Providence Perfume Co Moss Gown ~ new fragrance

Providence Perfume Co Moss Gown

Indie natural line Providence Perfume Co has launched Moss Gown, a new natural perfume:

Fall under the spell of Moss Gown, the latest fragrance by FIFI nominated Charna Ethier, the Perfumer and owner of the cult all natural perfume brand Providence Perfume Co.

Once upon a time a faithful daughter, banished by her gullible father and evil sisters, fell asleep on a bed of moss and was awakened by a witchy woman who befriends her and teaches her the charmed spell that will turn her mossy rags into a magical gown.

The children’s story Moss Gown, set in the Deep South was written by William H. Hooks and is the inspiration behind Providence Perfume Co.’s newest botanical scent. “While reading this tale of courage, love and magic to my daughter I was intrigued by the supernatural aura and the vivid setting of the bayou to create a scent that evokes the enchanted gown,” says Charna Ethier, “Like the pages of a book, Moss Gown perfume unfolds in a unique manner that tells a story on the skin."

Moss Gown is a swirl of green moss, the rustle of bright taffeta petals, and a frisson of creamy sandalwood. Specially designed accords capture the smell of languid green rivers with earthy moss growing wild along their banks and exotic flowers seldom used in perfumery.

The notes feature sunflower essence, mimosa, chamomile, boronia, rose, coffee flower, narcissus, lilac, violet leaf, cedar moss, sandalwood and white cedar.

Providence Perfume Co Moss Gown is available in 6 or 30 ml Eau de Parfum ($36 / $140).

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  1. norjunma1 says:

    Oh my stars this sounds so exciting! I was just thinking the other day about whether or not anyone had successfully created a mold/mildew accord that didn’t send people screaming into the night. There’s something weirdly thrilling about that smell. Ditto the wet smell of river land, which can range from cool/wet/lush to funky and fetid depending on when you catch a whiff. Not necessarily expecting the latter in this perfume, but if it captures the former then PP Co. will have a devoted customer.

    • Robin says:

      I really like this brand so hope to try it.

    • Curly11 says:

      I was just thinking about how to reproduce that wet, lake, river, watery smell the other day. I have many happy memories that include lakes and other bodies of water. Yesterday I ordered a sample of Moss Gown along with the Rose Boheme and Divine. Can’t wait to get them; I haven’t tried any of the Providence perfumes yet.

  2. KateReed says:

    Ugh, I went to college for a while in Baton Rouge…I do not want to smell any bayou in my perfume!

    • Robin says:

      Seriously doubt it is going to smell like bayou :-)

    • JolieFleurs says:

      Good lord knows bayou ain’t something I’d care to smell like, but I do believe I’d take Baton Rouge Bayou over New Orleans Eua de Bourbon street! :P

    • NinaraPoll says:

      Now I’m weirdly nostalgc for the varied and generally unpleasant smells of old Red Stick! (Except for the open sewer smell, ESPECIALLY on Government St. near the McD’s/old Dairy Queen site/police headquarters in high summer. That can stay a memory.)


  3. hajusuuri says:

    The Swamp Thing description does not evoke a must try vibe in me but I will try it if I stumble upon it.

    • Robin says:

      I’m a moss freak…I’m more attracted to this than everybody else, I guess!

      • Curly11 says:

        Please describe the fragrance of moss and why you’re attracted to it. I’m a newb and need to know these things :) Seriously, I just don’t have lots of experience with perfumes, and I live in a town that has one department store in addition to the usual bath & body type stores, WalMart, Target, etc. It’s difficult for me to get as much exposure as I’d like in order to further my fragrance education.

        • Robin says:

          It’s harder than you might imagine to describe the smell of moss as it’s usually used in perfume — it’s musty/earthy, and you either love it or you don’t!

          • Curly11 says:

            Thanks for trying, Robin. I’ll find out how moss smells pretty soon. PayPal just sent me a notice that my samples from Providence Perfume were shipped yesterday. And one of the samples is Moss Gown. Yay! I love getting perfume samples.

  4. jbordeau says:

    Indolice was a thrill I cannot get over after a year, yet still cannot afford. Since this is another Providence offering, I’m convinced she is an artist on the order of Christopher Brosius (but less verisimilitude to familiar things and more fine fragrance). I’m dying to smell this one!

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