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  1. platinum14 says:

    You were not kidding about the drool factor!!!
    I just sat there with my mouth open, jaw on the floor for the whole time.
    Barcelona just shot up to the top of my next-vacation-spot list.

    • Robin says:

      It’s pretty incredible. More than one bottle in there that I would not mind owning :-)

      • platinum14 says:

        There are so many that I would love to own… security at the exit door will have to be pretty tight! LOL

        • Robin says:

          I’m sure those are locked cases, LOL…did you see how many bottles are still full? I’d be sniffing away.

  2. Celestia says:

    I drooled. I have always wanted to go to Barcelona to see this museum and now Leah has afforded all of us an opportunity to experience its magnificence. It was worth the 18 minutes of perfume bottle heaven. Even the music was enjoyable. Thank you, Leah. Thank you, Robin!

    • Robin says:

      Isn’t that great?? Also interesting to see how many “new” bottles have their origins in vintage bottles long forgotten. All that is new is vinyl flowers on top…

  3. Kelly Red says:

    How did I miss this??? I was in Barcelona barely 2 years ago! Oh, I am weeping I tell you, weeping :(

  4. relleric says:

    Those beautiful, beautiful gorgeous bottles!!!!!

  5. rosiegreen62 says:

    Wow, that was just beautiful.



  7. RusticDove says:

    *Thud* I need some smelling salts!

  8. sinnerman says:

    Bravo * I feel like I have been through the museum , very well documented through detailed photography. Now I need to visit to see it in the flesh ! Fave part ! Chanel of course , Lanvin equal 2nd with Dior ! A may zing !!!!!!!!

  9. GateGirl says:

    Some of those looked like big honkin’ full-size wine bottles…..

    I liked the one that looked like a jar of honey.

  10. hajusuuri says:

    Oh boy, I may have to revise my vacation plans. Drool.

  11. nozknoz says:

    Well done!

    I was quite relieved that a lot of the bottles are empty or partial. It’s too depressing to think of all that vintage juice being ruined by the lighting. Although there is still plenty of rare perfume to mourn.

  12. Lucy says:

    Oooooh…aaaaah. A sales associate once told me I had ADOLSOD: Attention Deficit…”Ooh Look Shiny Object”…Disorder. This video proves her right. I’ve already watched it three times and there will be plenty more viewings tomorrow.

  13. Celestia says:

    I wonder if it would be possible to contact Leah and ask her to change the music on her 14:05 Harrod’s video so that a world-wide audience could enjoy it. EMI clearance doesn’t allow it in Canada. I have watched all her perfume bottle videos and will rewatch them when I need to die and go to heaven.

  14. Celestia says:

    I wrote to IPBA and received an immediate reply to clarify that the two Harrods’ videos are the same just with different music and title pages. (At least that’s what I understood.) Thanks, Robin.

  15. Leah Lefevre says:

    Thank you for your comments.The two Harrods slide shows are exactly the same, just with different music. It had to be done this way because of music Copyright problem, so one of them only I can watch. There are four different slide shows related to perfumes which I have made and can be viewed on YouTube: “Harrods Perfume Diaries”, “Profumi dell’ Italia” (mainly Italian novelty perfume presentations), “Museu del Perfum Barcelona”, “Museo del Profumo, Milan”. You are welcome to leave your comments and questions on my YouTube page. Leah Lefevre.

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