By Kilian In the Garden of Good and Evil ~ new fragrances

By Kilian In the Garden of Good and Evil

Niche line By Kilian has launched In The Garden of Good and Evil, a new series of fragrances. The collection starts with three fragrances: In the City of Sin, Forbidden Games and Good Girl Gone Bad.

For Kilian, an olfactive harmony always begins with a story. In this new collection, it is the myth of original sin which is found at the heart of the narrative - a classical theme whose interpretations punctuate art in all of its forms. Here, the world of perfume enters into the garden of Eden and shows us another side of the story, leading us away from the well-known representations and allowing us to understand it now by breathing in its delights.

In the City of Sin ~ Developed by perfumer Calice Becker. "IN THE CITY OF SIN, a perfume as the opening face of the collection. IN THE CITY OF SIN, a place of extreme temptation where every street corner offers the possibility of impromptu encounters and seductions....IN THE CITY OF SIN is a rich composition of fruits and spices, flowers and woods, in which the essence of fruit liquefies and melts onto the heady woods. The perfume opens with an explosion of Bergamote from Calabria, pink Peppercorns and Cardamom from Guatamala. The perfume then evolves into a heart of Apricots and caramelized Plums held in check by the Turkish Rose Absolute. A light haze of Indonesian Incense entrances and then lends a profound depth, further sustained by Atlas and Virginia Cedar woods and rich Indonesian Patchouli."

Forbidden Games ~ Developed by perfumer Calice Becker. "FORBIDDEN GAMES, literally. FORBIDDEN GAMES embodies the spirit of a temptation that leads to total abandon. FORBIDDEN GAMES is a composition of fruits and spices, flowers and amber; A nectar of fruits prohibited to mortals. The perfume opens on a potpourri of fruits – Apple, Peach, Plum – spiced by Cinnamon bark from Laos. Then the perfume advances into a lush, exuberant floral heart – Bulgarian Rose Orpur, Geranium Bourbon, and Midnight Jasmine – before disappearing slowly into a sweet confection of Madagascar Vanilla, Laotian Honey and the spellbinding resinous oil of Opoponax."

Good Girl Gone Bad ~ Developed by perfumer Alberto Morillas. "GOOD GIRL GONE BAD typifies a special sort of woman. A perfume that represents a kind of voluptuousness beloved by Kilian : sensual and unrestrained...GOOD GIRL GONE BAD is a composition of fruits and flowers, a perfume as bewitching as bursts of laughter, a barrier moved beyond, a forgotten prohibition. The perfume opens on the fresh innocence of the petals of Jasmin Sambac and the apricot sweetness of Chinese Osmanthus...The Rose of May gives off its honeyed heat. The Indian Tuberose nakedly exhibits its milky roundness, while the narcotic sensuality of Egyptian Narcissus surges forth, uncontrollable and deliciously haunting. Notes of Virginia Cedar and Amber open up and try to assert their dominant character..."

By Kilian In the City of Sin, Forbidden Games and Good Girl Gone Bad are available now for pre-order at Luckyscent, $245 each for 50 ml Eau de Parfum.

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  1. euse says:

    beautiful boxes, great concept, these look and sound amazing!!! hats off to kilian!

    • Robin says:

      The packaging is nicely done, but not to my taste — just as well, I’m not going to pay for it :-)

  2. Zazie says:

    On one side, I find the proliferation of By Kilian sub-lines really annoying.
    On the other, the pompous descriptions succeed in making me stupidly curious about “Good Girl Gone Bad” and “Forbidden Games”, despite the aknowledged fruitiness of the fragrances.
    So fruit is the running theme “In the Garden of Good and Evil”?
    With all that prose, they could have gone for subtler, more researched references!!! When I saw apple listed among the notes I rolled my eyes…
    Anyway, I want to try them. Despite the packaging, the price, and the fruits. Stupid me!

    • Robin says:

      So far, none of the By Kilians have really swayed me, although they’re nearly uniformly well done. Hope to continue w/ that record since they’re too spendy for me.

  3. ladymurasaki says:

    I’m liking the sound of Good Girl Gone Bad. Just hope that it’s more floral than fruity.

    • Robin says:

      That one sounded best to me too. Not sure I could ever make myself buy a fragrance called “Good Girl Gone Bad”, but never say never.

  4. Ladyslipper says:

    Can’t wait to sample these..,the most beautiful packaging in niche yet,just breathtaking!

  5. Perfumista8 says:

    I’m afraid I might fall for all of these. Yes, the PR copy is a bit ridiculous but the notes are very intriguing and I’m head over heals for several of his fragrances. Back to Black, Cruel Intentions, Rose Oud and Amber Oud are among my top ten. That’s a lot of love for one house. Alas, I get by with the travel sizes/decants due to the cost which is too bad but hey, I smell great.

    I enjoy a trashy novel from time to time — still when I read “The Rose of May gives off its honeyed heat. Egyptian Narcissus surges forth” I practically blushed. Sheesh.

    • meredifay says:

      Amber Oud is great – I used up the sample I got in short order. Haven’t replaced it, tho. Not sure why…

  6. mals86 says:

    I have snarked and snarked and snarked about By Kilian’s pricing structure, the beyond-fancy packaging, the ridiculous PR copy, the predictable focus on Kilian himself (okay, so he’s good-looking. Get over yourself, willya, K?).

    But I have, by and large, enjoyed the fragrances, despite the fact that they don’t seem terribly inventive or unusual. (Well, Straight to Heaven was weird. Also unwearable for me.) I now have a travel bottle of Sweet Redemption, and a good handful of Rose Oud samples/mini decants. Those are likely to cover my needs, but I admit to really enjoying them. If samples come my way, I may indulge.

    • I agree on all counts, Mals. If they have a cool travel bottle for one of these (what metal finish says “good and evil”?) I could easily see myself falling for one of these. (Fortunately none of the Arabian line have really grabbed me yet but with Kilians I tend to smell them and think “meh” and then for some reason a year or two later decide for some brain-spastic reason that they’re Fantastic, Must Have.

  7. dewey eyed says:

    Oh good grief, Good Girl is screaming my name in multiple languages.

    • dewey eyed says:

      And… disappointed me so much. This barely winked. Where’s the BAD?

  8. They’re really well done. GGGB was my favorite. A great pulpy fruit note. I’ve loved most of Kilian’s work, except didn’t pay much attention to the Asian Tales

    • mag20 says:

      Thank you Carlos. Great to hear from someone who has actually smelt them. I find myself really interested in these and will probably buy at least one if they are up to Killian’s usual standard.

      Could you elaborate a little on the other two?

      • I only smelled the others on a test strip. I have samples but haven’t worn them on my skin yet. They are different than his previous releases, but are definitely up to his standard IMO

  9. Dzingnut says:

    The language and imagery is so … exhausting! Temptation on every corner, encounters, seductions, total abandon, unrelenting sensuality … makes me wish these frags could sometimes be named after more realistic daily experiences and/or victories, like “I Found It On Sale!”, “No Wait at the Gyno”, “A Seat to Myself”, or “Test Results Normal”.

    • alyssa says:

      Hee, hee!

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      I would definitely buy a bottle of “A Seat To Myself!”

      How about–Traffic-Free Commute!
      I Slept Through the Night!
      New Jeans That Fit! (and make my butt look good!)

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        Perfectly Roasted Chicken! (wait, that one might evoke a scent you wouldn’t want to wear! Ha!)

        Drama-Free Holiday?
        I Remembered to Floss?

  10. alyssa says:

    Oh, dear. Well we can’t say they haven’t remained true to themselves. This is top form. Almost as good as the original Prix Eau Faux inspiring copy. Curious about the juice, though. I’ve come very near buying a couple of the ouds, and Liasons Dangereuses is something I keep coming back to.

  11. APassionateJourney says:

    I cannot freakin WAIT to test these!!!! They all sound great. Hope I don’t love all of them

  12. Cybele says:

    I am not a fan of the manner to through out several fragrances at once, or worse a whole line, why not put the energy in one great one, well hopefully it’s three great ones. I am still very curious and already admire several Kilians.

  13. bluegardenia says:

    The names sound like B movies (at best) or just porn movies. I like Kilian in theory but none of the scents speak to me. I have Beyond Love, wore it for a week, and realized it irritated me (can’t put my finger on why). I so do not agree with luca Turin that it’s the best tuberose soliflore on earth. Anyway, good girl gone bad (wow, really a ridiculously bad name) does sound like it might be good. But after the total disaster that was water callIgraphy, my hopes aren’t very high.

  14. Petra says:

    This snakelike golden something on the right hand side of the above photograph is probably a snake, but it reminds me of what the hedgehog family currently living on my porch decide to leave behind every night.

    Every day when I clean up the results of their healthy metabolism I wish it was worth its weight in gold, or even better, was gold.

    Then I could afford to buy all these ridiculously expensive scents.

    Some of which are actually wonderful, some of which simply cost a lot of money. I am not yet sure to which category Kilian’s oeuvres belong.

  15. Dilana says:

    Well, yeah the Killian packaging is gorgeous. If you love beautiful bottles, these are the ones to buy.

    I realize that my definition of sin is different than those of other people. But would somebody please explain to me why fruit and spices are a sign of a forbidden city, or of sinfullness.

  16. Joe says:

    They sound perfectly nice and not worth it. Asian Tales were personally disappointing.

    I wouldn’t mind sampling these, but I couldn’t possibly roll my eyes any harder (ouch!) about a perfume called “Good Girl Gone Bad.” For a theme of good and evil? Really? At those prices and not geared toward 17-year olds?

    Oh, go on, BK… you kill me. Really, you do.

  17. Furriner says:

    Is it me or do these boxes look like coffins?

  18. sweetgrass says:

    I just got samples of the three, and I like one. I think Good Girl Gone Bad is easily the best of the bunch. I like the osmanthus in it, but it does smell more “good girl” and less “gone bad” than I’d like. Might have to try layering it with my sample of L’air de Rien and see what happens..ha. Definitely wouldn’t shell out the $$$ for a full bottle, but I think I like it enough for a little decant maybe.

    The other two.. Forbidden Games just smelled like shampoo to me. Patty at Perfume Posse reviewed these and said she felt that there was something malevolent about this one, but I just don’t get it. I wish I did because that sounds cool. I tried layering it with Timbuktu.. because I happened to be wearing Timbuktu that day and was curious to see if it would work, and the combo was pretty good.

    In the City of Sin is a bit shampoo-y to me as well, but there is a note in it, kind of sharp and peppery, but subtly so – maybe the patch? – that saves it from going completely to shampoosville.

    The common thread between the latter two is that they both contain an apple note, and I think maybe that’s what’s not working for me and making me think of shampoo. They would be nice shampoos though. If I smelled that in a shampoo I would probably go for it.

    • dramalydia says:

      Just so – more like Bad Girl Gone Good. I like it either way.

  19. sweetgrass says:

    I gave City of Sin another shot yesterday, and upon further inspection, there is a tart note in it that was making me think of pickles.

  20. sunsetsong says:

    Wearing Forbidden Games from a sample at the moment and it is delicious. All 3 are absolutely high end gorgeous lush fruity florals. I can’t decide which is my favourite. This genre is often overlooked but a great fruity floral is a thing of beauty to be enjoyed forever.

  21. Jada in GA says:

    I’m trying GGGB from a sample and I really like it! Very lush as sunsetsong described. Too expensive to ever be a full size purchase though…way too many wonderful fragrances are priced outside my budget. I’ll just have to stay a “good girl staying good”…I can’t afford to go bad! :)

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