I saw vinyl accord, the first thing I thought of was how a new vinyl shower curtain smells when you first take it out of the package. Not something that it would’ve occurred to me that I might want to smell like, but I’m curious what it smells like with all the other notes.

  7. NinaraPoll says:

    The bottle for Plastique reminds me of a hood ornament.

  8. Omega says:

    Dental pick also came to mind. Put some floss in between those things and there ya go.

  9. annina says:

    I just bought Laquered Rose last week while at Barney’s in Chicago. They had literally just unpacked the box! It’s gorgeous – opens with a sweet rose and a touch of bergamot, then warms up to a musky oud-amber dry down. I only get little peeks of the tuberose and jasmine – mostly as “back-up singers” for the rose. I don’t get a pink pepper note, but I do get a bit of saffron (all notes per Fragrantica). Medium sillage, moderate longevity. Honestly, it isn’t mind-blowing, esp for $185! But it’s really sexy, and the DH loves it.

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