Le Snob: Perfume by Dariush Alavi ~ new perfume book

Le Snob: Perfume by Dariush Alavi, cover

Dariush Alavi, better known to perfumistas as Persolaise, has released Le Snob: Perfume, a new book in the Le Snob series of guide books from Hardie Grant Books.

With the cachet knowledge every aficionado must possess, plus authentic insights into the lives and skills of the experts within the industry, Le Snob: Perfume offers impeccable advice on all aspects of this artisanal product, from learning how to recognise olfactory categories to professional production techniques. Providing an authoritative directory of the very best scents available from around the world, and from all manner of producer, from select haute couture and niche producers, to natural perfumery and the surprising gems available on the mass market, you'll learn to distinguish the quality fragrances from the hundreds of options available in today's market. A select few of particular note will be marked as 'Essentials' to highlight the very best of the best. Also including information on developing your olfactory senses, finding rare perfumes, and discovering which scents are best suited to you, this book provides you with the cachet knowledge every aficionado wants to possess. Additional features include Words from the Wise, advice from experts within the perfume industry on subjects ranging from selecting a perfume to correct storage, and In The Details will provide in-depth information on the unique techniques and processes used to produce the highest quality perfumes available. Witty, assured and informative, this book is the perfect foil for your obsession for the perfect scent. Le Snob: elite guides for those in the know.

Le Snob: Perfume is available now at Amazon in the UK, and can be pre-ordered from Amazon in the US.

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  1. ladymurasaki says:

    Still waiting for my copy from Amazon… I’ve just finished reading The Paris Wife, so this would be a welcome change of subject.

    • Robin says:

      Oh good!

      Hey, how was the Paris Wife?

      • dilettante perfumista says:

        I recently read the paris wife too! I liked it, but didn’t know much about Hemingway’s personal life beforehand, so I couldn’t compare it to any actual facts.

  2. Rappleyea says:

    I just pre-ordered. One can never have enough perfume books, and this sounds like a good one. We have *so* many talented peeps amongst us!

    Congratulations Persolaise on the publication of your book.

    • Robin says:

      I have never seen these guides, but they look fun. And don’t we though!

    • Persolaise says:

      Rappleyea, thanks very much indeed. I hope you enjoy read it.

  3. Persolaise says:

    Robin, thanks for posting this. Much appreciated.

  4. maggiecat says:

    I will order this as soon as it’s available! Thanks for the heads-up Robin!

  5. bluegardenia says:

    Nice! Just pre ordered :)

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