Christina Aguilera Red Sin ~ new fragrance

Christina Aguilera Red Sin

Christina Aguilera will launch Red Sin, a new 'seductive' perfume for women, in October.

The notes include red apple, cinnamon, cyclamen, red ginger, musk and sandalwood.

Christina Aguilera Red Sin will be available in 15, 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.


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  1. chrisskins says:

    Wow, creepy on so many levels. Could be fun to discover among an eccentric aunt (or uncle’s) effects 30 years down the road.

  2. ceelouise says:

    What kind of perfume name is that?

  3. Anna Stromberg says:

    Sexual fleur? Red sin? What’s happening here?

  4. Ayala says:

    Is that a red tattoo on her shoulder?!

    • djron91 says:

      No, I think it’s a rash from being sprayed with Red Sin.. like the scarlet A for adultery.. or her punishment for too much sin.

    • Robin says:

      It’s a red lace dress or shirt or something.

  5. RavynG says:

    apple, cinnamon and ginger it is putting me more in mind of a nice bowl of oatmeal than sin….

  6. Joe says:

    This is a funny comment thread. I like you people.

  7. peter says:

    The name sounds like something Carrie’s mom would say!
    And Eve wore Red Sin! …And Eve wore Red Sin!!!!

    • Joe says:

      “Say it!” ::hits heathen in head with perfume box::

  8. Lucy says:

    My Aunt used to make pears poached in a syrup of dissolved red hot candies at Christmas. I’m getting so hungry. I’m not feeling seduced in the slightest, but very hungry.

  9. poodle says:

    Apple, cinnamon, ginger…. Spiced cider? Sounds like a festive holiday more than a sin. But hey, no pink pepper, no berries, no oud, and it’s not a noir or a sport. I will give it a sniff.

    • kaos.geo says:

      I agree! the notes sound more like christmas scented candles than anything sinful… I think this one should be named “Bad Santa!” rather than Red Sin.

  10. Mitz says:

    You know those portable urinals you get in hospital that are, erm, only suitable for about half the population? You know if you decided that they could be made less grim by sticking half an Ann Summers suspender belt to the neck? And how the result might cause you to wonder whether it’s some kind of sex toy whose usage you either can’t imagine or can’t sop trying to imagine?


    “Red Sin” sounds like a really awful euphemism for Eve’s Just and Deserved Curse. “I cannot take communion, for the Red Sin is upon me. My husband, too, had the misfortune to brush my hand this morning and is thus unclean until nightfall.”

  11. eminere says:

    “Red sin” is all kinds of wrong.

  12. RoseRed says:

    I have no idea what this smells like but I’m thinking Yankee Candle Co’s “apple cider” jar candle—waxy, fake and syrupy sweet. Might smell it anyway just to see how bad it is.

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