Serge Lutens Le Vaporisateur Tout Noir

Serge Lutens Le Vaporisateur Tout NoirSerge Lutens Le Vaporisateur Tout NoirSerge Lutens Le Vaporisateur Tout Noir

Serge Lutens has introduced Le Vaporisateur Tout Noir, a new travel atomiser currently available in the Ambre Sultan and Féminité du Bois fragrances. Reportedly, more fragrances are to come, and this packaging will replace the "ephemeral editions" (exclusive fragrances offered as limited editions in the export edition packaging).*

Le Vaporisateur Tout Noir are €90 each, and come with two 30 ml refills.

(via sergelutens, additional information via Serge Lutens at Facebook)

*Meantime, the exclusive or "bell jar" fragrances, once sold only at the Paris boutique, are now available at Barneys in New York City and online (oops, phone orders only).

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  1. Lys says:

    First off, WTH @”this packaging will replace the “ephemeral editions.” Does this mean they won’t be issuing any non-exports as exports in the rectangle bottles? That’s kind of lame and kind of cheap.

    Also, please guys, how about empty refillable travel bottles for people who want to decant their own, especially from the larger bell jars?

    • Robin says:

      It makes sense to me if what they end up doing is making all of the “exclusives” widely available this way (at once, I mean, instead of a few at a time), which I assume is too expensive / unprofitable for the brand to do otherwise. But not sure what the plan is.

      The other nice thing is that if they sell the refills separately, will make it very easy to do splits — I would love to buy SL scents in cheap 30 ml containers!

      • Lys says:

        Good points. I can’t imagine they would make all the exclusives “export available,” but I also didn’t imagine that the bell jars would be in Manhattan anytime soon either.

        They’ll probably group atomizer refills like Malle does where you have to buy a set at a time, but you’re absolutely right about splits. I do however love the rectangle bottles and my few Serges are all export versions of exclusives. Probably also this move to the new containers will be accompanied by a price increase, per ml. Too great of an opportunity not to re-price.

        • Robin says:

          That’s what most of my SL bottles are too, admittedly! We’ll have to see where they do with these. I do know that I don’t have much interest in the bell jars.

  2. Abyss says:

    Hang on, what? There won’t be any more annual limited release non-exports? That’s really disappointing, I was waiting for lazy weekend post to ask if anyone knew fro sure what this year’s was going to be.

    The black sprays look nice if rather Piguet-ish ;)

    • Robin says:

      That’s my understanding. But as always, I could be wrong!

      I don’t love that atomizer at all — I’m just interested in the refills :-)

      • Abyss says:


        I agree about the re-fills, those should be perfect for splits although for some SLs even 30 ml is too much juice for me :D

  3. FragrantWitch says:

    Not sure I like the atomisers but I sure do love 30 ml sizes!

  4. Tatiana says:

    Hmm, I’m the odd person out here. I kind of like the look of those from the photo. It just depends how they look and feel in person. It would be nice if they sold empty ones, so I could decant what I already own into one. Not sure I need to be buying any more Serge.

    • Merlin says:

      I think they look good as well.

  5. rickbr says:

    Those black atomizers are not new, Lutens is recilcing the 5ml atomizers he used in his first fragrance for Shiseido, Feminite du Bois. I have one, and the design is exactly equal.

  6. helenviolette says:

    Hmmm- that means you will get 60ml total?

    • Robin says:


      • pyramus says:

        And that is a really good deal: right now, 90 euro is about $113 Canadian for 60 mL, and the least expensive Serges are $120 for 50 mL. And it’s pre-split if you want to share. I think this is terrific news.

  7. Omega says:

    The only SL I’ve liked so far is Feminite Du Bois..that’s a good, cedar scent.

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