Technique Indiscrete My Burning Secret, Monarchy & Omnipresence ~ new fragrances

Technique Indiscrete Omnipresence

Niche line Technique Indiscrete has launched 3 new fragrances: My Burning Secret, Monarchy (both 2011) and Omnipresence (2012).

My Burning Secret ~ "A man walks down the street, leaving behind a trail of perfume. It catches a woman’s attention as she turns around, inhales the scent and is seduced by this breath of fresh air. She tries to follow him but it is too late, he has already disappeared around a street corner along with his secret." The notes include bergamot, citron vert, fresh notes, bourbon geranium, lavande, aromatic notes, tonka bean, pine, vetiver, amber, musk and clove.

Monarchy ~ "The inspiration behind Monarchy stems from surrealist paintings, Belgium ‘s green and flat country side and its sense of unity when it comes to its monarchs. One can imagine the Belgian royal family, known of its quiet elegance, moving about in its palace hidden behind the heavy velvet curtains. This perfume symbolizes their everyday life." With bergamot, lemon grass, cashmere woods, geranium, lavandin, muguet, clover, rose, ambrette, amber, dry woods, Virginia cedar, coumarin, musk, sandalwood and vanilla.

Omnipresence (shown) ~ "Omnipresence of the smell of someone you love, the smell of her skin when you wake up after her departure .... olfactive footprint on the bed sheets. Omnipresence of the energy around us, invisible but always present in us and all around us .... The divine breath Omnipresence of the architect of the universe .... The presence of this mechanism indescribable but so perfect, our beliefs, our doubts."

Technique Indiscrete My Burning Secret, Monarchy and Omnipresence are available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum, €65 each.

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  1. Jessica says:

    This line is probably quite nice, for all I know—I’ve never seen it anywhere in NYC—but, oh dear, “My Burning Secret”? It sounds like the title of a bodice-ripper romance novel *or*, um, an unpleasant health-and-hygiene situation. Sorry. But it does.

    • Aparatchick says:

      Yes, “My Burning Secret” is a Very Unfortunate Name.

    • Dilana says:

      Perhaps it should have a cranberry note.

    • Robin says:

      There are so many fragrances now that the world is running out of names ;-)

    • mals86 says:

      That is EXACTLY what I thought, too.

    • poodle says:

      Since I work in the medical field I thought the same thing about “Burning Secret”. Then when I read the write up on it of how she chases him down the street and he disappears around a corner with his secret I found it even funnier.

  2. Joe says:

    Hmm. They apparently have a new Marrons Glacés scent as well that I’m a bit curious about.

    • Robin says:

      I think they have 4-5 new ones, but they haven’t yet put details on their website. Marrons Glaces caught my eye too!

  3. NinaraPoll says:

    When I see the name “Burning Secret,” I unfortunately think of sundry sexually transmitted infections and the odors of some of them. Blame my foray into medical education for that! :)

    • Dilana says:

      It just occurred to me, is this the scent you give a lover as a form of apology to go along with the news that he or she should schedule a visit to their doctor?

  4. Dilana says:

    Blame a really bad branding decision for that.

  5. Omega says:

    My Burning Secret..lovely! Already TMI IMO lol.
    Don’t wanna see the flanker to that…may actually be the secret revealed, yikes.

  6. Omega says:

    I did wanna say I dig the name Omnipresence though. Kinda cool

  7. Merlin says:

    I had the complete and utter opposite reaction to everyone: my thought was – see – if they only think about it there are still plenty fantastic names for a scent! Burning Secret could have some unfortunate associations but it still beats V.S’s, Angel, Dream Angel’s Glow, Angel Gold and Beach Angel. That kind of thing is just like recycling a little set of concepts, and accreting them into phrases that make no sense.

  8. djron91 says:

    I would strongly recommend that you do not do business with Libertin Louison or Technique Indiscrete. I placed an order back in November 2011 and have never received it. They do not reply to phone calls, emails, tweets or facebook messages.

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