Madonna Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked ~ new fragrance

Madonna Truth or Dare Naked perfume

Madonna will launch Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked, a new fragrance for women, in December. Truth or Dare Naked is a flanker to her debut fragrance, Truth or Dare, and was developed by the same perfumer, Stephen Nilsen.

Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked is a provocative and sexy scent that reveals Madonna’s sensual inner qualities. Blending a sense of richness and flirty femininity, the fragrance is playful yet confident. A bold combination of creamy woodiness is paired with addictive vanilla nuances and sparkling florals for a scent that is immediately captivating.

Truth or Dare Naked is a woody floral; notes include honeysuckle, peach blossom, neroli, vanilla orchid, cocoa flower, lily of the valley, cedar, benzoin, oud accord and sandalwood.

Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked will be available in 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum.

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  1. ladymurasaki says:

    I was rather impressed with the original, but as it reminds me so much of Fracas, I won’t be buying it. This one sounds as if it’s worth a try.

  2. bluegardenia says:

    Did the original do well, sales wise? I’m assuming it’s par for the course to add a flanker regardless?

    • Robin says:

      I don’t think it set the world on fire. Flankers are usually planned so far in advance that they’re going to appear regardless. Bigger question is whether she’ll get another pillar.

  3. pigoletto says:

    When did the original come out? Feels like less than a year. Seems fast for a flanker. By the way, anyone who likes the old Ivoire, hoard now. I just tested the new stuff – smells like scented feminine hygiene product – nothing like the old except a faint whisper of green – then all powdery fem product. Not badly made, but it was the first and only thing in my head through testing.

    • Robin says:

      Yes, it came out earlier this year — will be about 9 months, I think, between the 2 releases.

      And thanks, good to know!

    • norjunma1 says:

      Oh my heart! Ivoire was literally my first grandma scent: it was my maternal Grandmother’s sig scent until she discovered my Mom’s bottle of Paris. Even then, she always had a bottle squirreled away in her room, still does in fact. I fell in love with it early on and would sneak spritzes of it here and there. Off I go to grab a bottle or 10…

  4. norjunma1 says:

    Sounds like a nice warm comforty sort of scent, though I imagine it’ll be on the sweet side. Given I found the first was surprisingly

    • TheSnailsPajamas says:

      Hi – I’m pigoletto, I just have a different login at home. The new Ivoire is similar in style to Chanel 19 Poudre – just a lot softer, sweeter (vanillic) and the green is blurred so there’s not any crispness to the galbanum. I’m sure it wil suit people looking for a soft green tinged vanilla powdery musk, it’s just completely different to it’s predecessor.

  5. megank4 says:

    Umm, haven’t we seen enough of Madonna that we don’t need her naked?

  6. norjunma1 says:

    Sounds like a nice warm comforty sort of scent, though I imagine it’ll be on the sweet side. Given I found the first surprisingly nice (though like many others, felt it was too much like Fracas to really capture me) I think I’ll give this one a whirl. Robin, this nose is the same for both perfumes, yes?

  7. lucasai says:

    Isn’t this a little bit to early for a flanker to come out?

  8. eaudemale says:

    She needs to release something for men.
    God such terrible marketing and ideas.

    She could have made a career out of this… imagine releasing a fragrance with names of her songs for men and women with a basic design for the bottles and small details to difference them.

    The Virgin, True Blue, Vogue, Music, Rain, Ray of Light, Frozen, MDNA, Hard Candy, Confessions


    • ggperfume says:

      You’re so right! Why couldn’t she (or her marketing people) have thought of that?

    • lucasai says:

      I would definitely wear a perfume named Vogue!

    • bluegardenia says:

      I think essentially she did do that. She named it after a popular movie of hers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next one was called Vogue or Prayer or something like that.

  9. Dawnkana says:

    YAY! I loved the first one and I will definitely sample this one.

  10. thenoseknows says:

    I loved ToD it does have the Feeling of Fracas, Just not as Indulgently Opulent! Fracas is A Courtesan of the Highest Order… Expensive, Tasteful, A Master in Many Languages, Ripe, Full, RADIANT! This is not as regal as that… but wonderful nonetheless! :-) I am Stoked for this flanker for it sounds so different from the original it might as well be a new scent! :-) Yay For Madonna… As it is… it did and still does sell quite well from what i understand!

  11. Omega says:

    The first one and the bottle was bad enough..pass.

  12. poodle says:

    I liked the first one so I’ll give this a try. I hope the woody notes are noticeable.

  13. bluegardenia says:

    A friend of mine who lives in upstate New York told me that she was at Macy’s and asked to smell new perfumes. The salesman told her, “We’ve got a lot of good stuff, just don’t spray the Madonna one. Everyone who tries it hates it and asks to wash it off.”
    That’s why I asked about how it did. (I wasn’t surprised to hear this since I imagine these days any tuberose or gardenia is too much for the average consumer who shops at Macy’s in a small town.)

    • Jaisalmer says:


  14. lenika says:

    Sensual inner qualities with addictive vanilla nuances! lol (but I’ll certainly try it) :)

  15. bellaliberta says:

    I thought the first Truth or Dare was nicely done and esp. well-crafted for a department store fragrance these days — and hey, if you’re going to ape a fragrance, it’s nice to aspire to Fracas with a bit of dessert! This sounds personally more up my alley, though…I like woodsier scents. I’ll give it a go and hope it’s as pleasant of a surprise as the first!

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