Tom Ford Jardin Noir ~ new fragrances

Tom Ford Jardin Noir

Tom Ford has launched Jardin Noir, a new collection in the Private Blend range. The four fragrances include Café Rose, Jonquille de Nuit, Ombre de Hyacinth and Lys Fume. Per Mr. Ford,

When you showcase their darker and less innocent aspects, flowers can become so thrilling and beautiful, they could almost ruin you. That was the sensation I was after.

Café Rose ~ "Enticing. Exotic. Seductive. Cafe Rose descends into a hidden labyrinth, where roses' fine breeding gives way to darker pleasures." [With saffron, black pepper, Rose de Mai, Turkish rose, Bulgarian rose, coffee, incense, amber, sandalwood and patchouli]

Jonquille de Nuit ~ "Heady. Hypnotic. Sensual. Jonquille de Nuit taunts the delicate narcissus flower to shed its sweetness and spiral into the self-obsessive haze that its name connotes." [With notes of wild Alpine cyclamen, acacia and angelica seeds, violet leaf, bitter orange leaf, orris and amber.]

Ombre de Hyacinth ~ "Sophisticated. Voluptuous. Passionate. Ombre de Hyacinth creates bewitching tension as hyacinth cloaks its voluptuous beauty behind cool, aristocratic finery." [With notes of hyacinth, galbanum, violet leaf, magnolia, pink pepper, jasmine and benzoin.]

Lys Fume ~ "Lush. Intoxicating. Luxurious. Lys Fume captures the decadence of tropical intoxication, as liquor-soaked dreams float in a garden of pure, white lilies." [With mandarin, pink pepper, nutmeg, turmeric, white lily, ylang-ylang, davana, West Indian Demerera rum essence, vanilla, labdanum, styrax and oakwood.]

Tom Ford Café Rose, Jonquille de Nuit, Ombre de Hyacinth and Lys Fume are available in 50 ($205) or 250 ($495) ml Eau de Parfum, and can be found now at Saks Fifth Avenue.

(first quote via tmagazine.blogs.nytimes, subsequent quotes via saksfifthavenue)

Update: the notes for each fragrance, listed above in brackets, are via moodiereport.

Another update: see a review of Jonquille de Nuit.

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  1. sacre bleu says:

    I will never tempt myself with even a decant, as these are out of my price range, and it’s pointless to covet something I cannot/will not have.

    Is there an article anywhere on the profits made on perfume?

    • Robin says:

      Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster is a great place to start!

      Also, Bois de Jasmin did a great article this year on luxury pricing in perfume, so sorry but can’t remember the exact name. Might be worth a search over there.

    • Dilana says:

      I find this line to have some wonderful scents, and I have been tempted, but never have made a purchase at those prices.

  2. Ysbrand says:

    I am really excited about this four, i like the idea of a twisted floral, maybe in the line of Tubereuse Criminelle… Specially hyacinth and daffodils are absolute favourite notes of mine, often forgotten in perfumery…

    But for me, the price range is just crazy. Other Tom Ford fragances from the private blend collection proved to be unworthy of such pricing, we will see when the reviews start to come…

    • Robin says:

      So far, there has not been one I’ve thought worth the price — but never say never!

  3. relleric says:

    I have a circa 2008/2009 50ml Noir de Noir that has definitely changed, for the worse, the opening now smells completely rancid. A few weeks back I threw out a decant from the same bottle, and late last week discovered that my beloved full bottle has succumbed as well. I keep it in a medicine cabinet so it is never exposed to light.
    The only good thing to mention is that after 10 minutes it settles down and doesn’t seem any worse for the wear, but I did truly love the opening, which of course is now ruined. What is weird is that I now get more of a Black Orchid vibe from it, and while I respect that fragrance, I cannot wear it and don’t admire it.
    This is sad from such an expensive luxury brand. I have 3 other TF fragrances, but not from the PB line (White Patchouli, Extreme, Grey Vetiver), that all seem just fine.

    • Abyss says:

      To me, Noir de Noir always smelled like a better worked out version of Black Orchid. It’s the chocolate aspect, I suspect.

      Recently, quite a few people here mentioned that fragrance sometimes oxidises in the atomiser tube but the stuff in the bottle is still fine so it might be worth spraying it a few times to get rid of the juice in the tube and see is the rest might be okay.

      • relleric says:

        I think I applied 4 or 5 sprays, that seems like enough to clear the tube, but I will try it again soon, thanks!

        • Lys says:

          Try 20-30 sprays, spray into a glass vial if you don’t want to lose the juice. If your decant turned, maybe it IS the bottle and not just the tube. I think Estee Lauder-type frags, which include the TF lines, have a propensity for turning. Anyway, sad to hear about it – at least your other ones are still okay.

    • Robin says:

      I do not think you can make any assumptions about shelf life based on the price of the perfume, unfortunately. There are some ingredients that just don’t last, and the industry typically only promises that a fragrance will last a year or so before needing to be replaced.

      • relleric says:

        OMG, I have over 100 bottles of fragrance now. I keep saying to myself, “enough, enough”, but then I sample something and fall in love with it.
        If I had 1 fragrance only I wonder if I could get all the way through a 100ml bottle in 1 year.

        • Robin says:

          I hear you. I have lost lots of bottles. If it’s incredibly important, buy a wine refrigerator — but I just live with the occasional loss.

      • hajusuuri says:

        Robin, I assume the 1 year shelf life clock starts once it’s opened. Otherwise, buying new bottles may be risky since one never knows how long a particular bottle has been sitting in a retail store.

        • Robin says:

          Well, it’s meaningless anyway — we all know that some bottles last far longer than that, right? And yes, the bottle you buy could easily be quite “aged” already, and I do know that they age whether they’re opened or not, although at least they won’t be exposed to light. Best thing is to keep your house cold! My house just isn’t cold enough.

  4. I am usually immune to the Tom Ford Private Blend line, but for some reason these are calling to me… Twisted florals gets me every time. =/

  5. Lys says:

    There are several TF Private Collection fragrances I really like, but I’ve never had the need for a FB. Maybe Santal Blush, maybe Jasmin Rouge … together they could be the most expensive reinterpretation of Samsara ever. But I look forward to trying these, I typically don’t like TF florals b/c they are VERY opaque but lately with Yann Vasnier on board they have lightened up considerably and are SO much better for it.

    Guess I should ask, who is credited for these?

    • Robin says:

      Don’t know, but will update if I find out. TF does not go out of his way to credit perfumers.

      • Lys says:

        That’s true. I think maybe the Yann Vasnier thing was a big deal b/c he has such a strong reputation. Anyway, Santal Blush is amazing, diffusive, and not at all what I would have expected from a TF PC wood.

  6. Kelly Red says:

    They are very expensive and I usually avoid even when I like the scent. I did break down a few years ago and buy my husband Tobacco Vanilla. Mostly to get him away from Drakkor Noir!! God, I hated it since we dated. He liked the TF at first but then changed his mind, he thought too sweet. So I took it over and now it’s a favorite winter frag. (He goes scent free) I like the idea of Lys Fume, but not at those prices!

  7. Mrs.Scents says:

    These sound awesome! No way I could afford them, but would love to get a decant! Any idea if they’ll be (or are) available anywhere besides Saks?

    • Robin says:

      Yes, I know they are coming to other Private Blend counters.

    • Ari says:

      Mrs. Scents, I’ve also seen ’em at Neiman Marcus. Select Nordstrom’s also carry the Private Blend line.

      • Lys says:

        0.0 at NM right now?

  8. nathanthomas50 says:

    These have been on sale for the last 6 weeks in the UK and i was excited by the tought of them, but the reality was a big disappointment. The Lys & Jonquille are very non-descript and short lived. The hyacinth i actually enjoyed but not at this price. The one i was looking forward too most was the Cafe Rose, as i liked the idea of coffee and rose but the reality smells more like something from the By Kilian Arabian Nights collection – Rose Oude/Incense Oud – where did the coffee go ?!? Id consider paying £50 for them on eBay but definitiely not at this price.

    It disappoints me to say it but i think this is another white elephant mini-collection from Mr Ford, rather like his White musk collection.

  9. MrsRabbit says:

    It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m thinking a splurge on one of these might be a good way to start my collection.

  10. djron91 says:

    I sniffed these when I was at Saks during Elements. They are all interesting takes on floral. Three of them are way too femme for my tastes (and I ma not afraid of rocking HdP Vamp A NY) – but Cafe Noir is something special. I am going to wear it a few times but I am afraid that my Fordie obsession (have 13 PBs in my drobe) will take over.

  11. bluegardenia says:

    these sound terribly exciting!!! i haven’t been this excited to smell something in a while.

    • bluegardenia says:

      besides heeley bubblegum chic :)

  12. Marjorie Rose says:

    So I guess I’m the only one who finds the notion of 250 mL of fragrance sort of ridiculous? If I’m a perfumista, I want smaller bottles so I can have MANY scents; if I’m NOT a perfumista, I probably don’t want to wear it every single day, every occasion. I know, I know, there’s the signature scent folks out there, and maybe they want to bathe in it–but really? Are they that much more of a market than the 15mL perfumista crowd (who’s going under-served)?

    • djron91 says:

      The 250 ML are decanters – perfect for splits :)

      I am with you though – I would love to get 30 ML of a lot of fragrances. Then again – we parfumistas are not the target market of the mass lines.

    • Gblue says:

      Perfumistas are nobody in the mainstreams target market. We simply don’t buy enough.
      Middle Eastern customers are the main people that buy and consume fragrance, and they are the target – especially for the TF line. 50ml isn’t enough for them, that’s why the 250ml exist (and they sell crap-tons of the stuff)

  13. nozknoz says:

    I don’t know French, so as far as I can tell from online translation, Lys Fume would be smoked lilly? Which sounds rather intriguing to my jaded nose, but the description above doesn’t say anything about smoke, so I wonder.

    • Lindaloo says:

      Nozknoz, I think that “fume” (without an accent on the e) is the noun and the closer meaning is emanations or vapors. So Lily Emanations may be closer.

      • nozknoz says:

        That sounds more rational, Lindaloo!

  14. Nile Goddess says:

    Is there a law that you can’t launch a fragrance in 2012 unless it has “noir” in the name?

    Geez. Sheep Noir :-)

  15. PUSZEK says:

    Just bought Tom Ford Cafe Rose am sooo in love with it…. tried a mix with Oud wood and is also divine… now have to wait for hubby to buy me the Oud Wood next. also love Comme de Garcon – Wonder wood.. I am in heaven… all this incense…. x

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