Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Glow ~ new perfume

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Glow

Victoria’s Secret has launched Dream Angels Glow, a a new floral flanker to their Dream Angels fragrance for women.

Feel limitless. Be luminous. Fall for Dream Angels Glow. Capture the rush of falling head over heels with this vibrant eau de parfum from our award-winning Dream Angels collection. A radiant blend of pink pepper, peony and cashmere woods, it’s the perfect fragrance to channel the changing seasons.

The notes feature pear, boysenberry, pink pepper, peony, iris flower, white tea, freesia, cashmere woods, soft musks and amber.

Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Glow is available in 75 ml Eau de Parfum or 250 ml Body Mist.

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  1. poodle says:

    I would love to know how many scents VS has released. In the beginning it was Victoria and Rapture and then all hell broke loose.

    • Robin says:

      I wish I had time to keep a count. I think of them as the worst offender in terms of # of new releases, but I may be wrong. Avon might come close too, but for some reason they don’t annoy me as much — maybe because a) they do fewer flankers and b) I never smell any of the output.

      • KateReed says:

        Avon’s definately got Vic’s beat for volume, particularly as they now have the mark. sub-brand as well (geared towards the tween market.) But for the annoyance factor? Victoria’s Secret hands down.

  2. NinaraPoll says:

    Don’t forget BBW, especially since they’re pretty much releasing a scent a month now, and then mini-collections (thy seem to like releasing those in threes or fours) every two or three months, and that’s before we get to the Christmas overload.


    • Robin says:

      BBW has slowed down — they only did 7 fragrances last year, although bear in mind that I mostly only include additions to the signature collection (same is true for VS though, so the numbers are comparable). VS did 18, Avon did 13 that I know of (some of their scents don’t launch in the US, and I don’t even know about them).

  3. happy888cat says:

    The bottle strikes me as a little “candy”ish. :P

  4. bookwyrmsmith says:

    I wonder …if J-Lo sued VS over the Glow name who would win?

    • Robin says:

      As I understand it, she doesn’t own the trademark on the word Glow, only on the phrase Glow by J Lo.

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