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Gaeta, 03/04/12Luna Rossa AC45 training in GaetaPhoto: © Carlo Borlenghi

Prada will launch Luna Rossa, a new fragrance for men inspired by the brand's America's Cup Challenge team of the same name, later this year.

The notes will feature orange essence, lavender, clary sage, spearmint and ambrette.

Prada Luna Rossa will be available in 50, 100 and 150 ml Eau de Toilette and in matching grooming products. Look for an America’s Cup Collector Edition in 2013 and an Extreme version in 2014.

(via moodiereport)

Note: image of Luna Rossa team in training via media.lunarossachallenge. I will update with an image of the fragrance bottle when I can.


Prada Luna Rossa fragrance bottle

The Prada Luna Rossa fragrance was developed by perfumer Daniela Andrier. It is a woody citrus; additional notes include ambroxan. It will launch in September.

Another update: Prada Luna Rossa is not expected to debut in the US until March 2013. It is reportedly an unconventional marine fragrance with lavender as a key note.

Still another update: see a review of Luna Rossa.

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  1. sinnerman says:

    I eagerly await this one ! Prada is such a innovative brand ! Always taking a unique spin or approach , I hope this fragrance is good! Spearmint is a daring choice, And lavender is so scrumptious . Can’t wait to see the bottle ! Quietly hoping it does not look sporty (shhh)

    • Robin says:

      You can see the picture over at Moodie Report (link above) — I think the bottle looks quite nice.

  2. lupo says:

    I wonder if the nose will still be Daniela Andrier. Her touch is becoming Prada’s trademark in perfumery.
    However, that’s as Sportflanker as Prada can go :) You know, Prada is Prada. Could we bear an Infusion d’Homme Sport? No, we couldn’t :)

    • Robin says:

      I wonder too…probably we’ll find out eventually. And agree — hope they never do a true sport scent!

  3. lucasai says:

    New Prada fragrance for men? I’m turned on already!
    Where can I see the bottle design?

    • lucasai says:

      Found it! Looks interesting, so much different from others by Prada

    • Robin says:

      Agree — it looks nicely done.

  4. moore says:

    Already interested and wanting a bottle! At least Prada doesn’t use SPORT in red on their bottles. The name is gorgeous. Cheers to Miuccia!

  5. eminere says:

    I hate that bottle design.

  6. idw1407 says:

    This has just been released in the UK. I love the bottle, although I don’t think it has a cap (the tester in store didn’t) and the spray is not lockable.

    The scent starts off with a big dose of sage, followed by an almost ice cold mint. Once this settles you get the lavender come through with a hint of orange and the mint floating in the background. After the initial opening notes the fragrance stays very close to the skin.

    It is done very well, as you would expect from Prada, and not what I would call sporty. Not sure if I will be buying a full bottle, but I did help myself to a few testers to make my mind up.

  7. MCocteau says:

    Just sampled it. It is Daniela Andrier indeed. It reminded me of Prada Amber for men, but in more conventional. Its not a love at first sight (smell), but maybe it’ll grow on me (like it did for Amber for Men)

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